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“I want to stay inside all of the time,” said no one ever.

You love being outside. We all do! In the summer you can grill out, let the smell of barbeque waft through the air, and as the warm temperatures give way to a crisp fall, you can get the fire pit up and going to warm your hands and your heart as you spend time making memories with loved ones.

When the weather is nice, you want to be outside making the most of it and that’s why it’s important that your outside be a place where you can do that. Because let’s face it, memories are better when they are made in a place we love to be.

Let us help you make your outdoor living space a place that you’ll want to be every day of the year! Click the categories above to see how we can help you transform your home, or keep reading to learn more about each one and see what’s right for you.

Fire & Water Bowls

Before we jump into these breathtaking features, let’s go over how fire bowls work. They aren’t giant gaping bowls with every inch a blazing flame (though, we could probably do it for you if you’re into that .) No, the fire bowls we carry are made out of a durable concrete with the color you choose mixed right into it when you order any one of these beautiful fire bowls.

Next, there’s the burner setup. It goes in the bowl and is then surrounded by the fire media of your choice. Hook up the gas (make sure you’ve had it professionally installed) and then stand back to enjoy how the flames look in your brand new fire pit!

But, you’re here for the fire AND water bowls!

With these fire bowls for poolside, you can enjoy how these two elements seem to blend together with the fire reaching for the sky and water, just like any other scupper bowl, flowing into your pool or fountain. Thanks to the wide range of fire media we have as well as the custom colors you can choose for your unique fire and water bowl, your fire feature can be as one-of-a-kind and as unique as you are.

Diagram of a fire and water bowl.
With our setup, the fire, and its fuel, do not come into contact with your water supply.

Aside from creating a feature that’ll enhance the ambiance of your patio and pool, these marvelous fire features can increase the value of your property. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a dancing flame while they relax poolside?

Fire Pits & Fire Tables

Fire pits are a favorite when it comes to outdoor living. They have the benefit of a bonfire where you can gather and socialize around it, but without the potential of it raging out of control and fire department crashing the party.

Unlike the fire bowls we talked about above, you can also have a wood-burning fire pit. There are some sweet advantages to using wood as your fuel, such as:

  • The smoke makes a natural bug repellant
  • The smell of certain firewood is nice
  • You can roast marsh mellows
  • A sense of satisfaction when you coax the fire into blazing

That last one may just be us. But if it’s you as well, it’s a big deal to stand back proudly as the fire curls up around burning logs! Another big advantage is that you don’t have to wait until the gas company comes out to do a refill.

On the other hand, it’s also really nice to just strike a match, light the burner, and watch as your gas fire pit is up and going, fuss-free.

The gas fire pits we carry are great if you want no mess and no clean up when it comes to enjoying your outdoor space. Gas fire pits for the patio are great choices because of that, and because you don’t have to worry about hunting down quality wood to burn (if you aren’t sure what makes firewood different from other woods, check out our blog on it! )

Fire Tables

Do you know what’s better than a fire pit?

A fire pit in the middle of a table, that’s what.

And basically, that’s what a fire table is, just scaled down. Forget hibachi, your crew can surround a blazing fire right as you dig into a fruity dessert. Don’t expect a ton of talking—there’s something mesmerizing when flames jump, dance, and curl as the center of attention.

Patio Living

In the words of one of the youngest members of #TeamFDO:

“I want fire!”

And so you should, dear child—but at 2, no way! But, we totally agree, fire is awesome. And if you’re looking at this page you must agree. Our patio living section covers all of the things that enrich your outdoor experience but that don’t fall in one of the above categories.

Water fountains and larger, custom water bowls are featured here, along with firewalls and even outdoor fireplaces! This section has it all!

Fire and Water Features

This category features some familiar fire products, but also some stunning ones that’ll up your living space (or business) wow factor.

American Fyre Designs Large Firefalls
This American Fyre Designs firewall is a gorgeous choice if you want to make an area that’ll bring relaxation and serenity to anyone who sits there.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Sometimes fire bowls and fire pits are small beans, and you’re looking for something much bigger. And, you need it to be practical too. That’s where an outdoor fireplace comes in! Outdoor fireplaces are made to take the abuse that Mother Nature will put them through. From the design box to stainless steel fireplace accessories, outdoor fireplaces are the best choice if you want something big, impressive, but also that’ll keep you warm.

Check out our outdoor fireplaces here!

Pool Scupper Bowls

It’s easy to think that pool scuppers are only good for creating a nice ambiance with the sound of trickling water. And yes, they definitely do that, but do you know that they also help with overflow?

When one body of water is overfull, a spillway is necessary so that the excess water doesn’t go places it shouldn’t. A hot tub, for example, could overflow when more people decide to soak. With a pool scupper, that overflow water could go right into your pool! A scupper is also essential to keeping the water oxygenated and moving in whatever body of water it is connected to.

