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Heaters & Furnaces

HRW30MN Vent Free Natural Gas HeaterOptions abound when you choose to heat your home with a direct vent furnace, vent free electric heater, or a direct vent gas furnace. These units are available as electric powered or gas powered. With a direct vent or vent free - liquid gas or natural gas heat option you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing you can still heat your home if you lose home electric power.

You can also choose where your heater or home furnace sits in your home with floor stand options, in floor heating grates, or you can choose a direct vent wall furnace. You can also choose between an open window infrared heating or a blue flame on many of our models. Home heating is all about size, size of your room and size of your heating unit. We have small furnaces that are perfect for cozy rooms or small condos.


We also offer full size heaters and furnaces for all over home warmth. With our models you will find many options, all designed to be as green energy as possible, while providing you an easy home heating unit. Some of these options include:

  • Optional blower
  • Standing pilot light
  • 99.9% burn efficiency
  • Wireless thermostat
  • Push-button piezo ignition 
  • And a true wall thermostat


A nice addition to many of our thermostats is that they require no electricity to operate. So, you can still heat your home if you lose electricity, when using a gas heater. Other highlight options of our models include:

  • Radiant Heat
  • Discreet Vents
  • Mobile Home Certified Heaters
  • Sealed Combustion Chambers


We offer a huge selection of home heaters, room heaters, and home furnaces. We are here to help if you aren’t sure which unit will meet your needs. You can reach us by email, chat, or by phone. We would love to help you add a home heater or furnace to your home.

Vent Free Blue Flame Propane Heater Vent-free Heaters

Vent-free heaters do not require any sort of venting as they burn cleanly and with little to no smoke. We have choices of gas or electric heaters to choose from. The gas-run systems have the ability to continue use without interruption when the power fails. Both electric and gas heaters are clean burning and ideal for any size room!

Direct Vent Furnaces

A direct vent furnace requires a direct system to vent. This can be mounted directly onto a wall but does require venting directly to outside. These furnaces do not require the air from your space to continue to support combustion. This unit will utilize air from the outside to push out heat and the exhaust goes directly to the outdoors. These can be used for a primary heating system within your home!


B-Vent Heaters and Furnaces

B Vent Visual Flame Propane HeaterA b-vent system also known as natural-vent, requires a venting system that is vented vertically. These heaters and furnaces use the air within the home to provide oxygen to the heat. The heat is then pushed out to the room and the exhaust goes up the venting unit. These units are great for heating rooms and keeping you toasty warm in the cold months.

Please Note: All units and furnaces REQUIRE a certified technician for installation.



What is the difference between a furnace and heater?

  • A furnace is a unit that produces heat and is central heating for your home. The heater is a tell-all device that is made to output heat in general and is mainly utilized within a room.

How do I keep my house warm if the heat goes out?

  • For those times where the electricity goes out, you have another option to keep your rooms warm! Gas heaters are a great way to keep rooms warm while the electric is out in your home. The gas heaters do not require electricity to be used.