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We offer charming Vermont Bun Bakers for our line of wood stoves. These indoor cooking stoves have an upper firebox that burns logs, the lower firebox acts as the oven, and a stove top. Smaller models heat 1,000 square feet and the larger models heat up to 2,500 square feet. The soapstone wood cook stoves are incredibly efficient, saying warm long after the fire has gone out. These stoves are great additions for rustic living spaces like cabins and camps.


  • Wood Stoves
    • Vermont Bun Bakers 
    • Cook and bake with these heating units.
    • Heat efficient soapstone


With the wood stoves, how are the ashes removed from the fire box? 

  • Please wait for the unit to cool down before cleaning out the ashes, which can be shoveled or scooped out, and dispose of them appropriately.  

Do the Vermont Bun Bakers include an outside air intake?

  • No, the wood stoves do NOT include an outside air intake kit.