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Five reasons you need fireplace doors

 Feb 20, 2020    Fireplace Doors


5 BIG Reasons You Need Fireplace Doors

Are you going back and forth on deciding if you need fireplace doors for your fireplace? It's a big decision for some but doesn't have to be. Let us give you these 5 big reasons to add fireplace doors to your fireplace and help with your decision!

Let's start off with some information about your fireplace, in general, to better assist you with your thought process. There is a ton that goes into what you can do with your fireplace as well as safety precautions. Don't worry, we will go over everything with you! First, there are two different types of fireplaces that you could have. There are the masonry and the prefab (zero clearance). You will want to know which you have before you go forward to decide on doors. The easiest way to tell the difference is the firebox. A masonry fireplace, which is built with your home, is made of stone or brick and mortar. A prefab fireplace is made by a manufacturer and will have a manufacturer tag either on the side, back, or right inside the fireplace. A prefab fireplace will also have ceramic within the firebox instead of brick and is installed into the home. Click here for our blog on the difference between these fireplaces! 

Now that we have briefly gone over the first steps to your decision...let's get this party started!


1. Do the Safety Dance

Fireplace doors are multi-purposed and we will give you all the reasons why. We're going to start with the safety aspect to fireplace doors. Our job is to protect our family and loved ones at all costs. So why think any differently when it comes to your fireplace? A fireplace can be dangerous, especially when it comes to little ones and our pets. They, after all, are super curious and always still learning. Fireplace doors are a fantastic way to ward off curious hands and noses. When your fireplace is not in use, you can close your doors and avoid an ashy mess all over your living space. (Dogs will do it!) You can also avoid little hands getting into the ashes and touching a hot ember still burning with doors.

Avoiding the embers and sparks that come out of your booming fireplace can also pose a threat to your family. They can damage the surrounding area around your fireplace as well as land on a loved one or pet. There are even options for doors to keep all the nasty within your fireplace! Most fireplace doors have the option to add ceramic glass* to them. Adding ceramic glass allows you to close your doors while burning fire as the ceramic glass is made to withstand the fire heat. This is the more expensive option so you can also add mesh curtains to your doors. I know right...options! Mesh curtains do a similar job as doors but do not block the fire or heat and are a little easier on your pocketbook.

Adding doors to your fireplace is a for sure way to keep your loved ones safe and sound. Keeping all the fireplace debris in and the kiddos and pets out is unquestionably a decision-maker. Fireplace doors not only do all the great things we listed but they look snazzy too. 


2. Roasty Toasty

The efficiency of your fireplace can be a BIG difference between helping and hindering. Most likely, you have a fireplace because it helps heat your living spaces and keeps your heating bill low. This is something you want to keep in mind while we go over a couple of things in this section. 

Fireplace doors are great for making your fireplace more efficient in a couple of different ways. Drafty fireplaces can most likely make your living space chilly when you are not using your fireplace. This is fairly common if you don't have the proper items installed to prevent the draft. To prevent the wind from coming down your chimney, adding fireplace doors to your fireplace can really make the difference. The doors seal your fireplace when not in use and block the wind coming from your chimney. This, in turn, can make your fireplace more efficient when not in use by avoiding the cooldown. This is helpful during the cold months, and in the warm months, you can open the doors to keep a living space cool. 

Heating a living space with your fireplace can be tricky when controlling the amount of heat coming from your fireplace. Depending on the type of fireplace you have and what accessories you have can determine the amount of heat released from your fireplace. Gas fireplaces tend to have a higher heat output whereas wood-burning fireplaces are a little less. Whichever type of fireplace you have adding fireplace doors can help control the heat output of your fireplace. We offer some great options that you can benefit from to help with your heat output. Of course, the number one option is to add fireplace doors. There are a plethora of options for your masonry fireplace to add in order to help control your heat output. For example, we offer doors with grate heater! The grate heater in addition to the doors brings in the air from the room, circulates that air, then has a blower to push that air out as heat.

But wait there's more! Choosing the right type of door can be hectic. Mainly because there are so many options! If you are looking for a really great way to get a great heat output, give your fireplace a swanky makeover, and have a great view of your fireplace, then you may want to look into our air sealed masonry doors. Adding the air sealed masonry doors* to your fireplace really gives you the works! These doors are made to keep air out and your heat in. Although not completely sealed as we have to adhere to fire safety codes* as well as your fire will need oxygen to stay lit, the seal on the fireplace doors is a great way to make your fireplace more heat efficient.


3. Supercharge Your Fireplace

Home is where the heart is. You want your home to reflect you, your family, and that flashy style of yours! Upgrading your fireplace doors with a dashing new set can really bring out your room. Replacing your doors or even adding doors to your fireplace can bring your living space to life. I know you're probably thinking that updating or adding new doors to your fireplace is a huge hassle...the good news, it's really super easy! There are a couple of steps you would need to take in order to bring out your inner designer.

  • First, you will need to determine what type of fireplace you have. Either a masonry or prefab. We have a great article that will help you determine your fireplace type.
  • Second, you need to measure your fireplace. Believe it or not, it's a simple process and we have directions for you right here
  • Lastly, pick your doors!

Choosing the type of door and what style is the part where you really get to bring yourself out in your design. Some helpful hints to deciding on which door you want to go with. Start with looking around at your living space. What is your vision for that room? Are you looking to take it modern or old school? Ask yourself these questions and go with the flow. The great thing about the designing aspect is that you can go wild. We even have a great feature that you can use to help you through your custom fireplace door adventure! Click here for the guide.

We have a bunch of options for you when it comes to your fireplace doors. You can go classic with our plated fireplace doors to trendy with our modern fireplace doors. The fun part of your fireplace doors journey is always picking out your doors. Customizing the doors by choosing your glass, finish, and handles is the enjoyable part. When you are designing your doors, you get to make them special and reflect your style. Don't hold back! Go all out and see what you come up with when designing your doors!



4. Hide Yo Mess

Fireplaces can be messy and get debris and ashes everywhere. The constant sweeping and dusting that go along with the mess are never-ending. There are things like your hearth and a hearth rug that help keep the mess to a minimum but whatever could you do to avoid the mess altogether? I am so glad you asked! Fireplace doors!

Fireplace doors are great for trapping all that unwanted mess in the firebox where they belong. Remember earlier when we discussed the draft that can come from your chimney? Well not only do these fabulous inventions keep that air out, but keeping the draft within the doors also avoids them blowing out from that draft. When you're not burning your fireplace, keeping your fireplace doors closed to keep those nasty things from escaping is a sure way to avoid the mess.

Cleaning your fireplace is not needed every time you use your fireplace. It is usually suggested to clean your fireplace once a year. Maintaining your fireplace to keep that mess to a minimum is time-consuming and can be annoying. Obviously, you're not going to use your fireplace every day because it doesn't stay cold constantly but hiding your mess from the previous fire so you don't have to waste the time to clean up is a dream come true. Utilizing your fireplace doors to hide the ash and nasty that is inside your fireplace can keep your living space looking clean and orderly without using the energy. Fireplace doors are good for so many things, who knew?




5. Burn Baby Burn

You know, having a fireplace is exquisite. Making your fireplace more efficient is always a plus. Wood-burning or gas, you want to have more heat and for your fireplace to burn accurately. Believe it or not, there is a lot that can go into your fireplace and how it burns. Fireplace doors are a great ally when it comes to how your fireplace can be useful to you.

Putting fireplace doors on your fireplace can control the heat that is coming in and out of your fireplace. But did you know that by installing the doors, you can also control the temperature and how your fireplace burns? If you have doors on your fireplace then you know that when you do not have a fire going that the doors can keep out the draft as well as keep the heat to one room. Fireplace doors can also assist you in how your fire burns. When burning fire with wood, you don't want to constantly have to replace your wood every five seconds. Installing fireplace doors on your fireplace can help you manage the amount of wood you burn. If you have ceramic glass on your wood-burning fireplace, you can close your fireplace doors and this will manage how much air gets to your fire. This, in turn, can help your wood burn slower and more efficiently. 

On your gas fireplace, fireplace doors can help with the amount of heat coming out of your fireplace. Gas fireplaces tend to get hotter and burn cleaner. Controlling the heat coming from your gas fireplace seems redundant as it doesn't have the risk of burning out. Your gas fireplace is controlled by you. Having fireplace doors on your gas fireplace can help you with keeping the heat to a comfortable temperature by keeping the doors open or closed.

Lastly, fireplace doors will take in and circulate your heat better. Depending on the type of glass you have within your doors is also a contributing factor to whether or not you should open or close your doors. A couple of things to consider are the type of fireplace you have and the type of glass you have. Prefab fireplaces are made to output way more heat as they are usually made to burn gas. As such, it is not recommended to close the doors are your prefab fireplace. Also, prefab fireplaces require special treatment for glass doors as they are made by a manufacturer and you will need to get the doors to fit your fireplace. Masonry fireplaces have a lot more wiggle room. You can purchase different types of glass and doors for this type of fireplace as these doors go by measurement. 

You may purchase a ceramic glass fireplace door for your masonry fireplace and have the option to close the doors on your fireplace while burning a fire. Tempered glass cannot withstand the heat of a fire with the doors closed and therefore will need to remain open. These are all factors to consider when purchasing your fireplace doors when it comes to the heat efficiency you are looking for. Below are some examples of the difference between tempered and ceramic glass.













TADA! You have learned the reasons why you should install fireplace doors to your fireplace! Fireplace doors do play an important role in your fireplace. You are now ready to go forward and find your fireplace dream doors!

*Fire safety codes require a 1/8 inch gap around a fireplace door for proper airflow and to prevent overheating.

*The air sealed doors can NOT be installed on a factory-built fireplace, like the prefab black steel fireboxes. You can ONLY install the air sealed doors on a masonry fireplace.

*Ceramic glass can withstand your fire while the doors are closed. If you have tempered glass your fireplace doors will need to remain OPEN.

Last updated on March 7th 2022.


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