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How Do I Replace My Fireplace Door Glass?

Replacing the high temperature glass window on your doors can be easily accomplished! Depending on your particular fireplace door model and style, there are many different approaches to carrying out this task. We strongly urge you to consult the owner's manual for your particular fireplace doors before replacing the glass. It is always considered “best practice” to follow the manufacturer's guidelines directly.

Just to give you an example of how easy this endeavor really is, we're going to show you how to replace the tempered glass panels on a set of bi-fold fireplace doors. Please remember: The following instructions are meant to be general guidelines. Keep in mind that they may not apply to your particular fireplace application. Always consult your owner's manual first!



  • Sturdy elevated working surface, such as a table
  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Drop cloth or soft blanket
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Box cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Channel lock pliers
  • New glass retainer clips (for a complete set of bi-fold doors, you will need 16 clips – 8 per side)

  1. Lay the large cardboard piece on your table.
  2. Cut a 1” x 1” piece of cardboard with your utility knife and set aside for the installation of your glass retainer clips later on.
  3. Place the drop cloth or blanket over the cardboard. This set up will help steady the panes and protect the surface from being scratched.
  4. Carefully remove your replacement glass panes from the box (there will be 4) and set them side by side on your work area.
  5. Be sure that the top and bottom rails of your bi-fold door frames are clear of debris and old retainer clips
  6. The bottom rails (there are two - they have the door handles on them) are installed first. Make sure that the hinge joint is facing upward and the door handles are facing down.
  7. The edges of the glass panes should hang slightly over the edge of your working space so that the door handles will not contact the table's surface and create pressure points.
  8. With the handles pointed toward the floor, slide one of the bottom rails onto 2 panes of glass. Take care not to let the inside edges of the glass get caught in the hinge.
  9. Use the tape measure to guide you in placing the glass retainer clips
    • There are 3 sides to each retainer clip:
      •  front = smooth, flat
      • back = upward facing “spikes” grip the inside of rails
      • bottom = open gap
  10. Place the smooth side of the retainer clip against the glass 1-1/4” from the edges of the pane, one clip in each corner. You may need to adjust this measurement to accommodate for hinges/screw holes.
    • For example: along the bottom rail, you'll place four clips (1 at each inner and outer corner of both glass panes).
  11. Rest the 1”x1” piece of cardboard scrap that you cut earlier against the bottom outside of the rail. This will protect the rails from the pliers during the installation of the retainer clips.
  12. Grip the bottom of the rail and the top of the glass retainer clip with the channel lock pliers. Slowly squeeze the pliers and press the clip into the rail. Repeat this for the remaining 3 glass clips. 
  13. If the clips appears crooked after you have installed them, insert a flat head screwdriver into the opening of the retainer clip. Use gentle back and forth rocking to remove the clip – never force it out!
  14. Repeat steps 5-12 for the top rail. The glass panes should remain in the same position, with the door handles hanging slightly over the edge of your working surface.
    • Keep in mind that you will now have 8 glass retainer clips installed (4 clips per each glass pane). 
  15. If your bi-fold panels do not appear to be aligned, fold the door in half and apply firm but gentle pressure to the top of the glass. 
  16. Repeat steps 5-15 for the other side of the bi-fold doors.