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Fireplace Mesh and Screens

One may easily overlook the advantages of having a mesh fireplace screen with your fireplace. But, the truth is that it delivers safety (as well as style) for that cozy corner in your home. And, there’s more to it than just being an elegant accent to your home! Below we will explain the differences between the mesh and screens on this page. They all serve specific purposes and some are only meant for certain fireplaces, where others can be used in a multitude of setups.

Mesh Curtains and Hardware

Black Mesh CurtainsFireplace mesh curtains can be installed in either masonry or prefab fireplaces. Our mesh is made from high quality 19 gauge steel, and comes standard with a 40% fullness. This means the mesh will have extra width to be able to "bunch up" within the opening.

We offer fireplace mesh screen replacements in standard black finishes and premium finishes. We also have stainless steel fireplace mesh for outdoor fireplaces or fire features. 

If you already have a mounting rod or hardware, all you will need is fireplace mesh curtain replacements. Fireplace mesh will require mounting hardware if you do not have any, and we offer all of the most common mounting options.


Mounting Options

  • Bypass RodThese rods are available in 36", 48", and 75" sizes. Bypass rods are the most basic mounting option. Shallow holes are drilled on each side of the fireplace opening and the rod is cut to length. The ends of the rod are slipped into the predrilled holes and then secured with a bracket in the center. 
  • Straight Rod Kit - Kits fit openings between 32" - 58". It is mounted with a center plate into the top of the fireplace / lintel. Each rod has holes punched in the end that allow them to be secured to the top of the fireplace. This will allow the mesh to move without shifting the rods.
  • Angled Rod Kit - Kits fit openings between 32" - 58". It is mounted with a center plate into the top of the fireplace opening / lintel. Each rod has bent ends with punched holes, this allows the rods to be secured to the sides of the fireplace.

Recessed Mesh and Valance

Solid Satin Copper Recessed Mesh ScreenUnlike standard mesh curtains, recessed mesh and valance kits are essentially custom fireplace screens. The overall size of the hanging mesh fireplace screens are calculated based on the opening dimensions you provide. These kits are available with black mesh, copper mesh, and stainless steel mesh. 

The valance covers up all of the mounting hardware which delivers a clean and sleek appearance. All valance kits come standard with a top valance, and a bottom one can also be added. Most kits utilize simple mounting methods such as side brackets and lintel clamps. There are also pressure fit models available that require no drilling.

We also offer recessed mesh and valance kits for corner fireplaces. There is a measuring diagram on the product page that will show you how to measure. The valance kit will be custom made to fit your opening. You can select from different valance and mesh colors, along with adding bottom fenders.

Freestanding Screens

Black Powder Coated Screen with Stainless Steel HandlesFireplace screens are available in many different sizes and styles. We offer a large selection of fixed size fireplace screens. We recommend that the screen is large enough to cover the fireplace opening, and it is okay if it overlaps. 

Freestanding screens act like mesh curtains for your fireplace, they block any ash or material from getting out of the firebox while providing a safety barrier to the fire.

Many people use these screens to help keep their pets or children safely away from the fire. If you are looking for custom made fireplace screens with more options we offer those as well. We will go over the most common types of freestanding screens below.

Types of Fireplace Screens

  • Single Panel - Single panel fireplace screens are the most common. They are offered in both fixed and custom sizes. They are available in flat and curved styles with a wide range of different finishes and unique designs. All custom fireplace screens offer your choice of powder coat finish.
  • FoldingFolding screens consist of 3 or 4 hinged panel sections, which allows the screen to fold as needed. They are available in fixed and custom sizes. Folding screens are able to block off the firebox more effectively than traditional single panel screens.
  • Operable DoorOperable door screens feature a single panel or cabinet door. They are available in fixed and custom sizes. The door allows you access to the firebox without having to move the entire screen, if you need to load wood for example. 
  • GlassGlass panel screens provide a unique contemporary design to your fireplace. They are available in fixed and custom sizes and have a variety of different styles to choose from.

Direct Vent Safety Screens

Prairie Design Direct Vent Safety ScreenDirect vent fireplaces are self contained units. They pull combustion air from the outside and expel exhaust through the chimney system. All direct vent units feature a glass panel surrounded with a metal frame, this can be removed but is required when the unit is operating.

