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Tempered Fireplace Door Glass

Tempered fireplace door glass is here! If you need to replace your gas for any reason we have you covered! 

The tempered fireplace door glass can withstand 400°-500° F. If the tempered glass gets beyond that temperature the glass will shatter. If you are looking for glass that can withstand higher temperatures, we suggest that you use ceramic glass. Click here for more!

It's important that if your glass breaks that you find a perfect fit for your fireplace. If you do not have a perfect fit, you will risk the fireplace not working properly or losing heat efficiency. You may also potentially have a fire hazard or your glass may break. 

Many times you will be unable to find a replacement through your manufacturer of the fireplace as most models are too old or no longer being made. We make sure that you can order any size that you need! You input your measurements when ordering so you don't have to worry about the manufacturer!

We have a few different options for the tint of the glass as well as thickness. You can choose from clear, bronze, or grey tempered glass. The thickness you have to choose from is 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4". Be sure to verify the size and thickness of your glass prior to the order!


You also have the option to seam your glass. Seamed glass is where the edges have been lightly sanded in order to give a smooth edge to your glass. This removes all sharpness of the glass around the edges. This makes the glass safer and easier to install. This process is also known as a swiped edge or chamfered edge. 


The glass will be cut to your size, then sent to be tempered until it is ready to be shipped to your location.  The lead time for tempered safety glass is around 2-3 weeks.


Can you use tempered glass in a fireplace?

  • Most fireplace doors have tempered glass within them. There are other options for glass in fireplace doors like ceramic that can withstand higher heat. 

What is the difference between tempered and ceramic glass?

  • Ceramic glass is usually used with wood or pellet stoves as it can withstand higher temperatures without breaking. Tempered glass is made most commonly on gas fireplaces and cannot withstand high temperatures without breaking.