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Fire Pit Covers

Protect your outdoor fire pit in the 'off-season' with a waterproof and UV resistant vinyl fire pit cover. They are heavy duty fire pit covers that are durable and strong. 

Because these covers are so flexible, it's best to opt for an "oversized" cover. For example, if your fire pit is almost 45" wide, don't choose the 30" to 45" size, choose the 35" to 53" size instead -- it will make taking the cover off much easier and avoid the risk of damage! 

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your fire pit is completely cooled off before you put the cover on. If not, you will run the risk of melting your new vinyl cover to the fire pit or table!


What does it mean by the covers are UV resistant?

  • UV resistant material will not fade or discolor when exposed to the sun or UV light for extended periods of time, day after day. 

Why do I need a cover for my fire pit?

  •  A high quality, heavy duty cover will protect your fire pit from damage caused by precipitation and wind-blown debris, expanding it's life. Fire pits can potentially damaged by ice, rain, hail sun, wind, snow, dirt/ sand, and incests. Our PVC-lined fabric covers can withstand sub-zero temperatures.