Tiki Torches

When we discovered fire, we realized that we could not only cook our food but also stay up late. Permanent tiki torches ensure that you’ll never have to be in the dark again (unless you just want to.) The best part about these tiki torches is that you don’t have to worry about oil or gel—they operate with gas!

Water Fountains

And no, not what you had in public school! These water fountains look great in a garden, or perhaps your business’ outdoor space. It’s been scientifically proven that water has a calming effect on us. Maybe it’s because we’re mostly water, or maybe it’s the soft sound of moving water that soothes stress. Regardless of why it works, it does and it’d be a great addition to any home or workspace!

Several of our water fountains feature fire as well, creating a balance and a source of light for those evenings that you need to escape. With these garden fountains, you can listen to the quiet rumble of water and the pop of fire living harmoniously right in your outdoor space.

Pool Scuppers

As far as ambiance and aesthetics go, pool scuppers are a lot like water fountains. Whether you’re swimming or snoozing on a float, you can listen to the gentle water pour into the pool. Serenity aside, pool scuppers also serve the very practical purpose of operating as a spillway.

Fire Pit Burner Systems

Not everyone wants a fully assembled fire bowl or fire pit delivered to the door and there waiting for the gas man to come to install it. No, you’re a DIYer.

Where others see a finished project, you see the parts of it and how you’d like to change it.

We see you, and we’re here to help you up to your awesome game. Check out our fire pit inserts and ignition systems! And, our fire shapes will help you make your fire bowl exactly what you imagine.

You wanted a bowl of fire? You’ve got a bowl of fire!

All you need is the right supplies (hey, we’ve got those), a can-do attitude (you’ve got that), and a certified gas professional to come out and inspect it when you’re done (we can help you get one of those).

Fire Pit Media

When you have a gas product and it isn’t your kitchen stove, you’ll probably want to hide the burner! Fire media lets you do that and you can make it look as natural as you like or as over the top as your heart desires. Check out our different types of fire media in this graphic!

Impressed yet? We knew you’d like to see the different options there are for making your gas fire product perfect. While we can’t answer questions about life in general, we’ve pretty much got you covered when it comes to your outdoor gas products.

Browse our FAQs below and if you don’t see what you are looking for, you can either give us a call, tag us on social media, or you can take advantage of our Ask Chris feature—you can email the founder and expert himself!


How is my fire bowl installed?

Here we have outlined steps and considerations to make during you concrete fire bowl installation:

  • Check local, state, or municipality laws for regulations against outdoor fire features and make necessary accommodations to ensure your fire feature is legal. We are not obligated to accept returns based on the laws in your area.
  • Be sure to measure doorways and other spaces to ensure that your fire bowl will fit through these openings. We have provided the dimensions and weight of each fire bowl in the specifications on its product page.
  • Prepare for the installation by gathering all the necessary tools to maneuver the fire bowl. You may need a partner and/or a pallet jack to lift accommodate the size and weight of your fire bowl.
  • You may carefully begin moving your fire bowl to your desired location. A paved walkway provides the easiest surface for pulling a pallet jack or lifting the fire bowl without risking tripping or sinking into the soft, uneven ground. However, if you do not have a smooth walkway, you may lay down plywood to act as a secure platform for transportation.
  • For your safety, we recommend hiring a certified gas contractor the install the gas lines and ensure proper hook-up to your fire feature. Please note that certain areas may even require a contractor, so please check your local ordinances.

How do I clean and care for my concrete product?

Proper care and maintenance is the best way to get the most from your concrete bowl! Follow these simple tips to extend your fire feature:

  • Avoid having the surface of your bowl coming in contact with any heavy, rough, or sharp objects to minimize scratches. Keep in mind that hairline cracks or spots are not flaws, but occur naturally and are considered part of your product's character.
  • Clean up any spills immediately to prevent damaging the finish. Concrete is porous, making it susceptible to discoloration and stains from oils, acidic substances, and caustic liquids.
  • You may wash your concrete bowl with and mild soap and water solution of 1 part soap, 4 parts water, and a soft cloth. To remove stubborn stains, combine 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water and gently scrub with a soft-bristled, vinyl brush. Allow your product to dry.
  • Apply a masonry or concrete sealer once a year to preserve the surface of your concrete bowl. Be sure to thoroughly clean your bowl and wait 24 hours to let it dry before applying this protective coating.

Do outdoor fireplaces give off heat?

  • Outdoor fireplaces are made to radiate heat as the flame is contained. If you were to set up your outdoor fireplace to block wind, this will reduce heat loss.

How can I get more heat from my outdoor fireplace?

  • You can convert your wood-burning fireplace to a gas outdoor fireplace and this will radiate more heat.

  • There are some outdoor fireplaces that will provide more heat, such as, a fire bowl or table.
  • If you have an outdoor wood-burning fireplace, you can always look into the kind of wood you are burning. Different types of wood can change the amount of heat the wood is putting out.