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Fire Pits and Fire Tables

48" Catalina GFRC Fire TableWhether you are looking for a simple fire pit or a large concrete fire table we have you covered. We offer a wide range of fire pits and fire tables manufactured right here in the USA.

Our wood burning fire pits are made of durable, thick carbon steel. Over time and use, an iron oxide patina will beautifully mature and darken a few shades before retaining its permanent color. There are many different shapes and silhouette cut-outs, such as seashells and palm trees - perfect for a bonfire at the beach house! We also have an antler themed design, ideal for roasting marshmallows at hunting camp. Spark guards and fire pit covers are available for most models. Click on the video below to view our showcase of beautiful and unique wood burning fire pits!


Fire Tables

60" Imperial Steel Fire TableRectangular fire pit tables are available in all shapes and sizes. They are commonly constructed of steel or GFRC concrete. Both materials offer numerous color options to choose from. The majority of tables offer glass wind guards and table covers to help protect your table from the elements.

The size of the table's burner varies based on the size of the table. For example the 60" Imperial shown on the left has a 24" linear burner. This means the BTU output will also vary between tables depending on the size of the burner. All table specifications are listed in the general description on the product page. Operation manuals are also available and will provide you with all of the information needed to make sure your table is installed correctly.

Fire Pit Dining Tables

Kenwood Rectangular Fire Pit Dining TableRectangular fire tables are a great way to modernize your patio. We offer many different styles of fire pit dining tables along with a variety of different finish options. Common accessories include glass wind guards, stainless steel burner covers, and canvas table covers.

Gas fire tables are a convenient alternative to wood and allow for more customization. Our gas fire products are made from sturdy materials that are meant to withstand nature's elements. Our tabletop units are available in granite themes, hammered copper, or mosaic-inspired patterns. We also have a large selection of round fire tables in a variety of different heights and sizes.


Ambient fire urns come in a variety of shapes and colors for a touch of elegance in your outdoor space. Lava rocks and fire glass are available for creating a great whimsical element for a propane or natural gas fire pit.

Castillo Fire Urn If your looking for a stately fire feature for your outdoor space, something that's a little taller and skinnier than a fire bowl, a fire urn might be just what you seek. Our outdoor fire urns come in a variety of styles, from modern contemporary with the Wave. Check out this fairyland-like Nest Lantern if you fancy something unique and charming! The four-color choices of Sedona, Black Lava, Cafe Blanco, and Smoke are agreeable with virtually any backyard living space color palette. Hide the burner system under a glittering layer of fire glass, or choose bold and rustic lava coals. When not in use, the fire urn can be protected against rainy weather with the optional cover. Check out the step by step tutorial below and learn how easy it is to customize your very own gas fire pit urn!

With so many unique styles to choose from, we know you'll find the perfect themed gas or wood-burning fire pit for your outdoor living space!

Click here to calculate fire glass needs!



Can I install a fire pit on my covered patio?

  • Not only do we strongly caution against this idea, but there are also local codes in your area that require all structures and combustibles to be at least 3 feet from your fire pit in all directions. Flowers, shrubs, and gardens should be at least 5 feet away. Be sure to evaluate the area overhead - branches and structural coverings can ignite quickly! Always place fire features on a non-flammable surface, such as dirt, concrete, pavers, or bricks - never on a wood deck or on the grass! You may want to check with your local code enforcement agency regarding fire pit regulations.

What should I burn in my wood burning fire pit?

  • Natural wood is recommended over wood that has been treated. Chemically altered logs will give off toxic fumes and unpleasant smells when burned. 
  • NEVER burn garbage or paper products in your fire pit! Pieces of burning refuse tend to "fly away" and may start a fire wherever it lands. Fire glass, lava rock, ceramic river stones, and other luxury media are meant to be used with gas burning features. Attempting to incorporate these into your wood-burning fire pit can cause these items to explode. Lighter fluid and gasoline are not suggested for igniting a fire in your outdoor feature. Instead, choose kindling, fatwood fire starters, or a stainless steel gas log lighter to help you light a wood fire.

When referring to your gas fire pit urns, how is glass fiber reinforced concrete different from regular concrete?

  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, or GFRC, combines glass and concrete together to create a material that is thinner and lighter than regular concrete. It also has more elasticity, allowing it to expand and contract without cracking (to a certain extent) and absorbs shock better as well. Our gas fire pit urns, because of their size and unique structure, benefit greatly from this material when it comes to durability, strength, and longevity in your outdoor space!