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Mylar Stencil Sheet for Arched Fireplace ...
Use this mylar sheet to 
trace the opening of your arched 
masonry fireplace opening. With it 
we can ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Tempered Glass Arch Fullview Air Sealed M...
This arch air sealed 
tempered glass fireplace door 
eliminates back smoking at negative 
pressure lev... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Arch Supreme Air Sealed Masonry Fireplace...
This arch air sealed ceramic 
glass fireplace door eliminates 
back smoking at negative pressure 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Cascade Arched Masonry Fireplace Door
The arched Cascade steel 
fireplace door features an age old, 
traditional design, making it a 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Full Arch Masonry Fireplace Door
The Full Arch Masonry 
Fireplace Door is precision 
manufactured with quality material to 
your exact ... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Gothic Arch Masonry Fireplace Door
The Gothic Arch is a curved 
fireplace door that can be custom made 
to your masonry firebox 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Legend Arched Masonry Fireplace Door
The Legend Arched Masonry 
Fireplace Door will enhance your 
living space beautifully! Available 
in s... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Grande Arched Masonry Cabinet Gate Mesh F...
This Grande Arched fireplace 
door with mesh screens for 
masonry fireplaces is a rare find at 
a grea... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Cascade Cabinet Arch Masonry Door With Ai...
The Cascade arched masonry 
fireplace door comes as a gasketed 
enclosure option for ceramic glass, 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Legend Sunrise Arched Masonry Fireplace Door
The Legend Sunrise Arched 
masonry fireplace door has a classic 
look that compliments any style. 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Heritage Arch Plate Masonry Fireplace Door
The Heritage Arch Plate 
custom fireplace door by Thermo 
Rite features an arched back 
plate and trac... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Cascadian Arched Masonry Fireplace Door W...
The Cascadian arched masonry 
fireplace door offers a unique looks 
with its beautiful sidelights 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Forged Steel Laramie Arched Masonry Firep...
The forged, hand hammered 
finish gives the masonry Laramie 
Arched fireplace door a distinctive 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Revelation Arched Masonry Fireplace Door
The Revelation is laser cut 
from 1/4 inch steel, making it a 
durable arched fireplace door for 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Forged Steel Laramie Arched Air Sealed Ma...
The Forged Steel Laramie 
arched masonry fireplace doors 
comes with gasketed doors. This 
ceramic gla... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Heritage Full Arch Masonry Fireplace Door
Heavy duty 1/4 inch steel is 
used to construct the full arch 
Heritage custom fireplace door. Laser 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Arched Masonry Fireplace Door In Brushed ...
This arched masonry 
fireplace door is a durable product 
made from 304-grade brushed 
stainless steel... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Brushed Stainless Steel Arched Outdoor Ma...
You can have a contemporary 
looking arched outdoor fireplace 
with the arched Natural Stainless 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Denali Arched Masonry Fireplace Door with...
The Denali Arched wood 
burning fireplace glass door is a 
study enclosure that gives an old 
world, b... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Arch Plated Masonry Fireplace Door
Plated arch masonry 
fireplace glass door with several 
plated finishes and options to 
choose from. M... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Arch Black Nickel Plated Masonry Fireplac...
Black nickel plated arch 
masonry fireplace glass door with 
several plated finishes and options 
to c... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Blacksmith Arched Masonry Fireplace Door
The hand hammered frame 
makes the Blacksmith Arched steel 
fireplace door by Design Specialties 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Arch Aged Solid Copper Plated Masonry Fir...
Solid copper arch fireplace 
door in an plated aged finish 
will be sure to impress anyone 
that comes... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Arch Aged Solid Brass Plated Masonry Fire...
Solid brass plated arch 
fireplace door in an aged finish will 
be sure to impress anyone that 
comes ... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Arch Ancient Masonry Fireplace Door With ...
The ancient hidden frame 
glass fireplace door features a 
specialty finish and an exclusive 
handle d... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made

Arch Doors

Make your elegant arched masonry fireplace stand out even more by giving it the timeless touch with our bewitching arched fireplace doors. Change the impression of any room with custom glass arched masonry fireplace doors. These doors are exquisite, eloquent, and will bring out your individualism with any design. We have everything from modern to vintage designs!

