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Fire and Water Bowls

Nova Hammered Copper Fire and Water BowlPool fire bowls are incredibly unique features that will definitely transform your backyard pool area. We offer a wide variety of styles from many different manufacturers, all of which are located in the US.

From fire and water columns to bowls and even to fountains, you have a never-ending supply of awesome. These swimming pool fire bowls are made from concrete, copper, or stainless steel. We have a few different finish options available when it comes to concrete, either a matte finish or a glazed glossy finish in a variety of colors. Copper can either be smooth or hammered, while stainless is only available in a brushed finish.

Copper and stainless fire and water bowls will need to be cleaned periodically since they will develop patina over time. They can be sealed to stop this process or at least slow it down. You can use specific cleaners to remove the patina or there are several homemade remedies that work as well.

Copper Fire and Water BowlsFire and water bowls for pools are available in either natural gas or propane. 

Our fire water bowls for pools range in size from 24" all the way up to 36". The size of the fire ring increases with the size of the bowls. All of the burners are made from high quality stainless steel and are made to withstand the weather. The majority of fire and water bowls have one scupper that water cascades from, although some have 360 degree scuppers and multiple scuppers that water cascades from. 

If you are looking for something a little different within the fire and water realm we have you covered there too. Firefall Fountains are very unique features that combine a waterfall effect along with fire in a large vertical framework. The back wall of the unit is embedded with decorative stones, and the unit itself is constructed from durable GFRC concrete. It is worth noting that these Firefall fountains are very heavy since they are made of concrete, in excess of 700lbs.


Take a look into our world of fire and water features in this short video!

Self Contained Fire and Water Features

HPC 360 Fire and Water FountainThese 360 fire and water fountains are equipped with every luxury you could think of and are sure to be the centerpiece of any space. HPC has a great line up of 360 fountains, all you have to do is decide how to finish it. They are commonly finished with pavers, stone, or veneer which effectively hides the basin and all of the other components.

These amazing fire and water features showcase cascading water in a variety of forms. A gentle waterfall trickles over the circumference of the basin, as demonstrated in the Evolution 360 fire and water copper fountain, or over four scuppers that are positioned around the lip of the bowl. Within the center of the basin is a separate integrated burner system that lights up with a marvelous display of flames, giving the illusion of fire dancing on the water's surface. 

For something with an even greater element of surprise, consider our Osiris 360° with a 24-inch copper bowl center-mounted atop a slim pedestal. Hidden just beneath the lip of the reservoir basin is a water ring that projects an upward-facing spray! With the combination of LED lighting, this product is truly a breathtaking sight!

Fire and Water Components

Lets take a look at the internal components of pool fire bowls. The gas and water lines enter in through a hole in the bottom of the fire and water bowl, through a mounting bracket that also provides some clearance for proper ventilation. The water line attaches directly to the back of the scupper, meaning that no water actually "pools" inside of the bowl. 

The burner pan sits on a ledge inside of the fire and water bowl, and helps to support the burner and also block debris from getting inside the bowl. This is where your fire media will be placed. Some bowls do not have a burner pan, and are instead filled with lava rock or fire glass.


Fire and Water

Some of our water bowls have fire pans or firepots built-in. These features are usually known as "fire and water" or "fire-water" pots, but they don't actually mix the fire with the water. Concrete bowls can usually be equipped with a spillway unit allowing them to be used as planters or fire bowls with water.

Fire on Water

Some of our scupper bowls can be equipped with submersible gas manifolds for a "fire-on-water" effect. The fire-on-water gas manifold is a stainless steel device with aerating tips that you install in the bowl before adding water. After installation, you will fill the bowl with water and then turn on the gas. This will cause the gas or propane to float to the top of the water in the form of bubbles. When you ignite the bubbles it causes the fire to burn just above the water for a spectacular effect.

Click here to calculate your fire glass needs!



Can I receive a concrete color sample?

  • Unfortunately, no. Each of our concrete products is custom made, and while every one of our artisans follows the same guidelines for color-mixing, the pouring of the concrete will actually determine the specific hue of the finished product. Therefore, if we send you a color sample, it will not be a true representation of your concrete accent. The colors that we feature online are the closest examples of your chosen shade.

    Rest assured that if you order multiples of one color (taupe, for example), the fire bowls will match each other, but there will be specific areas of each feature that show a variance in texture and blending. For example, the color on the lip of one fire bowl may appear slightly bolder in certain areas than the next. This is not a flaw; rather, it is an indication of quality and perfection. This is 100% assurance that your concrete fire bowl was handcrafted.

What kind of concrete are these pool fire bowls made from?

  • While some manufacturers use inferior concrete that can crack during use and crumble away, our precast proprietary mixture is a heavy-duty alternative. Much like the high tensile mixes found in industrial and architectural applications, this concrete blend allows enhanced resistance to weather, high temperatures, and mechanical shocks. Your pool fire bowl will last for many seasons of fireside enjoyment.

    Please note that concrete on its own is not watertight. It needs to be sealed in order to hold water. There are some terrific concrete sealers on the market that can be found at your local hardware store. We highly recommend a sealer that is waterproof. A bonus would be a flexible heavy-duty coating that has freeze-thaw properties for winter weather conditions. This would allow you to cover your bowl and leave it outside with confidence for the season!

How much does a concrete pool fire bowl weigh?

  • The concrete mix we use for each pool fire bowl is just as heavy as any other concrete. This is because we don't add any lightweight filler or low-quality aggregate. Weight is dependent upon the size of the bowl you order, ranging anywhere from 80 to 180 pounds, or even more for an extra-large feature.

How do you ship a concrete pool fire bowl?