The front face and glass on direct vent units can get rather hot especially after prolonged use, and that is where the safety screens come into play. Since the glass panel must remain on the unit the safety screens are installed in front of it. The majority of direct vent safety screens attach with rare earth magnets, which makes for an easy installation. The safety screens we offer only have mesh doors, as the unit itself already has a glass front.

Direct vent safety screens act as a refacing and can easily transform the entire look of your unit. These screens are all custom made to your exact unit dimensions. Custom made products like this are available on a made to order basis, and fabrication usually takes between 3-5 weeks.


Child Safety Screens

KidCo Child Safety ScreenWhen it comes to you children or pets you need an effective product to help protect them from your fireplace or stove, that is where child safety screens come in. The hearth gate shown to the left is all you need to make sure your kids and pets are safe from your stove, fireplace, or fire feature. It features a non-toxic black powder coat and is made with heavy duty steel.

Regular fireplace screens are missing some of the important features that child safety screens utilize. Regular screens can easily be pushed or knocked over, because they do not have stabilization rods or mounting brackets preventing them from moving. They do provide a barrier between the living space and fireplace, but if your main concerning is protecting your children and pets we would suggest getting a child safety screen. The screen shown to the left features an auto-close gate for easy access to your stove or appliance without having to move the entire screen.

Unique and Custom Fireplaces

Unique Style Fireplace What if you still can’t find a screen that suits your needs, or have a special application? Well, from recessed screens to corner fireplace screens – we have you covered with mesh for any application!

Standard fireplace mesh is meant for square, rectangular, or corner openings. If the size of the opening is very large or unique it may need custom made mesh. We have made this process extremely easy, just fill out our custom mesh quote form and we will get back to you within 2 business days! 

We also have the ability to quote large pieces of architectural mesh or outdoor divider mesh. There is a separate form for this type of mesh as there are different options compared to fireplace mesh. 





Elevating Your Fireplace with Custom Fireplace Mesh from Fireplace Doors Online

A fireplace is not merely a source of warmth; it's a focal point that enhances the aesthetics of your living space. To add a touch of personalization and functionality to your fireplace, consider the specialty of custom fireplace mesh, expertly crafted by Fireplace Doors Online.

Enhancing Safety and Style

Custom fireplace mesh serves as a versatile solution, combining safety and style seamlessly. This unique feature is designed to prevent sparks and embers from escaping the fireplace, ensuring a secure environment while maintaining the charm of an open fire. Fireplace Doors Online takes this functionality a step further by offering customizable options, allowing you to tailor the mesh to suit your specific design preferences.

Unleashing Design Possibilities

What sets custom fireplace mesh apart is its ability to unleash a world of design possibilities. No longer confined to standard, off-the-shelf options, homeowners can now explore various patterns, weaves, and finishes to complement their interior aesthetics. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless look or a modern and intricate design, custom mesh provides the flexibility to align with your vision.

Craftsmanship and Quality

At Fireplace Doors Online, craftsmanship and quality are paramount. The custom fireplace mesh is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The attention to detail in the manufacturing process guarantees that the mesh not only enhances safety but also becomes an integral part of your fireplace's overall design.

Tailored to Fit

One of the key advantages of choosing custom fireplace mesh from Fireplace Doors Online is the tailored fit. Each mesh is precisely measured and crafted to seamlessly integrate with your specific fireplace dimensions. This tailored approach ensures a snug and secure fit, leaving no room for compromise in safety or aesthetics.

Easy Installation

Worried about the installation process? Fret not. Custom fireplace mesh from Fireplace Doors Online is designed with user-friendly installation in mind. The straightforward installation process, coupled with detailed instructions provided by the experts, makes it accessible for homeowners to enhance their fireplace without the need for professional assistance.

Unmatched Customer Service

Fireplace Doors Online takes pride in providing unmatched customer service. From assisting you in choosing the perfect design to addressing any queries or concerns, their team of experts is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Your satisfaction is their priority, making Fireplace Doors Online a trusted partner in elevating your fireplace.

