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Custom Hoods To Protect Fireplace Mantel or Shelf From Heat

In order to protect the mantel or shelf above your fireplace, a fireplace hood can help! Designed to deflect the heat away from your mantel or shelf, this accent is a must-have, especially if your mantel was installed too close to your fireplace opening. An additional benefit is that the hood deflects heat into the room, giving you more warmth. Our custom fireplace hoods are offered in several custom sizes and colors to suit your décor. We even offer a premium personalized canopy that you can monogram with your initials or business name!

Each fireplace heat deflector is constructed from durable, 14-gauge steel and comes backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. Enjoy free shipping on these easy to install fireplace hoods!


For attaching a fireplace hood to my marble fireplace, can I drill directly into the marble? There's no metal plate on my fireplace?

  • NO! Do not drill into the marble. It will crack.

My fireplace opening is 42 inches. Can I use a 44 inch hood?

  • Yes, a 44 inch hood should work for your 42 inch opening.