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Fireplace Hoods

Design Specialties 20-48" Fireplace HoodDeflect heat coming from your fireplace and prevent it from causing damage to your mantel by installing a fireplace heat deflector. There are several advantages when you have a fireplace heat deflector for your fireplace; it’s more than just a nice decorative accent to your fireplace!.

Apart from shielding your mantel from excessive heat, having a fireplace heat deflector installed also makes maintenance easier, optimizes heat efficiency, and provides a safer environment for you and your family. Let us walk you through the in-depth guide for all the things you need to know about fireplace hoods!

Why do you need a fireplace heat deflector?

Did you know that your fireplace gets up to 1300° or hotter when you use it? That’s hot enough to melt lead, magnesium, and Babbitt – a metal used in car engines! While your fireplace can be a cozy space wherein you can relax right beside it – the heat it produces can potentially be harmful to both you and your fireplace mantel when not properly neutralized. If you have a TV mounted above your fireplace, it is important to protect it the heat produced by your fireplace. It is all too common to see burned and destroyed TV's when they are incorrectly mounted above the fireplace. This is where a fireplace hood becomes very useful.

TV Above Fireplace

A fireplace hood heat deflector prevents immense temperature build-up that can potentially seriously damage your hearth surround, mantel, or TV. Without installing a fireplace hood, all of that heat is hitting your fireplace mantel or TV. This is a very serious concern to those who have a wooden mantel because, without a fireplace heat deflector to protect it, all that exquisite woodwork will go to waste. But then, you may be thinking “I have a steel mantel anyway so I have nothing to worry about!” – think again, because the heat accumulated there can still have an adverse effect on the items displayed on top of it!

You’ve invested so much time in making sure your living space is a perfect match for you, so why endanger it by not going a little further and getting one of our top tier fireplace hoods?

Fireplace hoods can be a beautiful accent to your elegant fireplace. However, a high-quality fireplace heat deflector is more than just a sophisticated decoration. It serves several purposes that preserve the look of your fireplace, as well as ensure the safety of your home.

Custom Fireplace Hoods

Custom Fireplace HoodsFireplace hoods are available in adjustable sizes, fixed sizes, and custom sizes. If you can't find the size you are looking for, we would recommend a custom sized hood. 

You can select your length, height, and depth and choose from a large variety of finishes. These hoods are custom made to order and typically take 2-4 weeks to fabricate. If the standard mounting options are not sufficient we can have the holes or slots custom made to fit your installation.

If you need an outdoor fireplace hood we also offer custom sized hoods in stainless steel. Normal steel hoods are powder coated but will not hold up as well as stainless steel in an outdoor environment. It is important to note that stainless steel will discolor if exposed to extremely high heat over long periods of time.


More Benefits of Installing a Fireplace Hood

Heat damage aside, there are a few other benefits to a fireplace heat deflector. In fact, it is a multifunctional product that should be present in fireplaces. Whether you have a vented or vent-free fireplace, or you burn wood, having a fireplace heat deflector can make a ton of difference to your environment.

First, it helps capture smoke and soot from ruining the area surrounding your fireplace. This means that having a fireplace hood installed can make your fireplace maintenance a lot easier and more cost-efficient. Replacing your wallpaper, repainting, or scrubbing bricks is a much more difficult task than installing a fireplace hood, after all!

Cleaning our fireplace hoods is so easy it’s almost effortless! You can give it a few wipes or an occasional wash and it’s good as new. Imagine keeping your home much cleaner all for as little as $65! That’s money well spent; don’t you agree?

Secondly, just like what we mentioned earlier, fireplace hoods also make an exquisite addition to your fireplace to make it a lot more stylish. Our broad collection of fireplace hoods also comes in different materials, colors, and designs to suit your personal preference, as well as your fireplace’s style.

A top-notch fireplace hood truly makes a great addition to your fireplace, regardless if you are sporting a classic traditional fireplace design or contemporary modern! You can choose a simple fireplace hood, customize the color, or you can even get our premium personalized canopy that you can monogram with your initials or business name!

