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Air Tight Masonry Fireplace Doors

Air tight fireplace doors are not truly 100% air tight. Fire codes require an 1/8 inch gap for air flow so as to not overheat. It's the gasket seal around the edge of the doors that prevents these air tight doors from being drafty. We have custom sizing available to ensure that your gasketed fireplace door fits snuggly in your firebox, optimizing efficiency. Enjoy the many different glass tints, finishes, various methods of spark protection, and hearth positions to select from for all of these air tight doors.

These high-quality steel and aluminum air tight doors are American made! Free shipping is included with all our products. 


Are sealed fireplace doors airtight?

  • When you hear the term “airtight,” what is really being conveyed here is that the masonry fireplace door has had gaskets (or seals) installed around the inside of the door frame, as well as around the glass. While no fireplace door is 100% airtight, the gaskets do help to achieve a state of minimal air loss. 
  • As of 2016, an update to the International Building Code was made, stating that newly constructed masonry fireplaces need to have either a tight fitting flue damper or gasketed fireplace doors in order to operate. This new code is beneficial for a couple of reasons:
  1. The sealing around wood burning fireplace glass doors keeps heat from the home escaping up the chimney.
  2. Prevents drafts from coming down through the chimney
  • Fireplace doors that do not have gaskets can still be every bit as efficient as an air sealed door. A custom fit door that is properly installed is your best bet for ensuring reliable, energy-saving performance. 

How does the damper close/ seal on the Supreme Air Sealed Masonry Fireplace Door?

  • The damper is a slider that moves from left to right. This helps to regulate the air flow when a fire is lit. The damper cannot be made air sealed otherwise you couldn't slide it. 


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