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Brookfield Masonry Corner Fireplace Door
The corner Brookfield 
masonry fireplace door has a 
timeless, classic frame design and is 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Silhouette Masonry Corner Fireplace Door
The Silhouette glass corner 
fireplace enclosure for masonry 
fireplaces has an extruded aluminum 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Stiletto Masonry Corner Fireplace Door
The corner Stiletto masonry 
fireplace door offers a small frame 
and all glass doors. Made from 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Genesis Masonry Corner Fireplace Door
The Genesis masonry corner 
fireplace door offers a wide array of 
finishes and an all glass corner o... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Lancer Masonry Frameless Corner Fireplace...
This Lancer masonry corner 
fireplace door exhibits a frameless 
corner and beveled frame with a 2 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Huntress Masonry Frameless Corner Firepla...
A sleek aluminum mainframe 
and open corner makes a bigger 
viewing area on the frameless 
Huntress ma... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Appalachian Totalview All Glass Masonry C...
The Appalachian corner 
masonry fireplace door is 
constructed from 14 gauge steel. Learn 
more about ... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Cascade Bar Iron Corner Masonry Fireplace...
The bar iron masonry corner 
fireplace enclosure is made from 3/16 
inch thick steel. Learn more 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Cascade Masonry Frameless Corner Fireplac...
The masonry Cascade 
frameless glass corner fireplace 
enclosure is made from 3/16 inch thick 
steel. ... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made

Corner Fireplace Doors

Fireplaces add a special touch to any room, but a corner fireplace has an extra special look that will turn your living space into something spectacular. If you have one, you already know how much a corner fireplace adds to your home! It’s important, though, that you have a corner fireplace door to go on it as well.

Cascade Bar Iron Corner Masonry Fireplace Door
A corner fireplace makes a great focal point in any room. Fireplace doors like the Cascade Bar Iron Corner Fireplace Door make it beautiful!

Many corner fireplaces are located in discrete parts of the home, not just the living room. Bedrooms with cozy reading nooks are an excellent way to enjoy a corner fireplace, but they also work really well in the kitchen. Regardless of where your fireplace is located, it’s a good idea to have a corner fireplace door on it!

Fireplace doors are a must-have for several reasons, such as:

  • Keeping wood and ash where it belongs
  • They keep curious hands and paws where they belong
  • Fireplace doors help disguise your firebox when it isn’t in use
  • Keeping embers and sparks in the firebox
  • Corner fireplace doors look better!

Even though corner fireplaces, and thus the glass fireplace doors for them, are unique, it doesn’t mean your choices are limited! You'll love all the varieties of finish colors, handle styles, and door types you can choose from. Our corner fireplace doors feature tempered glass, which is designed to handle the indirect heat off of your fireplace. They have color options too. You can have clear, grey, or bronze on your fireplace—for some products, you can even have a black tint!

Spark protection is an optional purchase, but we highly recommend it to all customers. Spark protection is a layer of protection between your fireplace and everything else. You can keep your loved ones and your home safe with a mesh screen that will keep sparks and embers at bay.

We are proud to offer you this selection of quality, American made corner fireplace doors for masonry applications that are sure to make a statement in your living space!


Since these doors are custom made, how long will it take for them to be made and ship after I order one?

-On average, these custom corner fireplace doors take about 4-6 weeks to ship unless otherwise specified.

What if I need a fireplace door for a 3 sided (or peninsula) masonry firebox?

-We can absolutely get you what you need! Simply give us a call with your measurements and we'll prepare a custom quote for you! Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by at 1-888-986-1535 (Monday ~ Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST) to assist you!

Do you sell corner fireplaces?

-We’re constantly updating our products, so check out our wood-burning fireplaces and see! You can also use our contact information to see if we can help in your search for the right contractor to have it installed. We only recommend the best!