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Lifetime Fireplace Grate 20 Inch
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Lifetime Fireplace Grate 24 Inch
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24 Inch Cast Iron Fireplace Grate
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Lifetime Fireplace Grate 28 Inch
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Our collection of wood burning fireplace grates are made from heavy duty metal stock to ensure a stronger, longer-lasting product! Keep your logs elevated above the floor in your firebox and promote better air circulation for a hotter, more efficient burn. Our cast iron and steel grates also allow coals to develop underneath as the wood burns, which further contributes to the warmth you'll experience! Choose from a number of sizes and styles to suit your needs. These affordable fireplace grates are a terrific addition to any wood burning masonry or zero clearance unit! Please contact our customer service experts at 1-877-373-6677 with any questions you may have!

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