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We have a solid direction for the future of our company. What started as a local establishment that focused on fireplaces and glass doors for heating appliances has expanded to an e-commerce business that includes an outdoor living collection, custom-made products, and a variety of accessories for the home. Our goal is to offer a full line of high end, stylish, quality products at affordable prices for our customers to outfit their entire home, inside and out.

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The Kingdom of Fireplace (a tale loosely based on the Fireplace Doors Online team)

Once upon a time there was a wonderful and glorious place called the Kingdom of Fireplace. The people of this kingdom valued three things above all others – quality, safety, and beauty. Their goal was to spread their knowledge of fireplaces across the land, and to make sure that all people have access to safe, quality made, and beautiful fireplace doors, outdoor living decor, and accessories for the home.


Cast of Characters

King Chris - King of the Kingdom of Fireplaces

King Chris
Born and raised in Switzerland, he grew up around fireplaces and pursued a career in that field through the merchants, Ruegg Cheminee. Although he enjoyed his time with Ruegg, he dreamt a land of fireplaces that he could rule with a fair and just hand. In 2000 his dreams came true when he became the ruler of the Kingdom of Fireplace. King Chris is a fount of knowledge when it comes to fireplaces and fireplace décor, and he uses that knowledge to help those that come to his kingdom. 

Judy - Queen of the Kingdom of Fireplaces

Queen Judy
Queen Judy is a clever and resourceful queen. She stands beside King Chris, and helps him oversee the people of the Kingdom of Fireplace. Besides her royal duties, she also fulfills the position of steward. In her free moments, you can hear her laughs echo throughout the castle as she watches over her grandson - Little Mike, our court jester.

Little Mike - Court Jester & Mascot of the Kingdom of Fireplace

Little Mike - Court Jester
Little Mike brings laughter and joy to the royal castle. He's often seen peeking around corners and trailing after his grandmother, Queen Judy. His cute personality and funny antics make him perfect for the court jester position.

Duchess Jenifer

Duchess Jenifer
Oh, what an intricate web she weaves... website that is! She started her role in the Kingdom of Fireplace as the town crier of sorts, and is now helping to oversee the layout of the King's and Queen's domain. She takes great pride in her royal duties, and her dependable court ladies help her create a pleasing and esthetic network for the Kingdom's goods. When she's not designing virtual tapestries, she can be found relaxing in front of the fireplace with her valiant husband, two beautiful children, and three loyal dogs.

Good Sorcerer Holly - Head Merchant of the Kingdom of Fireplace

Grand Sorceress Holly
This enchanting lady is the Head Merchant of the Fireplace Kingdom! Holly loves the thrill of conjuring up a sale and seeing it to fruition. Having resided in the Kingdom once before, she pursued travels to distant lands for a short time before journeying back to the castle (much to the delight of the Queen). Her passion for invoking custom orders for people near and far brings joy to her heart. Grand Sorceress Holly loves doting on her family, which consists of her wizard husband, magician son, duchess daughter, and adorable granddaughter (whose destiny is to be determined)!

Princess Dana - Princess of the Kingdom of Fireplace

Princess Dana
Princess Dana, following the example of King Chris, is a master of all things fireplaces. Instead of spending her time dancing the night away at balls, she chooses to spend her time helping those in need of fireplace advice. People from many different kingdoms come to Princess Dana, hoping to find the perfect fireplace door or accessory. Princess Dana also enjoys spending time with her children and pets at the castle, and can sometimes be seen riding off into the sunset with her gallant husband.

Marci the Royal Moneyer

Marci The Royal Moneyer
While the Queen keeps the Kingdom's exchequer in order, it is a big job for only one person to handle. It was necessary to deem Marci the Royal Moneyer as chancellor of this task! She oversees the bookkeeping, requisitions, coinage, and legal scrolls for the Queen and King. She even assists in the Department of Web as needed! When she is not spreading cheer throughout the Kingdom of Fireplace, she can be found spending time with her husband and two children, conducting classes of fitness, or engaging in a game of ball (soft or volley, depending on the weather)!

Maiden Mary - Kingdom fashionista

Maiden Mary
How we got this fair miss to settle in our great Kingdom for the time being instead of Paris is beyond us! Not only is she a royal seamstress and an accomplished performer in song and on the vielle (or violin as we know it today), Maiden Mary is our ever-sophisticated communal scribe. She keeps the people of our kingdom well informed of the latest updates, products, and trends. When she's not here, Maiden Mary can be found decorating her new castle with her valiant prince, cooking up her favorite Italian-inspired dishes, or playing with her new puppy - a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Selese the Scribe

Selese The Scribe
Selese is our royal Scribe - a writer of tales and a painter of words and digital canvas for the Kingdom of Fireplace! She left life in the forest with her parents and three elder sisters to seek out new adventures and a virtuous prince! This jovial young lady is our merry mood maker who has a love for the arts and Middle-earth plays. The King and Queen and Duchess rely on her incredible talents to produce writings and esthetic pieces for all who visit, and her crisp and cultured style can be seen across many platforms here in the Kingdom. Selese enjoys drawing renditions of mythical creatures and favors the foods, music, and entertainment from the Far East. 

Baroness Danielle - Photographer

Baroness Danielle
After adventuring through a hallowed university in a foreign land, the betrothed Baroness Danielle returned to her parents' homeland to prepare for her upcoming wedding when she happened upon the Kingdom of Fireplace. The King and Queen recognized her flair for capturing the very essence of products with her magical, flashing box! From textures and colors to moving paintings that she posts on the Tube of You, her talents have proved quite valuable to the Kingdom. In her spare time, Baroness creates various forms of art that she hopes will one day adorn the walls of castles throughout the land!

Lady Lacey - Product Guru

Lady Lacey
This court lady was recently deemed the Fireplace and Grill Guru of the Kingdom of Fireplace by the King himself! While she doesn't wear a shining suit of armor or wield a sword (well, at least not indoors!), she certainly carries out her duties with valor and gallantry! She authors product descriptions and makes sure that the wares of the Kingdom are featured beautifully for all of our visitors to browse through. When she is not busy with her royal obligations, you'll find our huntress happily bounding through the woods with her boyfriend and their two boys, capturing dinner either on foot or on this contraption that certainly has horse power, but looks nothing like a steed...


Sir Michael - Knight of the Kingdom of Fireplace

Sir Michael
Sir Michael is the protector and defender of the Kingdom of Fireplace. Without him, we wouldn't stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, or reach our noble steeds in the fields around the castle. More importantly, his steadfast disposition ensures that all incoming commodities are archived, and all outgoing wares are prepared and secured. Aided by none other than his trusty canine, Princess Violet, we all rest a little easier with the handsome Sir Michael on guard.

Princess Violet

Princess Violet
Princess Violet is the true ruler of the Kingdom of Fireplace. She prances around the kingdom and has everyone do her bidding. She loves belly rubs and chips, and if you give her either, you'll forever be her best friend. She brings up the morale of all of us in the Kingdom of Fireplace, lightening our day as we toil away at our daily work. If only every kingdom had a Violet in them, then all kingdoms would be full of peace and love...and belly rubs.

Last updated on May 15th 2018.