Another reason why you should install a fireplace hood is that it efficiently deflects heat into the room, thus making the fireplace more efficient. It simply redirects the heat that is produced in the fireplace towards the room.

So, instead of the heat going up and destroying your mantel, the fireplace hood pushes it out—just like an inverted L. As the heat becomes more optimized, Your room will be a lot warmer for a long period of time because the fireplace hood is routing that warm air back into the room. Not sure how a fireplace really heats a home when everything just goes up the chimney? Take a look at our guide on Zone Heating!

Most importantly, fireplace hoods also help create a safer environment for you. There are instances where the heat builds up so much that it causes the fireplace mantel, as well as items displayed on it, to be damaged! A fireplace hood made of premium and top-quality material will prevent this from happening.

Each fireplace heat deflector is constructed from durable 24-gauge steel and comes backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Enjoy free shipping on these easy to install fireplace hoods!

What are the factors you need to consider when choosing a fireplace hood?

Adjustable Black Fireplace Hood 28" - 48"

There are certain types of fireplaces that require a specific fireplace hood. Factors like shape, size, and style will determine what kind of fireplace hood is right for your home.

Take your time in understanding the specifics of your fireplace so that you’ll be able to pick the best one that is most compatible with your fireplace and fireplace mantel. Keep in mind that installing a fireplace hood won’t lessen or make the height of your mantel lower. Your fireplace mantel’s clearance requirements stay the same.


Does your fireplace feature a surface mount or lintel mount?

Knowing which kind of mount your fireplace has will determine the right type of fireplace hood that you should install. If your fireplace has a lintel right above the opening of your fireplace box, then you should go for a lintel mount to install your fireplace hood.

On the other hand, you can go for a surface mount if you don’t have a lintel. With a surface mount, the fireplace hood will attach to the face of the fireplace with screws. Take note that both of these mounts don’t have a huge difference. In fact, it only differs on how it looks so it’s really all about personal preference. Both surface mount and lintel mount work just as fine.

Make sure you have proper measurements

The size depends on the opening of your fireplace. Some homeowners prefer that their fireplace hood be longer than their firebox, but ideally, you should try to keep your fireplace heat deflector the appropriate length for your fireplace so that you aren’t spending unnecessarily on a larger fire product. Most of our fireplace hoods come in standard sizes so you can easily find the one that fits onto traditional fireplaces.

Another alternative is to opt for adjustable fireplace hoods. You simply just have to slide the sides out and adjust it accordingly to fit your fireplace.

Our adjustable fireplace hoods are of the finest quality that will blend in seamlessly with your sophisticated fireplace. Still not sure about the measurements and other species in regard to your fireplace? Our professional team of experts will be more than happy to assist you!

Invest in top-notch material for your fireplace hood

Your fireplace heat deflector plays a significant role in keeping your home safe and warm, so you have to make sure that it is of the best quality! Remember, your fireplace hood is going to be the one absorbing all that excessive heat so it really needs to be very durable.

A premium quality fireplace hood shouldn’t melt or crack and it should be able to withstand intense heat without getting deformed. We guarantee you that our collection of fireplace hoods are high quality and designed to stand the test of time along with your premium fireplace door!

High-quality fireplace heat deflectors are made of exceptionally heavy-duty materials such as 24-gauge stainless steel metal. You can rest easy; your fireplace mantel is well-protected. This will preserve your well-crafted fireplace’s beauty for a long time so you don’t have to worry about damage or repair and repaints anytime soon.

Choosing the best fireplace hood doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you understand what you want and what your fireplace needs. If you still aren’t sure about what to get, you can contact us using any of the methods at the bottom of the page. We will connect you to our experts to help you out

What’s the proper way of installing a fireplace hood?

Installing a fireplace heat deflector is actually pretty easy. It doesn’t involve complicated screws, welding, or anything like that. As a matter of fact, you only need to follow a few simple steps when installing a fireplace hood!

However, while installing a fireplace hood is generally hassle-free, there are still some details that you need to pay attention to. The fireplace hood may end up being loose or dysfunctional if it’s not properly and carefully installed. It is also very important to take note of the material of your fireplace.

