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Fireplace Grates

Welded Steel Fireplace GratesFireplace log grates can provide you with a more efficient fire, and also helps increase airflow through your fireplace. There are a few different kinds of fireplace wood grates, it is important to use the right one for your fireplace. We will explain the details about each grate below.

Our collection of wood-burning fireplace grates are made from heavy-duty metal stock to ensure a stronger, longer-lasting product! Keep your logs elevated above the floor in your firebox and promote better air circulation for a hotter, more efficient burn. Our cast iron and steel grates also allow coals to develop underneath as the wood burns, which further contributes to the warmth you'll experience! Choose from a number of sizes and styles to suit your needs. These affordable fireplace grates are a terrific addition to any wood burning masonry or zero-clearance unit!

Different Types of Fireplace Grates

  • Cast Iron - Cast iron fireplace grates are great for burning coal or wood. Typically these grates have small gaps that allow smaller pieces of wood and coal to burn through before falling onto the firebox floor. This helps to increase the overall efficiency of the burn.
  • Reduced Depth - Small depth grates are necessary for fireplaces that have smaller than average fireboxes. Just like with gas logs, you want to have some clearance between your fireplace grate and your firebox walls. Reduced depth grates can be made from cast iron or welded steel bars.
  • Lifetime Grates - Lifetime fireplace grates are just like they sound, gauranteed by the manufacturer to last a lifetime. The lifetime fireplace grates we offer are constructed from carbon steel, with flat bars across the top of the grate. Typically the clearance of these grates is 3-4".
  • Welded Steel - These are heavy duty fireplace grates, made from solid steel barstock. The barstock is either 1/2" or 5/8" thick, depending on the model. Most of the welded steel fireplace grates we offer are tapered and considered self feeding.
  • Stainless Steel - Outdoor fireplace grates are made from stainless steel. Regular steel fireplace grates will rust and degrade over time if left in outdoor environments. Stainless steel is much better for outdoor environments and will hold up much longer than a standard fireplace grate.
  • Fireplace Grate Heaters - Grate heaters are made from steel tubing and contain a blower fan. The wood is stacked on top of the grate, and the heat transfers into the hollow metal framework of the heater. The blower then circulates the hot air throughout the living space. 

Wondering what size fireplace grate you'll need for your wood-burning fireplace? Just like gas logs, fireplace grates need to be the approriate size for your firebox. The guide below will show you how to measure your firebox and calculate what size fireplace grate you will need.

We're going to give you quick, easy to follow instructions for this process! Grab a pencil and paper as well as a metal tape measure. In the following demonstration, we're featuring a zero clearance fireplace for measuring purposes:



For safety and proper functioning of your fireplace, we recommend a 3-inch clearance on all sides of the log grate to the three interior walls and opening of the firebox. Take the smallest width, which is 33 inches in the above example, and subtract 6 inches. This will give you a dimension of 27 inches for the width of your log grate. Now subtract 6 inches from the depth, which in this case was 20 inches. You would need a log grate that is 27 inches wide with a maximum 14-inch depth. In the above example, our F-Series Zero Clearance 27 Inch Fireplace Grate would be perfect! 



How will I know which grates I can use in my wood-burning fireplace?

  • Look at the product name to see if it's listed as a zero clearance fireplace grate. Also, read through the product description to find out if it's safe to use in wood-burning stoves or fireplaces. If you're still not sure, give us a call at the phone number listed at the bottom of our website. Or start an online chat with one of our customer service team members.