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Black and Silver Log Carrier
Tote your firewood at your 
side with ease with our log 
sling! Carry a good handful of logs 
with mor... 
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Canvas Log Carrier In Sage With Ivory Trim
Make bringing your wood 
indoors easy with this Canvas Log 
Carrier In Sage With Ivory Trim that 
is 3... 
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Black and Silver Backsaver Apron
Evenly distributes weight 
between your arms and shoulders, 
saving your back from supporting 
heavy l... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Brown and Green Log Tote Basket
Stain resistant, washable 
and rot-proof log tote basket. 
USA-made with a brown polyester duck 
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TuffDuck Black and Silver Log Tote
Made from quality corded 
polyester in the USA, TuffDuck totes 
are made to last. Conveniently 
carry ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
TuffDuck Black and Khaki Log Tote
Tote around your firewood 
with ease and bring it in from 
outdoors using this polyester black 
and kh... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Newspaper Log Roller
An antique newspaper log 
roller can repurpose that stack of 
old periodicals into useful 
fuel! Video... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Small Firewood Holder In Black Finish
Our outdoor firewood holder 
is practical for small logs. 
Use wherever you please. Looks 
great and l... 
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Wood Rack and Cart Combo
Wood rack for beside the 
fireplace that easily attaches to a 
cart to bring in more firewood. 
Easy t... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Large Firewood Holder In Black Finish
Fits large logs for easy 
firewood storage. This indoor-outdoor 
firewood holder is constructed from 
Free shipping|In Stock
Small Log Rack In Black Finish
Keep a weekend's worth of 
firewood by your fire pit with this 
Small Log Rack In Black Finish. It 
Free shipping|In Stock
Medium Log Rack In Black Finish
Keep your logs off the 
ground and more protected with the 
Medium Log Rack In Black Finish. 
Free shi... 
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Brown Suede Log Carrier
Accommodates a handful of 
firewood and acts as a log sling to 
support your firewood, making them 
Free shipping|In Stock
Black Suede Log Carrier
Carry around your firewood 
with ease with this attractive 
suede log carrier. The Carrier 
supports f... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Large Log Rack In Black Finish
Protect your firewood from 
the harsh effects of nature. 
Large Log Rack In Black Finish is 
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Free shipping|In Stock
Extra Large Log Rack In Black Finish
Make storing your firewood a 
breeze with this Extra Large Log 
Rack In Black Finish that stands 
46 i... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|In Stock
Brown Leather Log Carrier
Acts as a firewood sling to 
help you carry your logs and 
kindling. Free up a hand and keep your 
Free shipping|In Stock
Wood Holder In Matte Black Finish 18 Inch
Store your wood neatly 
season after season with this Wood 
Holder In Matte Black Finish 18 
Inch. Fre... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Leaf End Log Carrier And Stand In Graphit...
Wood maintenance made easy 
with this Leaf End Log Carrier 
And Stand In Graphite Finish 
from Empire.... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Wood Holder In Matte Black Finish 25 Inch
This Wood Holder In Matte 
Black Finish 25 Inch is perfect 
for large logs. Limited Lifetime 
Free shipping|In Stock
Forged Steel Wood Holder In Vintage Iron ...
The Forged Steel Wood Holder 
In Vintage Iron Finish measures 
14 inches wide and 13 inches 
deep for ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Matte Black Frame Log Carrier
Tote your firewood with ease 
with our suede log carrier. When 
you have finished hauling your 
logs ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Denali Wood Holder In Vintage Iron Finish...
Beautifully constructed with 
an antique look, trust our 
Denali Wood Holder In Vintage Iron 
Finish 1... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Rustic Wood Holder In Vintage Iron Finish
Our Rustic Wood Holder In 
Vintage Iron Finish stores firewood 
close by for easy access. Made of 
Free shipping|In Stock
Forged Steel Log Carrier
Beautifully designed and 
practical. Use our Forged Steel log 
carrier with suede tote to store 
Free shipping|In Stock
Simplicity Wood Holder
Use this wood holder for 
easy carrying and wood storage. 
Available in 5 powder coat finishes 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Made To Order
Medium Crescent Log Rack In Black Finish
The beautiful Medium 
Crescent Log Rack In Black Finish is 
durable to withstand the outdoor 
Free shipping|In Stock
Denali Wood Holder In Vintage Iron Finish...
This Denali Wood Holder In 
Vintage Iron Finish 22 Inch has a 
vintage look that goes great with 
Free shipping|In Stock
Forged Steel Wood Cart In Vintage Iron Fi...
The Forged Steel Wood Cart 
In Vintage Iron Finish has easy 
to maneuver wheels that make 
hauling you... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|In Stock
Empire Folding Log Carrier In Burnished B...
Maximize log storage with 
the frame. Carry your logs to 
the frame by using the log 
carrier. No more... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Ball And Claw Wood Holder In Burnished Bl...
Keep extra firewood beside 
your fire with the Ball And Claw 
Wood Holder In Burnished Black 
Finish. ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Big Wheel Wood Cart In Vintage Iron Finish
This Big Wheel Wood Cart In 
Vintage Iron Finish is great for 
hauling huge loads with wheels for 
Free shipping|In Stock
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Log Holders

Has a log ever rolled off of your hearth and onto your bare toe at 11 pm when all you want to do is poke the fire to see how much life it has left? Hurts, doesn’t it?

This is why you need a log holder!

Having a high-quality log holder will prevent mishaps like the one above and save a potential visit to the podiatrist. Plus, it looks a lot better to have your dried cut wood neatly placed in a wrought iron log holder than to have it haphazardly lying next to the fireplace. If an old-world toolset wouldn’t quite blend in with your modern home, our stain log holder would be the perfect addition to your clean-cut, ultra-contemporary fireplace décor.

We also provide firewood carriers for carrying your firewood in. These canvas log carriers make carrying easier thanks to their heavy-duty handles, not to mention cleaner since the carrier will prevent any chips, bark, or other debris from trailing through your home as you deliver it to your wood-burning fireplace!


What are your log holders made of?

  • All of our metal log holders are made of high-quality steel, while our carriers are made from quality leather, cotton canvas, suede, or corded polyester.