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Thank you very much for accommodating my special order. I really appreciate it.

Thank you Kate and Cassandra for your kind assistance

Thank you to Cassandra who worked with us, we sent her our measurements and she recommended a selection for doors. Great Customer Service!

Cassandra is a peach! What a great help she was. Thankyou very much.

Product took longer as expected. Called several times for updates. Finally got it, works and fits perfect. I will keep your site in mind.

Hello, My pyroceram ceramic window arrived today. It was very well packaged and all in one piece. Thank you. I will leave it in the package until I install the stove.

Chrissy of the FDO Quote Team was SUPER helpful. I appreciated her prompt responses and assistance. Thank you!

Called the 888 number today with questions; Ashley answered was extremely helpful. Keep up the good work. And thanks.

I wish I could add photos to my review. I think quality control was on vacation when my fireplace doors were assembled.
I had to disassemble both doors because 3 of four glass panes were installed crooked which, of course, made both doors unlevel. Once I got both doors installed into my fireplace I found that the bottom frame of one side was cut too long to allow both doors to close flush. So, in order for the doors to fully close I will have to disassemble one side, again, and cut the frame length down on the bandsaw.
How much does Fireplace Doors Online pay per hour? You owe me wages for two hours.

FDO Support
We are sorry to hear that you had trouble with the door you received. The glass shifting during shipping is a very common issue and our installers need to adjust them on almsot every installation. You can also contact our office to resolve the other issue you mentioned. Our manufacturers we deal with will make it right at no cost do you.

Thank you. It was a perfect fit.
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