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Alsey Firebrick Stain and Color Enhancer: Elevate Your Fireplace Aesthetics with Timeless Elegance

Welcome to the world of Alsey Firebrick Stain and Color Enhancer, where craftsmanship meets innovation. The products are proudly made with 100% U.S. raw materials and labor, exceeding industry standards such as ASTM Standards, The International Code Council, The International Residential Code, and The National Fire Protection Association.


Permanent Stain for a Unique Look: Experience a distinctive and lasting finish with our high-temperature (3000°) stain, offering a unique aesthetic for your fireplace.

Versatile Use in Vented Masonry Fireplaces: Tailored for both new and used vented masonry fireplaces, Alsey stain ensures compatibility and a seamless enhancement to your firebrick.

Color Options to Suit Your Style: Choose from a variety of colors, including Bordeaux, Jet Black, Cappuccino, Merlot Red, Creamer, Espresso, and Leche, allowing you to match your fireplace to your preferred style.

Architect-Preferred for Unique Designs: Commonly specified by architects, our stain and color enhancer offers a unique solution to elevate the fireplace's appearance, especially when the natural color of the firebrick may not align with the room's color scheme.

Curing Requirement for Optimal Results: To achieve the best results, ensure that the mortar is cured before applying the stain. This guarantees a flawless and enduring finish.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use Alsey Firebrick Stain and Color Enhancer in vent-free fireplaces?
A: No, this product is formulated for use in vented fireplaces. For vent-free options, consider Inventory #2A4150 Vent Free Black.

Q: Can I use the stain on any firebrick?
A: No, Alsey Firebrick Stain and Color Enhancer is specifically formulated for Alsey Firebrick.

Q: How do I apply the stain?
A: After laying up the brick, use a painter's brush for individual bricks. For a monochromatic look, apply with a large sponge over the entire firebox.

Q: Can I stain the firebrick before installation?
A: Yes, but be aware that when wiping mortar joints, color transfer may occur.

Q: Can I blend Alsey Firebrick Stain colors?
A: Yes, the stains may be mixed to create custom colors. However, avoid mixing with other products or additives.

Q: What is the coverage of 1 quart of Alsey Firebrick Stain?
A: One quart covers approximately 75-100 firebricks with two coats.

Q: How do I clean up Alsey Firebrick Stain?
A: The stain is water-soluble, ensuring easy cleanup for a hassle-free application process.

Transform your fireplace into a work of art with Alsey Firebrick Stain and Color Enhancer. Elevate your living space with timeless elegance and enduring beauty. Samples are available upon request, allowing you to explore our color options firsthand. Discover the possibilities for your fireplace transformation.