We get a lot of questions regarding the installation compatibility of the fireplace hoods in certain types of fireplace, as well as the proper sizing required for it to have a snug fit.


For attaching a fireplace hood to my marble fireplace, can I drill directly into the marble? There’s no metal plate on my fireplace.

  • NO, you can’t drill directly into the marble itself. This will cause your marble fireplace to crack. In worse cases, there are times that the whole marble fireplace will break when the pressure of the drilling becomes too strong. Get in touch with us and let us help you with your marble fireplace and installing a fireplace hood.

My fireplace opening is 42 inches. Can I use a 44-inch hood?

  • YES! A 44-inch hood should work for your 42-inch opening. A bit of allowance won’t really affect its functionality and fit. The only key to this is to mount it properly so it won’t wobble.

Does heat from a fireplace damage T.V.?

  • The heat from your fireplace can damage your T.V. if placed directly above the fireplace without any protection or at the proper height. There are many ways that you can redirect the heat away from the T.V. for instance, by purchasing and installing an appropriate fireplace heat deflector. Having a good understanding of what you need in order to avoid the damage to your television is a great starting point. A fireplace hood will deflect the heat coming from the fireplace and avert the heat from your television, causing the heat to move outward rather than up. 

How do I get the heat out of my fireplace?

  • There are many ways to update your fireplace to be more efficient in heating your home. The number one way is to add a fireplace heat deflector or fireplace hood to your fireplace mantel. A fireplace heat deflector will move the heat coming from your fireplace from going up the wall or into your mantle to outward into the room. Another option is a grate heater which will increase efficiency and give more time to warm up the air. The grate heater works by moving the air from the room through tubes in order to push the heat outward into the room.  Lastly, you can utilize vent-free gas logs to better circulate existing air within the room. Although made for vent free fireplaces, they do give a great amount of efficiency and will heat the room where you need it. You may also use a fireback, which also deflects the heat out of the fireplace and into the room.

How do I protect my fireplace mantel from the heat?

  • There are a few ways to protect your mantel from the heat coming from your fireplace. As we all know heat rises, therefore moving the way the heat goes is the best way to avoid mantel damage. There are many heat deflectors that can push the heat down and out instead of up toward your mantel. One way to do this is to purchase a fireplace hood and install the hood above your fireplace. This will deflect the heat out toward the room instead of up toward your mantel. Also, as always, you want to double-check that your mantel has been installed properly. Your mantel should be at least 12 inches above your fireplace.

What is a fireplace heat shield?

  • A fireplace heat shield can be many different objects that deflect and radiate the heat from your fireplace. The fireplace heat shield can protect your mantel, wall, as well as any decorative commodities around your fireplace. An example of a heat shield would be a fireplace hood. Fireplace hoods are known to be a great heat deflector and will redirect the heat coming from your fireplace. 

Does a fireplace pull heat out of the house?

  • A fireplace is a great heating source for your home. Unfortunately, if you do not take the proper steps to maintain as well as install certain products, your fireplace may cause you to lose the heat it produces. Luckily, there are some great products that you can use to avoid losing heat! Open fireplaces can be a huge factor in losing heat in your home. To avoid losing heat you can install fireplace glass doors to your fireplace. Fireplace glass doors are not only made to look amazing in your living spaces, but they do some amazing things! They can close off airflow, keep out debris, and even help with the heating of a room. In addition, fireplace hoods are a great way to redirect the heat that may be escaping out of your fireplace.

Can a fireplace get too hot?

  • There is a possibility that your fireplace can get too hot. The hottest your fireplace can get is 1200-1500 degrees. This does vary on the type of fireplace you have as gas and wood fireplaces differ. Your fireplace getting too hot can cause damage to your chimney, hearth, and items around your fireplace. This can be extremely dangerous and you should take proper precautions to avoid this happening. You can lower the air intake of your fireplace and utilizing products to move the heat. Installing a fireplace hood will move the heat away from your fireplace and out into the room. You may also manage the fire by lowering the fuel intake.

Is it okay to mount a TV over a fireplace?

