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Mesh Fireplace Doors

Stiletto Prefab Fireplace Mesh DoorMesh fireplace doors are identical to regular fireplace doors except the glass doors are replaced with mesh. Certain types of prefab fireplaces such as vent-free ones cannot have glass doors, which is one of the reasons these fireplace doors with mesh screens were created.

Fireplace mesh screen doors can also serve another purpose, since there is no glass the doors don't actually have to be closed during operation which is required of all glass prefab doors. Some people prefer this and you also don't have to worry about the glass breaking over time or accidentally.

When we say fireplace mesh doors, we aren't talking about the regular sliding curtain mesh. You can get fireplace doors with mesh curtain but those are typically installed behind the glass door and not available with the mesh only. Fireplace mesh doors have cabinet "gate" mesh which is rigid steel mesh pulled tight within a metal frame, and installed flush with the main door frame.

Not sure what size you'll need? Check out our easy measuring guide to determine the correct size prefab fireplace doors for your fireplace!


Q: Do these replacement fireplace doors come with a fixed or removable mesh screen?

  • A: While the screen technically can be removed, we recommend leaving the mesh in place. Altering your fireplace door is a safety concern and in some cases can void the manufacturer's warranty. These mesh screens are installed in place of glass with the intended purpose of providing more heat for your living space while keeping sparks and embers from exiting the firebox.

Q: What is the difference between a mesh door and a mesh curtain?

  • A: Mesh doors are similar to a fireplace screen. Instead of installing glass panels, the manufacturer puts a mesh screen in their place. This allows for better air and heat circulation of your wood-burning prefab fireplace. Additionally, the door frames are tough enough to retain firewood that may accidentally roll off your fireplace grate inside the firebox. 
  • A: Mesh curtains hang loosely from a rod that is installed along the top of your fireplace opening. Many zero clearance fireplaces already come with this pre-installed spark protection. While they block sparks and embers, they cannot stop rolling logs. If you are replacing your current prefab fireplace door with a mesh door, you'll need to remove the rod and curtain.

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