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Barn Doors

The sliding door design allows the fireplace doors to slide back and forth much like a sliding barn door. The rollers and track are engineered for many years of quiet, easy glide operation. These doors are custom made to your specifications and will work well in any setting from traditional to modern and contemporary. This door, with its industrial elements, also lends itself to the industrial themed home.

Sliding fireplace doors have a certain style—they are reminiscent of country life. For some of us, there’s an industrial flare! We love how the fireplace doors become a part of the fireplace decor when the fire is going. For many fireplace doors, the frame is all you can really enjoy when your firebox is lit up by a fire, so it’s nice to have a style that lets you enjoy the whole fireplace door while you’re enjoying the fire inside.

A sliding fireplace door can also be a space saver! Instead of the fireplace doors that open outward, these doors give you the option to slide to the side! This can save so much space in your home while giving you a bold design and a conversation starter! The barn fireplace doors can most definitely add a refined and polished look to your home.

The sliding fireplace door does require a little extra measuring work as the doors do slide away from your fireplace rather than pull out. As we know this could be a space issue depending on where your fireplace is located, we made a nifty formula for you to make sure your doors will fit!

Side Clearance Formula

To ensure everything fits correctly and you have enough space for the door rails use this formula below.
Opening width divided by 2 = X
X minus 2-1/4" =  Clear Free Space need PER SIDE!
You will also need 2-3/8" of clear space above the opening to install the tracks and rollers

NOTE: For doors with glass larger than 4 square feet, Fireplace Doors Online recommends using 4 fixed panels instead of 2 to prevent unwanted glass breakage due to uneven heat distribution within the individual panes.  

Check out our Paterson sliding masonry fireplace glass door! The Paterson has the option of adding a ceramic glass rather than tempered. Remember, you can only apply ceramic glass to your masonry fireplace! The difference is that the ceramic glass can withstand a much higher heat up to 1292 F! Ceramic glass can also control the heat efficiency in your fireplace! This way you can control the heat and still enjoy your fireplace.

These easy-glide fireplace doors are custom made for your fireplace and can work in any setting! There are some customizations available too, such as the finish, glass tint, and type on some models, handles, and even add spark protection. And, with some of our barn fireplace doors, you can even control it with a remote! Controlling your fireplace with a remote is so much easier! It takes one touch of a button to turn on and off, you can even check out this clever idea below!

Converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas avoids dealing with chopping wood, carrying it, or any of the hassles of a wood-burning fireplace. Wood burning fireplaces can be tiring! The gas fireplace remote is an easy update that you can make to your fireplace and the installation is even easier! You can grab our gas fireplace remote, and literally just lift one finger to go from a cold fireplace to a majestic, warm fire without the hassle of a wood-burning fireplace! 


How do I convert my fireplace from wood to gas?

  • There are a few steps that you will need to take in order to convert your wood-burning fireplace to a gas one. First, you will need to contact a professional to inspect your fireplace. Next, if you do not have gas lines, you will need to contact your local gas service provider to assist you with setting up your home for the conversion. Once you have completed these steps you can get your parts needed to install your new gas fireplace! The next decision you will need to make is if you want to incorporate gas logs. Now, just to advise, gas logs come in two different types, the vented and vent-free. Your vented gas logs work with both propane and natural gas, they are not any messes, and you have the options for remote control start. The vent-free logs do not require a chimney, you do not have to worry about heat loss, and some places do not allow these gas logs. We also have a guide on how to install the gas log lighters in your fireplace. We will be more than happy to walk you through your journey if you give us a call!

Can I keep the sliding door closed on my fireplace?

  • This is a yes and no question. You may close the door on your fireplace only if you have the ceramic glass option on your doors. Ceramic glass is made to withstand the heat coming from your fireplace and can only be placed on your masonry fireplace. If you have tempered glass, you can NOT close the door on your fireplace as the glass is not made to withstand the heat enclosed and will shatter. Please remember that ceramic glass cannot be installed on your prefab fireplace. This option is available only with a masonry fireplace. Although, with the tempered glass, you cannot close your doors; with choosing the barn doors you can keep a full view of your fire! The sliding door will not obstruct your view of your fire as they slide out.

Do the sliding doors open with a remote?