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Gas Log Accessories

RealFyre Contemporary FyrebackGas log accessories allow you to enjoy your ceramic timbers properly! Vented gas log sets are beautiful accents for fireplaces that are connected to a chimney. That being said, you'll need a gas flex hose and yellow Teflon tape for a fuel connection. We have these components, as well as some extra decorative pieces to truly enhance your fireside experience! You'll love our assortment of platinum bright embers and décor packs, some of which include faux wood chips, rustic pinecones, weathered acorns, lava coals, and sand (natural gas) or vermiculite (propane)! Ensure a safe and efficient fuel attachment while creating the look of a romantic, cabin-in-the-woods display right in your very own fireplace!


Burner Accessories

Do you need to maintain the burner media on your gas log set? You will find everything you need in this section. Silica Sand or Vermiculate Granules for the burner beds. Lava rock and lava granules for around the burner pan. Embers and Bryte glowing embers. If you feel like decorating or dress up your gas log set we also offer wood chunks, extra logs, acorns, and pine cones. 

Gas Log Controls

Fireplace Doors Online offers you several styles of gas log fireplace valves to replace or upgrade your existing log set. Keep in mind that not every gas log set can be upgraded. We have standing pilot valves, electronic ignition valves, and spark to pilot valves. We carry all of the common control and ignition systems for many different gas log sets, as well as some replacement parts.

18" Thunder Grey Stone Set

These modern fire balls are made from all weather space age ceramic and come in a variety of different colors and sizes!

Ceramic Fire Balls

Fire balls are meant to be used with vented fire features and can be used in conjunction with other media to give your fire features a unique look. All of our ceramic fire pit balls are made out of high quality space age ceramic and come in a variety of different sizes. You can mix and match the colors and shapes to match your preference or color schemes. Ceramic fire balls are vented gas log accessories only, they cannot be used on vent-free setups.

Gas Log Firebacks

Firebacks for gas logs are great since they can give you the impression of a deeper firebox with more dancing flames. The second effect will be it will also reflect some heat back out into the room. The several shapes and finishes make the fireback an attractive option to upgrade your gas log set.

Fireplace Glass

Fireplace glass can be used on your gas log set and will give it a new modern updated look. Fire glass can be used in fireplaces as well. Make sure that your gas log set or fireplace is set up to convert to fire glass. You can use the glass for around your burner and with the different colors available you can create holiday themes. 

Gas Logs ONLY

For easy replacement logs or if you are looking for updating your old gas logs, we give you the option to purchase just the gas log set. These log sets are NOT sold with a burner or grate included. The gas log only sets provide you with an easy way to replace your broken or worn down set at a lower cost. The main purpose of this option is to make sure that you are getting an easy replacement option and not have to completely replace everything you have.

Most gas log sets come with or have the option to add a burner and grate. With these particular sets, you can keep your working and good condition burners or grates and just replace the log set. These are a great way to also update your log sets. When redecorating or when you are looking for something new, we have plenty of options!

We have many styles of logs to choose from in order to revamp your fireplace. Don't forget to look at burner accessories or fireplace glass to really help your new log set pop!


Can these accessories be used with vent free logs?

  • Yes, provided they are not touching the flames or blocking airflow where they are placed.