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Why do you need a fireplace hood?

Did you know that your fireplace gets up to 1300 º or hotter when you use it? That’s hot enough to actually melt lead, magnesium and babbitt, a metal used in car engines. And, without a fireplace hood, all of that heat is hitting your fireplace mantel. If you have a steel mantel it may not damage it, but what about the items you have displayed there? And if your mantel is wood, that kind of heat can damage your beautiful wood mantel. You’ve invested so much time in making sure your living space is a perfect match to you, why endanger it by not going a little further and getting one of our fireplace mantels?

Heat damage aside, there are a few other benefits to a fireplace hood. First, it helps capture smoke and soot from ruining the area surrounding your fireplace. Replacing wallpaper, repainting or scrubbing brick is a much more difficult task than installing a fireplace hood and occasionally giving it a good wash. Plus, it can be an attractive addition to your fireplace!

Fireplace hoods deflect heat into the room, thus making the fireplace more efficient, and also help keep your home clean all for as little as $65. You can choose a simple fireplace hood, customize the color, or you can even get our premium personalized canopy that you can monogram with your initials or business name!

Each fireplace heat deflector is constructed from durable, 14-gauge steel and comes backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. Enjoy free shipping on these easy to install fireplace hoods!


For attaching a fireplace hood to my marble fireplace, can I drill directly into the marble? There's no metal plate on my fireplace?

  • NO! Do not drill into the marble. It will crack.

My fireplace opening is 42 inches. Can I use a 44 inch hood?

  • Yes, a 44 inch hood should work for your 42 inch opening.