Our line of stunning arched fireplace doors boasts seamless cuts, sleek lines, and glamorous details! These masonry fireplace doors are available in a variety of finishes, glass colors, handle styles, and mesh curtain options. All of the arched fireplace doors are custom made to fit your masonry fireplace! These fireplace doors are a great way to own your originality!

You will be sent a template and instructions on how to trace the opening of your fireplace so that we can make sure your doors fit perfectly! We also offer a mylar stencil sheet for arched fireplace template and arch template measuring guide online that is available to you! Once you've completed this step, send the template back to us and we'll get started on your custom fireplace doors. 

Please know that this process may take a little longer to complete as compared to other fireplace doors that we carry, due to the curvature of the frame and glass. We want to make sure your doors fit perfectly so that you can enjoy them for years to come!

Our arched fireplace glass doors are also very versatile when it comes to efficiency and style. The durable frames also come in different styles, finish, and glass to perfectly match the style of your fireplace and room decor. When it comes to creating home accents, our arched fireplace doors are just what you need to add a swanky look to your room.

Arched fireplace doors are very easy to install which will absolutely make it more convenient for you! We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to install your doors as we want to make this as seamless for you as possible. Remember, you also always have the option to reach out to our customer service for assistance as well!

When you speak with one of our customer service professionals, please be sure to specify which type of fit your arched fireplace door will be. There are two types of fitting that you can choose from that are listed below. There will be different installation instructions per the fit you choose!

If your enclosure needs to sit outside of the opening, this is what's known as an Overlap Fit.


If you want your fireplace door to fit inside, flush with the facing, then it is known as an Inside Fit. Inside fitting doors will need to be mortared into place to create the appearance that your wood-burning fireplace glass door was always there!


Here is a great video to help you measure your arch masonry fireplace!


How Do I Measure An Arched Opening For My Fireplace Door?

  • Arched openings are often associated with cut stone fireplaces. These stones tend to have variations in them, making the measurement of the arch a bit inconsistent. To hide this, a lot of installers will opt for overlapped replacement fireplace doors. However, an inside fit door allows the natural flow and beautiful design of the stone to be seen.
  • Regardless of the door fit you choose or the substrate material your fireplace has, measuring for a custom arched fireplace door doesn't have to be tricky. We're going to tell you how to measure for fireplace doors for your arched top application! To get accurate dimensions, you need to make a template of your fireplace opening. You can use anything to make your template - brown paper, mylar, cardboard, and even shower curtains work.

How To Measure Your Arched Opening:

  1. Obtain a very large piece of the plastic film, paper, or cardboard – big enough that it will cover the entire opening, as well as an additional 12 inches above the arch and 2-3 feet on either side of the opening. (You may need to tape two pieces of film together in order to cover the entire area.) The bottom of the film should be flush with the bottom of the fireplace opening.
  2. Use low-tack masking tape to apply the film to your fireplace.
  3. Use a black felt tip marker to carefully and accurately trace the opening of your fireplace. Maintain an eye level with your marker at all times to ensure an exact representation of the outline.
  4. If the lintel is not hidden behind the stone or substrate of your fireplace, you'll need to take its measurement into account in your outline. The location of the lintel is a very important component of your template. Please take a moment to measure:
    • the height of the lintel to the face of the fireplace
    • the depth of the lintel to the face of the fireplace
  5. Once completed, make sure to label your tracing correctly before sending it in. Mark the following information on the template:
    • left side
    • right side
    • lintel: mark “no lintel” or indicate the height & depth of the lintel
    • location of the hearth (no hearth, flush with opening, or above/below the opening – please include additional measurements in this case)
    • your name
    • order number - if you have one
    • your telephone number
    • contact name (person who drew the template)
    • order form/email (if applicable)
  6. Carefully roll the film into a cylinder (writing side in!) and place it in a mailing tube to ensure safe shipment.

How are fireplace doors attached?

  • We want to make the installation of your arched fireplace door as easy as possible for you! Therefore, when you receive your customized doors, they will come with detailed step by step instructions on how to install your doors. You will want to make sure you follow the directions to install your doors correctly. We also have a general installation guide available for you here. The tools you will need will also be provided to you with your install directions. Don't forget you can always give our customer service representatives a call if you get stuck or have any questions!