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Firebrick Stain

Update your fireplace with our high-temperature refractory brick and mortar stain.  The stain is safe to use for all new and previously used masonry fireplaces. We have many options for color in the firebrick stain.

Firebrick stain is perfect for giving your fireplace a facelift or adding a little bit of color to your bland fireplace. The stain is easy to apply by using a brush. 

The firebrick stain does have a maximum operating temperature of 2000°F. Once this has been reached, the stain will discolor. 

Please Note:

The color you see on the sample brick could appear different if the color brick you are using is different. The sample bricks are a light beige brick.


Can you stain firebrick?

  • You can stain firebrick but only with paint made to stain the fireplace. If you use a regular stain that cannot withhold high temperature, you risk the stain discoloring or burning.