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4-Sided Overlap Doors

No hearth? No problem! We can customize prefab fireplace doors as 4 sided overlap fit enclosures so that you get a "picture perfect" frame design that is symmetrical on all four sides!

In the graphic below, you can clearly see the blue outline, which indicates how a 4 sided overlap fit fireplace door will sit over the metal of the firebox. (Click on any of the images for a larger view.)

Overlap fit for 4 sided zero clearance fireplace door

This is much different from an inside fit door. Inside fit doors are installed within the firebox and are ideal for fireplaces with a surface that is level or almost level with the floor of the firebox, as shown below:

Inside fit fireplace doors install within the firebox


In some cases, 4 sided overlap fit prefab fireplace doors will sit over the metal firebox and the surrounding fireplace facing material. Click on the pictures below for a better understanding of what we mean:




Our 4 sided overlap fit glass fireplace doors for prefab fireplaces can be customized to your size and style specifications. Pick your finish color, door type, glass tint, and more! Browse through our selection at the top of this page to find the perfect zero clearance fireplace door to outfit your home in style!


What if I have a raised hearth or a flush hearth style fireplace?

Can I burn a fire with my tempered glass fireplace doors closed?

  • When there is a fire burning in your firebox, the doors need to be open. Otherwise, the tempered glass will shatter.