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36" Ascent X Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

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Vittoria Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

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Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Get some light into your life with our complete collection of Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces.  What we offer is excellent value without compromising on design or quality. 

What is a direct vent fireplace?

The direct vent fireplace is a type of gas fireplace that can use propane or natural gas. They can be started with a flip of a switch and even be used when your electric is out! The firebox in the fireplace is completely sealed off from your space by a glass panel. The air for the fireplace is drawn from outside and the exhaust from the combustion is pushed back outside.

There is not a risk with a direct vent fireplace of carbon monoxide poisoning or back-drafting since the firebox is completely sealed off. 

A direct vent fireplace can be installed anywhere within your home and even installed in smaller rooms. We suggest researching your local codes before installing as some places have banned this type of fireplace. 

Direct vent fireplaces are rated as one of the highest in heating efficiency. There is also a reduced risk of fire hazards due to being shielded from sparks getting outside of the fireplace. 

How does a direct vent fireplace heat a room?

Direct vent fireplaces produce a considerable heat output into your home. As a gas fireplace, they are very heat efficient and a fireplace blower can be used to push the heat out further. 

Since a direct vent fireplace does not require a chimney, the risk of cool air coming in through the chimney and hot are rising out is gone. This fireplace can comfortably heat a large room and keep the room nice and cozy. You can adjust the heat that comes from this fireplace by the amount of gas feeding into the fireplace. 

All of our direct vent fireplaces include their own gas log set. Please note that the gas log set that comes with the fireplaces cannot be modified or changed as they are made for the particular type of fireplace. The gas logs are made of cement or ceramic to withstand the heat of the fire and include a grate and glowing ember bed. 



What is the best direct vent gas fireplace?

  • Each fireplace has it's own set of pro's and con's. We offer many different types from manufacturers and praise all of them as being top quality. 

Are direct vent fireplaces safe?

  • The direct vent fireplace is a gas fireplace. Unlike wood fireplaces, a gas fireplace does not release carbon monoxide into your home. Direct vent fireplaces have an exhaust system that pushes all produced from combustion back outside and is considered to be a clean burner due to using gas to heat.

Is it ok to leave a gas fireplace on all night?

  • In most cases, it is safe to leave your direct vent fireplace on all night. There is little risk but can cause your gas bill to go up or have to replace your propane faster. As long as your fireplace has been installed properly by a professional, this should be just fine. 

Does a direct vent fireplace need electricity?

  • Direct vent fireplaces are operated without electricity! If you have a blower or other accessories installed on your fireplace, those do require electricity. But you are able to turn your gas fireplace on without using any electricity.