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Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves

Get the best of both worlds with a Vermont Bun Baker that can heat the room while cooking your next meal. The upper firebox burns logs (14 - 20 inches long, depending on the model). Smaller models heat 1,000 square feet and the larger models heat up to 2,500 square feet. The lower firebox acts as the oven the just begs to have some homemade bread baked. The stove top can also be cooked on. The soapstone wood cook stoves are incredibly efficient, saying warm long after the fire has gone out. Taller models have an additional space on the bottom that acts as a firewood rack.


Can I cook food on the stove top?

  • Yes, the indoor wood stove top does get hot enough to cook on. So please be careful and don't touch the top of the stove while there is a fire lit in the stove, and wait the appropriate amount of time for it to cool off when the fire is extinguished.

I live in Pennsylvania. Is this stove certified for use in my state?

  • Yes, the Vermont Bun Bakers can be used in all 50 states as well as Canada.

How can I control the temperature of the oven?

  • The temperature can be controlled through adjusting the air control of the stove, found on the front of the door.