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Electric fireplaces are beautiful options with their colorful flames if you fancy something more safe and whimsical!  You'll love how low maintenance they are without the soot clean-up and chimney care of a traditional fireplace. They're available for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

Speaking of outdoors, parties on the patio don't have to be restricted to the warmer months anymore with our line of outdoor fireplaces. Many are Southwestern styled like the Mariposa Vented Outdoor Gas Fireplace, but a few sleek and modern fireplaces, worthy of a Manhattan penthouse, are available as well. Sparkly fyre glass and bold lava rocks are available with some models. 

Increase the efficiency of your wood burning fireplace with a fireplace insert. They suck in the cold air from the room and force out warm air from the fire. These inserts are easy to install, and once they're in, you'll never have to worry about relining your chimney again. For masonry fireplaces only. 

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