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Chimney Liner

Different types of chimneys need all kinds of things to help them do their job correctly and safely. It's important to keep your chimney in working order as it prevents chimney fires and toxic emissions from getting into your home.

A chimney liner is made to help keep your chimney working safely. There is no question that a chimney liner is an invaluable addition. The chimney liner is to protect your existing chimney, as most new chimneys already have one installed, from determination inside the chimney. Chimney liners also pull out dangerous gas and combustion materials through your chimney.

Most older chimneys specifically masonry chimneys, are usually built with a clay liner. Although the purpose of the clay liner is the same, they can deteriorate and not hold as long as a steel liner. The best way to know you need to take the plunge into a steel liner is if you clean your chimney and remnants of clay come down through your chimney into your fireplace. It is suggested that you should replace your clay chimney liner with a steel one as they can be more durable and effective compared to an aged clay liner. 

Chimney liners are more pertinent in either a fireplace insert or masonry chimney. This is so because a masonry and prefab fireplace emits the most gas and combustion materials out of your fireplace. Many do not consider the chimney liner or even know if one exists in their chimney due to being uninformed or new to the fireplace life. We suggest checking to see if you have one or need the liner replaced. 

We offer a broad spectrum of high-quality chimney liners, chimney liner kits, and installation kits needed to do the job quickly and easily. Prior to purchasing a chimney liner, you need to do a couple of chores. Making sure you do not have an existing liner, checking for a clay liner, and measuring your chimney for the liner. We are here for you to help make this job a piece of cake so don't hesitate to call us for help!


Do you really need a chimney liner?

  • A chimney liner is not a necessity but is definitely important to have. If you have a gas fireplace or you do not use your fireplace, then a chimney liner is not required. We strongly suggest that if you have a wood-burning fireplace to invest in lining your chimney!

How long do chimney liners last?

  • There are many aspects that are considered to how long your liner will last. This mainly depends on which type of chimney you have. A clay line may last upward to 50 years whereas a steel chimney liner may last upward to 15-20 years. It is important to consider that although long-lasting, a chimney liner should be inspected and maintained at least once a year to make sure everything is in working order.

Can I install my own chimney liner?

  • Yes! You are able to install your chimney liner easily with our installation kits that are available. 

How do I know if I need to replace my chimney liner?

  • It is super easy to check your chimney liner to see if you need a replacement. If you see any cracks, broken pieces, or damage you will need to replace your chimney liner. There is also a possibility that you do not have a chimney liner. In the case that you do not have a chimney liner, we strongly suggest having one installed.