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Hearth And Home Technologies SL Wood Burning Chimney Pipe:

The HHT SL Wood Burning Chimney Pipe is a versatile and reliable solution for venting wood fireplaces. It includes three distinct series: SL300, SL1100, and SL400, each designed to meet specific requirements. Here's an overview of the key features and applications of these chimney pipes:


Air-Cooled Design: The SL Series Chimney Pipe is characterized by an air-cooled design, ensuring safety with a 2-inch air clearance to combustible materials.

Snap-Lock Assembly: The chimney pipe consists of separate inner and outer liners that conveniently snap-lock together during installation. Once assembled, the liners cannot be disassembled.

No Sealants Required: A notable advantage of these chimney pipes is that no additional sealants are needed during assembly, simplifying the installation process.

SL300 Series:

Application: SL300 Series Chimney Pipe is primarily used for wood fireplaces with an 8" flue. It is suitable for indoor wood units such as BE36, BE42, SA36R, SA36C, SA42R, SA42C, and DRS36. Additionally, it is used on the outdoor Villa Series units ODVILLA36-T and ODVILLA42-T.

Size Options: The SL300 Series is available in lengths ranging from 6 inches to 4 feet. The inner stainless steel liner has an 8-inch diameter, while the outer galvanized casing is 11 inches in diameter.

SL1100 Series:

Application: The SL1100 Series Chimney Pipe is intended for wood fireplaces with an 11" flue and is used on indoor wood units like SB60, SB60HB, SB80, SB80HB, SB100, SB100HB, and DSR42. It is also used for the outdoor units MONTANA-36, MONTANA-42, and CASTLEWOOD.

Size Options: Like the SL300 Series, the SL1100 Series offers lengths from 6 inches to 4 feet. The inner stainless steel liner has an 11-inch diameter, and the outer galvanized casing is 13 inches in diameter. It is exclusively for use in the U.S.

SL400 Series (For Canadian Installations):

Application: In Canada, SL400 Chimney Pipe is required for wood fireplaces, and it must adhere to ULC guidelines. It is used with units featuring SL1100 collars, and the SLA10 Adapter allows direct connection from the starter collar to the SL400 series chimney. It is suitable for units such as SB60, SB80, DSR42, MONTANA-36, MONTANA-42, and ODCASTLEWD40.

Size Options: The SL400 Series comes in lengths from 6 inches to 4 feet. The inner stainless steel liner has a 10-inch diameter, and the outer galvanized casing is 14 inches in diameter.

Additional Notes:

Chimney Air Kits (Canada): In Canada, the CAK5A Chimney Air Kit is required for all units using SL400 Chimney, and the CAK4A Chimney Air Kit is needed for all units using SL300 Chimney.

Exposed Chimney Length: When the SL300 series 8" chimney is exposed above the roof (not in a chase), it must be constructed with specific aluminized outer pipe lengths, including SL318A (18" length) and SL336A (36" length) aluminized pipes.