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All About Fireplace Doors Onlines Employees

Fireplace Doors Online - Amazing customer service!

Dedication. Knowledge. Experience. Teamwork.

It's our mission statement. It's what makes Fireplace Doors Online a leader in the industry. Our commitment to our patrons goes above and beyond customer service. As a team, we bring a combined 40 years of wisdom and expertise to the table to provide you with quality products from trusted manufacturers at affordable prices. 

Fireplace Doors Online (FDO) is a family owned company located in Warren County, Pennsylvania. We are the nation's largest fireplace glass door and outdoor living product distributor with one of the fastest lead times available. What started as a local establishment that focused on fireplaces and glass doors for heating appliances has expanded to an e-commerce business that includes an outdoor living collection, custom-made products, and a variety of accessories for the home. Our goal is to offer a full line of high end, stylish, quality products at affordable prices for our customers to outfit their entire home or business, inside and out.

We offer an extensive collection of fireplace doors, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, outdoor living products including fire bowls, fire pits, and fire tables, and so much more. We can even custom make a number of products to your specifications. Tell us what you want. We'll get you what you need.

Fireplace Doors Online partners with high end manufacturers who are known for their quality designs and products, many of which are created here in the USA. We also offer imports that are built to industry standards. They are tried, tested, and proven to offer the same excellence as our American manufactured lines. Scroll to the bottom of our homepage to read more about these trusted companies.

Here at Fireplace Doors Online, a CJ's Home Decor site, we are committed to the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. We welcome your questions and feedback anytime. Our customer service team is available to answer your calls at 1-888-986-1535, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, and on Live Chat, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. You can also email us at [email protected]


Join us for a tale unknown to a land of fireplace lords, kings and queens, and a court of ladies and lords. We bring you the tale of a young apprentice joined later by a magnificent queen in building the most amazing kingdom the land has ever known. For 40 years the kingdom has thrived and built its walls within Warren, PA. Here they are the nation’s largest fireplace distributor and work to make the best and most quality products your gold can buy. Below you shall meet the court and their king and queen who work vigorously to bring you all you ask for and more.


Once upon a time in the land of Switzerland lived a young fireplace apprentice by the name of Chris. Chris thrived to work with fireplaces and own his very own business. Chris started working for the fireplace lord called Ruegg Cheminee and studied hard as a young apprentice until he was released to become his own fireplace lord. Chris moved to the United States and in the year of 2000 built his very own castle. This castle is known as Fireplace Doors Online and is now one of the top distributors of fireplaces in the land. Today you will find his highness Chris flourishing in his business with his dear Queen Judy.








Her highness Queen Judy was born and raised within the land of Pennsylvania. She worked with his highness Chris to build their castle and become the best fireplace lords of the land. Hand in hand she runs the service of customers, gold distribution, sales, and more with his highness. Queen Judy is the heart and soul to the people of FDO. Together they rule with understanding, unity, and pride.


Alongside the king and queen of Castle FDO, are many talented and hard-working members of the court. Everyone comes from across the lands and contribute to the kingdom. Each court member has a job and together they all make the land come together.






Lady Rojie who is married to a member of the guard and a mother to three children, is a freelance artist. Her ladyship has been apart of the court since January of the year 2019. Lady Rojie uploads product data to the website which includes product images, writing unique descriptions, and updating pricing. She finds it exciting to work within Castle FDO and the fireplace industry. She is excited to learn more and continue her venture here at Castle FDO for many years to come.









Lady Jonelle comes from Orlando Florida, who has resided there for almost 40 years. She lives there with her special needs son and three teacup yorkies. Her role within the court of Castle FDO is to place new products within our ecommerce websites along with implementing SEO practices. Lady Jonelle has been with Castle FDO since March of 2020. Her court responsibilities include data entry, uploading new products online, pricing updates, designing, reviewing, and resizing images.









Lady Melissa is Castle FDO’s video editor/producer and has been with the court for seven months. Her role includes creating videos based on the castle’s articles, tutorials, and more for our website, YouTube, and similar media. The Lady Melissa’s favorite aspect of Castle FDO is the variety of work she can do which helps in cultivating productivity and creativity.







Lady Luisa has been within the profession of customer service for over ten years. Her life is devoted to serving people, helping in any way she can to provide the best customer service she can. Along side her love of customer service, Lady Luisa is an avid baker and uses this skill as a stress reliever. She uses her family as her inspiration and motivator. Lady Luisa is happily married with one daughter.










Lady Mischelle is also a customer service and sales associate within the court of FDO. She has been with the court since 2020. Her role within the court is to work with our customers queries through call, chat, and email. Lady Michelle loves working within the court as she has the ability to help customers and work with her king and queen. She finds them very supportive and helpful in her endeavor.







Her Lady Blessy handles customer service and sales within the court of FDO. She previously worked for a far away kingdom of Canada for four years. There she gained her knowledge and skills within this industry. Lady Blessy left her life of the court for seven years and has been working from her home as a full-time mother. She enjoys learning new things and the challenge of helping make our customers happy here at FDO.












Lord Andrey is a programmer and server manager here at the court. He has been with Castle FDO since 2016 and works hard to make sure our sites are in working order and running. He enjoys creating new features and fixing issues that may arise. Lord Andrey’s favorite aspect of the court is having a position that perfectly suits his strongest skills and working with his king.






Lady Chelsea has been with court FDO since the beginning of 2020. She hails from Cincinnati Ohio and is married with four children. She moved to the land of Pennsylvania in October of 2019 with her family. Her role within the court is writing content for the website, writing blogs, creating procedures and policies, and more. Lady Chelsea has a hand in many things within the court and is always willing to do as much as she can to assist the king and queen with a smooth-running castle.












Lord Michael is who keeps the castle in working order. His role within the court is to keep the castle maintained and work to ensure all incoming commodities are archived and all outgoing wares are prepared and secured. Aided by our beloved court K-9 Princess Violet, we know that we are always safe and warm within Castle FDO.





Princess Violet is our court K-9. She is the most wonderful addition to our court. She fills the court with love and affection and keeps up moral. Without her appetite for making the court members happy the walls would fail.

Last updated on July 7th 2020.