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Remote Controls for Gas Logs, Stoves, Fireplaces

Enjoy convenience at your fingertips with our collection of gas fireplace remote controls! Suitable for gas log sets, and heating stoves too! But any unit must have a millivolt valve for remotes to operate. From wall-mounted timer controls and programmable handheld remotes to all-inclusive kits that allow multipurpose functions, our HPC and Skytech fireplace remotes are designed for versatility!

Thermostat features operate your fireplace whenever the room temperature approaches 2° above or below the setting. Childproof features allow you to "lockout" the transmitter. Millivolt receiver boxes are designed for use with gas valves only and do not produce voltage. Sleek back-lit remotes with touch screen capability display room temp, flame adjustment icon, timer, clock, battery icon, and more!

Our receivers even have the ability to learn on multiple remotes and can process an impressive amount of security codes. With so many choices and details, it's no wonder these gas fireplace remote control systems are so popular among our customers!

Here are some of the features that our remote control systems have to offer:

  • Limited five (5) year manufacturer warranty available with Skytech remotes.
  • Batteries included!
  • Compatible with gas-burning fireplaces or gas log sets.
  • HPC remotes and select Skytech remotes offer child lockout mode for extra peace of mind!

On/Off Remotes

Wireless On/Off Thermostat Remote The remote controls that we show here will only work with gas logs or fireplaces with a millivolt valve. Also gas stoves with a millivolt valve. Please check your owner's manual. You can use these remotes as replacements for your original when they have outlived their usefulness.

Remote controls have become very popular especially the basic On/Off Remote. It is simple and does what it is supposed to do - turn your fireplace or gas logs on and off. The wall mount receiver is easy to install but does require wire at least 18 gauge and be no longer than 20'. It mounts in a plastic switch box on the wall. Follow the instructions and in no time at all, you have a wall switch on/off remote. We have remotes that are only the on/off remote and will show the room temperature. Another popular model is the remotes with backlit touch screens. Some remotes will also have a timer feature and a child lock.

We also have On/Off Remotes that use 110V AC to work. Most fireplaces will have a wired electrical box under the floor of the fireplace. If the electric is out, just switch the receiver to "on" if you want the fire on or "off" if not.

Timer Remotes

Skytech Programmable Timer & Thermostat Fireplace Remote

Timers are a great option to have if you want your fireplace, gas logs, or stove to shut down after a specific time period. No more falling asleep and leaving the fireplace on when you don't need it or use the OFF button to shut it off any time.

The timer remotes are great for when you are trying to regulate your fireplace usage as well as put your mind at ease. Timer remotes are made to shut off exactly when you want them to so you no longer have to worry about it! 

If you have a busy lifestyle and are looking for a little help when it comes to your fireplace the timer remote is perfect. The timer remote will also help with the regulation of your fireplace. Especially if you are trying to keep a budget, the timer can help keep your fireplace exactly where you want it without worrying about your usage.

We have many options when it comes to the timer remotes to fit your exact needs. Most of our timer remotes also help control your fireplace by temperature. If you want your fireplace to reach a certain temperature then shut off the timer allows you to do so! They are extremely helpful and versatile for anyone!

Thermostat Remotes

RCK-K Series Fireplace RemoteThermostat Remotes are a great way to set it and forget it. Enter your desired room temperature and the remote will turn your gas fireplace, logs, or stove on and off to keep the desired temperature within 2°. The transmitters have an easy to hold design that fits nicely in anyone's hand. They have LCD displays for room and thermostat temperature. Although there are units that need to be plugged into a 110 V outlet, most are operated with batteries.

Another popular thermostat remote is a wall unit - nothing to misplace or have the kids or dog run off with. This remote looks very much like your wall thermostat for your furnace.

Programmable Thermostat

Skytech 3001P2 Programmable Fireplace Remote

Programmable Remotes have come a long way - from the basic on/off with timer and thermostat to a unit that offers days of the week, weekend, on/off, multi-function, and has a child-proof safety feature. Imagine a thermostat with all of those features! They also come with a wall switch plate if you wanted to mount your remote and a wall-mounted remote holder.

The receiver has the capability to learn over a million security codes as well as an additional 2 Skytech transmitters. 

Smart Phone Remote

You can do pretty much anything on a smartphone these days. Did you know you can even get a fire started? We haven’t gotten to the point where your android can go chop a cord of wood, but you can use it as a remote control to get your gas fireplace started.

Smart Fireplace RemoteThese really convenient receivers operate by either Bluetooth or WiFi, so regardless of how you choose to connect you can start your fire without even getting up. And, with outdoor options as well, you don’t have to limit this convenience to the living room! We love the 21st century, don’t you?

Let us know if we can help you with these remote control gas lighters and remember: shipping is free! Subscribe to our newsletter for email-only coupons to help save a little more. 



What is a millivolt gas valve?

  • Millivolt gas valves provide a safe and simple way to operate your gas fireplace or log set. It utilizes a small spark of electricity to open the gas valve. The pilot flames heat a thermocouple and sensors, which contain material that creates a small amount of voltage (about 20-30 millivolts) when heated. This is just enough to open the valve, allowing gas to flow into the pilot assembly. Skytech fireplace remotes are designed to work with millivolt gas valves, conveniently turning your gas fireplace on and off with the touch of a button.

Do your fireplace remote controls come with a wall switch?

  • Most of our remotes come with a receiver box that can be installed into a junction box within your wall. A wall plate is also included for this installation preference, which allows you to control the receiver with on/off and learn features!