  • Although not advisable, you can mount your tv over your fireplace. It is definitely difficult to find somewhere central to put your TV in a room with a fireplace. So if you no other choice, you can mount your TV. There are some precautions you will want to take when mounting a TV over your fireplace though. You can install a fire hood above your fireplace to relocate the heat coming from your fireplace. Remember heat rises, therefore installing a fire hood will deflect the heat from going up and move the heat outward. When you do mount your TV, it is recommended that it be mounted 4-12 feet above your mantel or fireplace.

Where can I put a TV in a living room with a fireplace?

  • This can be a tricky situation for anyone! Designing a room that flows and works well for you and your family can cause some headaches if you are trying to avoid putting a TV over a fireplace. There are some options for you! If you want to mount your TV over your fireplace, there are ways to do so safely. You should mount your TV 4-12 feet over a mantle or fireplace. This can cause some neck strain but will avoid any issues with damaging your TV. You can also install a fireplace hood over your fireplace to avoid damage to your TV if you decide to mount your TV over the fireplace. Also, you can always play around with where to put your TV in the room to see which way works best for you!

Can you mount a TV on a brick fireplace?

  • It is possible to mount a TV on a brick fireplace. This can be tricky and not very simple. We suggest having a professional assist with installing a TV on your brick fireplace. Keep in mind that the brick above your fireplace and get a little toasty. If you want to mount your TV above your brick fireplace, you should install a heat deflector above your fireplace. A great option for heat deflection is a fireplace hood!

How far above a fireplace should a mantle be?

  • Generally speaking, your mantle should be 12 inches from your fireplace. You will want to base your calculation off the distance between the bottom of the mantel and the top of your fireplace. As you know, heat rises, therefore to avoid damage to your mantel it is a good idea to consider placing a fireplace hood beneath your mantel and above your fireplace. The fireplace hood will deflect the heat coming from your fireplace out instead of up.

How hot can a fireplace mantel get?

  • The temperature of your mantel can vary depending on the type of fireplace you have. A mantel can get up to 200 degrees being above your fireplace. It is best practice to use a heat deflector above your fireplace such as a fireplace hood. Utilizing a fireplace hood can avoid the heat rising up to your mantle and many damage risks.

Installing Your Fireplace Hood

Now that we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding fireplace hoods, here are the four easy steps on how to properly install it.

Also, note that if you are using an adjustable fireplace hood, you need to extend both sides first and make sure that they are even prior to marking the areas where you will drill the holes.

  1. The fireplace hood will come in the protective film upon arriving. This is to ensure that the fireplace hood remains in pristine condition even during transit. Before starting with the installation process, make sure that you have removed all of the protective films first from the fireplace hood.
  2. As mentioned earlier in this article, a fireplace may have either a surface mount or a lintel mount. For each type of mount, there will be a different way to install the fireplace hood onto your fireplace.
    • Surface Mount – Installing one with a surface mount is actually pretty easy and straightforward. Take your surface mount fireplace hood and carefully place it right onto the face of your fireplace’s opening. Determine where your drill holes are going to then mark it.
    • Lintel Mount – Installing a fireplace hood with a lintel mount is just slightly different than the one with a surface mount. You should also place it onto the front of the opening of your fireplace but it should be right under the lintel. Once you have already placed it, mark the places where you will drill the holes.
  3. After making your hole marks, proceed to drill. The holes should be 1/8 inch in size. Start with drilling slowly to check if the face of your fireplace can take the pressure. Depending on the structure and age of the fireplace, some may be too weak for strong drilling so start by going slowly, but surely.
  4. Now that you are done drilling the holes, carefully attach the fireplace hood on. The fireplace hood should come with self-tapping screws and these screws are the ones you’ll use to properly attach the hood onto your fireplace opening.

There you have it! Your fireplace heat deflector should now work properly and efficiently! However, if you are unsure about some of the specifics and technicalities regarding the installation of your fireplace hood, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email. If we can’t help you over the phone, we have a list of contractors and small businesses from around the country that we’ve evaluated and trust to help our customers.