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Gasket Cement

Gasket cement is perfect for your fireplace or stove because this can adhere to almost any metal! The gasket cement can be used to fix anything from small cracks to leaks within your fireplace or stove. 

There are either a squeeze tube or caulk gun sizes. The gasket cement is perfect for bringing your fireplace or stove back to working order in no time!

Our gasket cement is easy to clean up so your mistakes are safe from being stuck forever. You can wipe away those messy edges or access with a little soap and water.

We have three options to choose from for your gasket cement needs. Check them out above to get what you need today!


What is gasket cement?

  • The gasket cement is made to seal and fix small cracks or holes on surfaces for your fireplace or stove.

How do you use stove gasket cement?

  • Using the gasket cement is super easy. Clean the surface prior to application with a damp washcloth. Do not apply the cement until the surface has dried. Then your press the gasket cement into the crack or hole to seal. Wipe away any access with soap and water and allow to air dry.