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Linear Fireplace

Rising in popularity due to their more modern style, the linear fireplace is an amazing and stylish item! The linear fireplace is shaped more like a rectangle rather than square with an option for an electric or gas-operated fireplace. This fireplace is perfect for making a statement or bringing contemporary style into your living space!

The electric linear fireplaces are a great way to show off a fireplace without the hassle of any installation. Choosing an electric fireplace is a land of possibilities. The electric linear fireplace has great style options like the color of flame but with a realistic feel. This fireplace is a great option if you have few options when adding a fireplace to your living space and are great for apartments as they don't require any type of venting. 

A safer more heat efficient option the electric linear fireplace is run completely on electric and is great for the budgeting family. The heat efficiency is 100% as the temperature of the fireplace is completely controlled by you! This also allows for an easy way to control the heating within your living space as well as in your pocket!

There is also a gas option. Gas linear fireplaces are direct vent and emit little to no smoke or toxins. They have the option to be used with natural or liquid propane gas. If you already have a gas line installed and are just looking to update an existing fireplace, these are a perfect statement piece!

The gas linear fireplace can be installed with a new or preexisting gas line and have a great heat efficiency. Keep in mind that because the linear fireplace is a direct vent fireplace, it cannot have doors installed and you can learn more about that here!




What is a linear fireplace?

  • A linear fireplace is a rectangular fireplace that is referred to as a contemporary fireplace. The linear fireplace can be a gas or electric fireplace that can be installed in most outdoor or indoor spaces.

Do linear fireplaces put out heat?

  • The linear fireplace is superheat efficient and has a high heat output. As this fireplace is run with electric or gas, the fireplace heat output is controlled by you and is perfect for heating your spaces. Unlike a wood fireplace, the gas or electric option allows for great heat efficiency, a cleaner environment, and can be a cheaper option.