  • Since the concrete bowls are so heavy, we must ship them by a freight trucking company. They are packaged using a wood pallet with protective sides so that no damage occurs during transport. After the concrete fire bowls arrive at your home or business, the truck operator will unload the pallet using a "lift gate" so that you may inspect it for any damage. If all is well, then you may begin installation as soon as you wish!


How do you ship a stainless steel pool fire bowl?

  • Some of our stainless steel bowls are quite heavy and must be shipped by a freight trucking company. They are packaged using a wood pallet with protective sides so that no damage occurs during transport. After the pool fire bowl arrives at your home or business, the truck operator will unload the pallet using a "lift gate" so that you may inspect it for any damage. If all is well, then you may begin installation as soon as you wish!

How do you clean a stainless steel pool fire bowl?

  • Stainless steel fire and water bowls can be cleaned with a soft cloth, lukewarm water, and a few drops of mild soap. Rinse clean, then let air dry. Buff with a second clean, soft cloth. You may also use a good quality stainless steel cleaner on the outside of the bowl.


How do you ship a copper pool fire bowl?

  • Most of our copper bowls are quite heavy and must be shipped by a freight trucking company. They are packaged using a wood pallet with protective sides so that no damage occurs during transport. After the copper pool fire bowl arrives at your home or business, the truck operator will unload the pallet using a "lift gate" so that you may inspect it for any damage. If all is well, then you may begin installation as soon as you wish!

What is that aqua colored coating that develops on copper?

  • Over time, with exposure to oxygen and other elements that exist in the environment, copper will develop a protective coating that is known as a patina. Copper in particular, when subjected to the natural process of oxidation, displays a beautiful aqua colored patina that gives the surface an aged or antique look. Depending on how long your copper bowl is exposed to the air, wind, rain, and other variables including your location, the patina will develop and reveal differently!

What if I prefer the copper color over the patina? Is there any way to avoid the natural oxidation process?

  • To remove the patina, we recommend a simple DIY cleaning method:
    • Combine 1/2 cup lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of baking soda together in a plastic bowl.
    • Using a microfiber cloth, gently scrub the surfaces of the bowl using a circular motion to prevent scratching the copper.
    • For more advanced stages of patina, substitute a soft-bristled brush for the microfiber cloth.
    • Wipe the bowl with a separate clean, soft cloth.
    • Rinse the bowl clean with warm water.
    • Let the copper product air dry, or to avoid watermarks, use a 3rd clean microfiber cloth wipe the bowl dry.


Do these units include all of the components I will need for the installation process?

  • Yes! You'll receive the decorative fire and water basin, along with the containment tank. You'll receive any necessary fuel and water line hoses, burner and fittings, and fire media (such as lava rock). In addition, you'll receive the water circulation pump and lighting (if applicable). The only things you will need to supply are the water and electrical source required for the pump (and LED lighting on certain units) to run properly.


Do I have to be a contractor to install a pool fire bowl?

  • This answer depends on your locality. Since pool fire bowls often require a gas supply line, we recommend that only licensed contractors install and test the ignition and burner system. Once the gas system is completed by a licensed contractor, it is dependent on the discretion of your local fire codes as to whether or not you are allowed to complete any other water, electrical, or structural work on the fire bowl project. We have a lot of customers who have successfully installed the bowls themselves in a few hours, and others whose municipality required either a permit or that all the work be completed by a contractor.

Where can I install a pool fire bowl?

  • Our customers have installed their pool fire bowls just about anywhere outside their home, including uncovered gathering spots on the patio or atop pillars surrounding the pool. Business owners also love displaying fire bowls at their venues, whether in alfresco restaurant seating areas, ski resorts, golf courses, campuses of large corporations, or amusement park entrances!
  • Please note that our self-contained units are quite heavy and will need a supportive, even surface to rest on. A concrete slab would be ideal. Please consult a professional landscaper or contractor to determine the best scenario for outdoor installation on your property.

Why don't you offer free shipping on your Quote Only items?

  • Quote-Only items are special order products that often times are large and heavy enough that special trucking and crating is necessary. Therefore, additional charges would apply. It wouldn't be fair to deem these items "free shipping" and then turn around and surprise you with extra shipping and handling fees. However, we have the ability to negotiate these destination surcharges with the manufacturer based on your product selections and location!

Can every bowl be equipped with "fire-on-water?"

  • Unfortunately, no. The submersible manifolds require a certain amount of clearance and the tapered nature of our bowl bottoms don't always allow this. The manifolds also need to be covered with at least 1" of water. This means that only the larger, deeper bowls can be equipped with this effect.

Can I equip a match-lit fire/water bowl with an electronic ignition system?

  • Electronic ignition systems (like the AWEIS, Mini-AWEIS, SUBEIS, and AFOW) add bulk to the burners, so some bowls aren't deep enough to add them. Most match-lit copper and stainless steel bowls with built-in fire pans simply don't have the room for the electronics or for the pipe.

Why does my water feature keep losing water?

  • As most water features are kept outdoors, you will see some evaporation of the water within the feature. We suggest looking into a cover for your feature to avoid this in the future. Click here to look into the cover options we have available to you!

Should I turn off the fire and water part of my feature?

  • Your fire feature is suggested to be turned off when not in use to avoid a fire issue. Leaving the fire part of your feature may also use more gas. We suggest leaving your water feature on to avoid motor issues in the future. Make sure to inspect and care for your product for longer use!

How often should I clean my features?

  • We suggest cleaning your feature every six months. This is a standard cleaning timeframe for most products. If you live near saltwater, we would suggest every three months as salt in the air can cause more issues. Keep in mind that you can clean whenever you feel this is necessary. 

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