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Gas Coal Baskets

Burning coal in traditional coal fireplaces that can be found in lovely, old Victorian homes is not an environmentally friendly choice. However, they also can't support burning wood either. But don't cover up those beautiful historic fireplaces just yet. A coal fireplace conversion to gas is possible with our gas coal baskets. We have both vented coal baskets and ventless gas coal burners for your fireplace needs.  Our gas coal baskets are also great options for small fireplaces with units as small as 12 inches like the Royal Vented Coal Burner and are compatible with both natural gas and liquid propane. 


Do the gas coal baskets have a blower built in to distribute the heat?

  • No, these gas baskets do not have blowers built into them. A lot of the heat generated by vented gas coal baskets is sucked up through the chimney. 



Gas Log Set Helpful Hints

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