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4-Sided Overlap Doors

All fireplaces have one thing in common: they have a firebox. (Well, except electric fireplaces)

Something that not all fireplaces have is a hearth! A hearth is necessary for the standard fireplace door because your pre-fab fireplace door needs something to sit on. Just because you don’t have a hearth doesn’t mean you can’t have a fireplace door.

Overlap fit fireplace doors sit over the firebox rather than inside it. This is ideal if you want a fireplace door that is picture-perfect and symmetrical. Take a look at our comparisons below to get a better idea of what kind of fireplace door will work best for you.


diagram of an overlap fit door
Check it out! In the image to the right, you can clearly see the blue outline, which indicates how a 4 sided overlap fit fireplace door will sit over the metal of the firebox.



diagram of an overlap fit door
This is much different from an inside fit door. Inside fit doors are installed within the firebox and are ideal for fireplaces with a surface that is level or almost level with the floor of the firebox.


Of course, each fireplace is unique and needs specific fireplace doors in order to function properly. Check out a few of our customer favorites and see if your situation is similar to any of theirs!

This pre-fab fireplace has a ‘hole in the wall’ design and would look great against this white marble.
The uneven, rough edge of the brick on this fireplace makes it an ideal candidate for an overlap door.
Like the other two, this hole in the wall fireplace would best benefit from a four-sided fireplace door.

The overlap fit glass fireplace doors we carry can be customized for your pre-fab fireplace into any style you like! As you can see we can do a more traditional look, or go with sleek modern that’ll fit in with the rest of your contemporary fireplace décor. You decide!