Gas Log Accessories

Gas log accessories allow you to enjoy your ceramic timbers properly! Vented gas log sets are beautiful accents for fireplaces that are connected to a chimney. That being said, you'll need a gas flex hose and yellow teflon tape for a fuel connection. We have these components, as well as some extra decorative pieces to truly enhance your fireside experience! You'll love our assortment of platinum bright embers and décor packs, some of which include faux wood chips, rustic pine cones, weathered acorns, lava coals, and sand (natural gas) or vermiculite (propane)! Ensure a safe and efficient fuel attachment while creating the look of a romantic, cabin-in-the-woods display right in your very own fireplace!


Can these accessories accessories be used with vent free logs?

  • Yes, provided they are not touching the flames or blocking air flow where they are placed. 



Gas Log Set Helpful Hints

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