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Fireplace Door Repair

What do you do if something breaks on your fireplace? We have all the answers for you! Fireplace doors are not the most inexpensive item on your list. But instead of buying new or used doors, why don't you repair them? We make this super easy for you with plenty of items to help restore your old fireplace doors!

Fireplace Door Glass

If your glass has shattered on your fireplace, we are here to help! We offer custom cut ceramic and tempered glass for your fireplace doors. We have the ability to cut the perfect measurement for your doors. 

First, you will want to figure out what type of fireplace you have in order to measure your glass. Check out this video if you don't know what type of fireplace you have!

Determining the type of fireplace is extremely important as this will determine the type of glass needed for your fireplace. There are two different types to install, they are ceramic and tempered. The main difference between the two is ceramic can handle a high heat output without shattering. Tempered glass will shatter is exposed to too much heat. The two also shatter differently as shown below.


Your fireplace doors can go through a lot when being used over the years. We have multiple options for you in order to repair your doors. Not only can this be the cheaper option but you can also keep those doors you love instead of replacing them!

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is to use within parts of your fireplace to make it more heat efficient. The point of the insulation is to help radiate the heat within as your fireplace can get extremely hot. 

Placing the insulation within your fireplace will help with the heat radiation as well as the efficiency of your fireplace. This will also help with any draft that may come into your fireplace. 

Surrounding your fireplace with fiberglass insulation is always a great upgrade and you will feel the difference in the heat output. The fiberglass insulation can be purchased as a replacement or as a new addition to bring your fireplace back to life!

Fireplace Door Hardware

It's super easy to break a part of your door that completely ruins everything. There are many pieces to your door that keep the door in working order like hinges and clamps. It's also super annoying trying to find somewhere that offers those types of products.

Today is your lucky day! We offer many items for your fireplace doors that are easy to find and install. We have everything you will need. From mounting hardware and bracket kits to glass retainer clips and so much more!

Look to us to find what you need to keep your original fireplace doors! We know sometimes it can be difficult to find everything you need easily. We can't all be fireplace genius'. So don't hesitate to reach out for some help by calling, emailing, or commenting! We are always here to help!




How much does it cost to replace fireplace doors?

  • The exact number can vary on the type of fireplace, the materials needed, as well as sizing. For a tempered glass on a wood-burning fireplace can cost on average $600- $900 or as much as $3000. Shop around and figure out what you want and need before you start! 

Can you replace the glass door on a fireplace?

  • Most of anything on your fireplace can be updated or replaced. We offer a broad range of glass, doors, and fireplace accessories. Glass on the doors is one of the top replaced items on a fireplace.

Can you keep fireplace glass doors closed?

  • This is a widely debated question but we have answers! You can close your fireplace doors only if you have ventilation and the ceramic glass to withstand the heat of your fireplace. You cannot close tempered glass doors as they will shatter.