Get Your Personalized Custom Fireplace Mesh Quote

Ready to transform your fireplace with a personalized touch? Follow this link to request your customized quote for Fireplace Doors Online's exquisite custom fireplace mesh. Explore the possibilities, and let your fireplace reflect your unique style and safety preferences. Elevate your living space with the specialty of custom fireplace mesh from Fireplace Doors Online.


FAQ's and More

Fireplace screens may come in different types, styles, and materials but they all serve a single purpose. An open fireplace can harbor a number of potential risks and having a fireplace screen lessens those dangers.What are the benefits of having a fireplace screen?

Here are some of the many benefits of installing a fireplace screen to help you decide on whether you should get one for your home:

  • It provides safety to your home. As mentioned earlier, an open fireplace presents potential dangers to your home. Installing a fireplace screen will act as a protective barrier.
  • It can effectively prevent children or pets from getting too close to the fire which minimizes burn accidents. In addition to that, fireplace screens also prevent flammable objects from accidentally catching fire and they also serve as a stopper to avoid the fireplace logs from rolling out.

Having a fireplace mesh screen installed is a fire preventive measure as even tiny embers can cause big fires once it gets in contact with your rugs, carpets, and even clothing!

Fireplace screens certainly improve the safety of your home. However; there are also a number of other safety measures that one should consider to prevent other potential dangers:

  • First, always make sure that your chimney gets its annual inspection and maintenance cleaning. (You should regularly check your chimney and fireplace for fire hazards. Use our ‘5 Tips for Preventing Chimney Fires’ to help keep your family safe!)
  • Next is to check your smoke detectors first prior to lighting your fireplace.
  • Lastly, while a fireplace screen also serves as a barrier to prevent children and pets from getting too close to the fire, this doesn’t mean that you should leave them unattended.
  • Having a fireplace screen also makes the dirt in your fireplace less obvious. We have to admit, we don’t always have the luxury of time to keep our fireplace squeaky clean. After the flames from the fire have died down, all the mess and dirt from the burnt logs can be quite apparent. An open fireplace can easily expose that, visibly diminishing the beauty of your room! A nice fireplace screen does a great job concealing this and maintaining the beauty of your home.
  • It enhances the style of your fireplace. Fireplace screens come in a vast variety of designs to match your fireplace. You can find something that will fit your personal style and it will surely add a nice, sophisticated accent to your fireplace. We have all sorts of fireplace screens to beautify your home – from minimalist, single panel screens to elegant folding screens. You may also choose ones by their color, structure, and handle to suit your home design and lifestyle.

How to choose the right fireplace screen for your fireplace

At this point, you may have already been thinking about what kind of fireplace screen you should get. The vast variety of options can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you make the right choice for your fireplace.

Check out these four factors you should know in order to ensure that you get the right fireplace screen for your fireplace:

  • Always consider the right material. Fireplace screens can either be made out of metal mesh or glass. While both serve functional purposes, each still has its own pros and cons.
    • This is why it all goes down to your lifestyle and personal preference. Metal mesh fireplace screens don’t fully seal the fireplace so it allows the heat to flow and circulate better. On the other hand, glass fireplace screens offer better protection from embers, sparks, and smoke but it isn’t as absorbent compared to metal mesh.
  • Get the right fireplace screen size to ensure a proper fit. Make sure that you measure your fireplace’s height and width so that you will end up choosing a fireplace screen that fits perfectly.
  • Your fireplace screen shouldn’t be too big nor too small. It should provide proper coverage to serve its purpose. If you’re not so sure about what size would fit the model of your fireplace, let us help you with that!
  • Consider the type of handle and opening you like. There are different kinds of handles and openings for fireplace screens. If you are the kind of person who adjusts the screen more often, you should go for something that has a top handle or you can also opt for folding screens so you can adjust the opening according to your personal preference.

As our collection of fireplace screens are of the finest quality from top manufacturers, we can assure you that our handles are specifically designed for safer and easier movement.

Find the style that suits your fireplace.

Do you have a modern type fireplace? Elegant Victorian? Antique? Whatever the style of your fireplace is, we have a design that would match it.

Don’t hesitate to explore your choices. It’s all about mix and matching! Just find the style of the screen that should seamlessly blend with the design of your fireplace. Here is some more detailed information on the different kinds of fireplace screens we offer. If you have specific details of your fireplace that you would like to consider, take a look at these: