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DuraPlus All Fuel Triple Wall Chimney System - UL 103HT

The DuraPlus All Fuel Triple Wall Chimney System, UL 103HT, is a cutting-edge solution engineered to excel in both functionality and safety. It has been meticulously designed to offer exceptional performance, providing a hot draft on the inside, enhancing stove efficiency, and ensuring a fire-safe environment for your building. This triple-wall chimney boasts a unique construction with two insulating layers - a ceramic blanket and an insulating air space. Unlike traditional loose-fill insulation, the ceramic blanket remains securely in place, eliminating hot spots and potential hazards. Furthermore, in the unlikely event of a creosote fire, the chimney liner can expand outwardly in a radial direction, minimizing risks.


Temperature Resilience: Designed for normal, continuous operation at flue gas temperatures up to 1000°F, the DuraPlus Chimney exceeds rigorous UL standards. It has undergone stringent testing, including one hour at 1400°F and three ten-minute chimney fire tests at 2100°F, ensuring unmatched durability and fire safety.

Versatile Applications: The DuraPlus Chimney is a versatile, all-fuel solution suitable for various heating appliances. It can be used with wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, stoves, ranges, water heaters, or any other appliance powered by wood, oil, coal, or gas. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of heating systems.

Materials and Construction

Outer Wall: Choose between a sturdy .016″ 430 stainless steel outer wall or a robust .018″ galvanized steel outer wall, both of which offer exceptional corrosion resistance.

Intermediate Liner: The .018″ aluminized steel intermediate liner enhances the chimney's structural integrity and longevity.

Inner Liner: A reliable .016″ 430 stainless steel inner liner contributes to efficient venting and durability.

Insulation: The chimney features two layers of insulation, including a ceramic blanket, and a ventilated air space, enhancing thermal performance.

Precision Connection: The DuraPlus Chimney securely locks in place with a precision twist-lock connection, ensuring a snug fit and ease of installation.

Clearances: The DuraPlus Chimney maintains a safe distance from combustibles, requiring only a 2" clearance, providing peace of mind regarding fire safety in your building.

Diameters: Available in diameters ranging from 6" to 8", the DuraPlus Chimney accommodates various venting needs and system configurations.

Listings: The DuraPlus All Fuel Triple Wall Chimney System is UL Listed to UL 103HT (MH7399), guaranteeing compliance with the most stringent safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is DuraPlus Chimney suitable for my heating appliance?
A: DuraPlus Chimney is compatible with a wide range of heating appliances, including wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, stoves, ranges, water heaters, and more, regardless of whether they use wood, oil, coal, or gas as fuel.

Q: What is the significance of the two insulation layers in DuraPlus Chimney?
A: The dual insulation layers, including a ceramic blanket and ventilated air space, ensure that the chimney stays cool on the outside and maintains high temperatures on the inside, improving overall stove efficiency and safety.

Q: Is DuraPlus Chimney easy to install?
A: Yes, DuraPlus Chimney features a precision twist-lock connection system, simplifying the installation process while ensuring a secure and reliable fit.

Q: How does DuraPlus Chimney ensure fire safety?
A: DuraPlus Chimney is designed to withstand high temperatures and has been tested extensively under extreme conditions, exceeding UL standards. In the event of a creosote fire, the chimney liner can expand outwardly to minimize risks.

Choose DuraPlus All Fuel Triple Wall Chimney System, UL 103HT, for a robust and reliable solution that enhances your heating system's efficiency while prioritizing safety and durability.