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Millivolt/IPI Fireplace On/Off Remote Con...
This battery operated On/Off 
remote control kit is designed for 
gas millivolt and select IPI 
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Skytech Multi Purpose On-Off Remote with Ground Receiver
Skytech 1315G-A Multi Purpose On/Off Remo...
This Skytech remote control 
for gas fireplaces and more is a 
battery powered two-button handheld 
Free shipping|In Stock
RealFyre VR-1A Flame Modulating Fireplace...
This Real Fyre VR1-A Flame 
Modulating Fireplace Remote Control kit 
will only work on APK-15 and 
Free shipping|In Stock
TRX-11 Series Indoor Fireplace Remote Con...
The HPC TRX-11 Series Ultra 
Sonic Remote Control Kit is for 
use in areas where you expect to 
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Skytech Con On/Off Fireplace Remote Contr...
This battery operated 
Skytech remote and receiver was made 
specifically for solenoid gas valves 
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RealFyre VR-2A Flame Modulating Fireplace...
This Real Fyre VR2-A Flame 
Modulating Fireplace Remote Control Kit 
With Thermostat will only work 
Free shipping|In Stock
RCK-B Indoor Fireplace Remote Control Kit...
The RCK-B Gas Fireplace 
Remote Control has a manual on/off 
switch and a convenient child proof 
Free shipping|In Stock
On/Off RCK-I series Indoor Fireplace Remo...
The RCK-I series gas 
fireplace remote control has a saftey 
timer that turns the fire off 
after 6 ho... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech 1001D-A Wireless Wall Mounted On/...
The wireless wall mounted 
Skytech remote control for gas 
fireplaces is battery powered and comes 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech 1420-A On/Off Fireplace Remote Co...
The ON/OFF Skytech fireplace 
remote control is battery powered 
and provides wireless on and off 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech 1001-A On/Off Fireplace Remote Co...
This wireless Skytech remote 
control for gas fireplaces comes 
with a battery operated 
transmitter, ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech 4001 On/Off Fireplace Remote Cont...
This simple yet effective 
Skytech remote control and receiver 
kit has the ability to learn 256 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech CON-TH On/Off/Thermostat Fireplac...
This wonderful Skytech 
On/Off remote features an LCD 
screen and was designed for 
solenoid gas valve... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech MRCK ON/OFF Fireplace Remote Cont...
This Skytech kit will 
control any servo motor valve 
systems.This kit includes is the remote, 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech MRCK-TH On/Off/Thermostat Firepla...
This On/Off/Thermostat 
Skytech remote is designed specially 
for operating servo motor 
valves! Inclu... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech 1001T-LCD-A On/Off/Timer Fireplac...
The battery powered 
Skytech LCD fireplace remote control 
with timer comes with a UL Listed 
110V AC... 
Free shipping|In Stock
RCK-M Series Indoor Fireplace Remote Cont...
Looking for a gas fireplace 
remote control replacement? The 
RCK-M series remote control turns 
the f... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech 1420TLCD-A On/Off/Timer Fireplace...
This fantastic Skytech 
remote control kit features a LCD 
screen with On/Off capabilities and 
a rece... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech RCAF-LMF-WWS Wireless Wall Mounte...
The wireless wall mounted 
On/Off switch for controlling gas 
fireplaces. The kit is battery powered 
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Battery Operated Bluetooth On/Off Remote ...
This one button fireplace 
remote is compatible with 
Millivolt/IPI ignitions across WiFi 
including s... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|In Stock
Battery Operated Mertik Bluetooth Firepla...
This receiver is compatible 
with IPI fireplaces and will work 
with smart speakers such as Alexa 
Starting at:
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech 1420TH-A On/Off/Termostay Firepla...
This Skytech remote control 
for gas fireplaces features 4 
button control with an LCD screen 
and rec... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech 5020 On/Off Touch Screen Fireplac...
This Skytech gas fireplace 
remote control features a touch 
screen with on/off controls and 
Free shipping|In Stock
Skytech 5001 On/Off Touch Screen Fireplac...
This Skytech gas fireplace 
remote control features a touch 
screen that displays the room temp 
and h... 
Free shipping|In Stock

On/Off Remotes

The remote controls that we show here will only work with gas logs or fireplaces with a millivolt valve. Also gas stoves with a millivolt valve. Please check your owner's manual. You can use these remotes as replacements for your original when they have outlived their usefulness.

Remote controls have become very popular especially the basic On/Off Remote. It is simple and does what it is supposed to do - turn your fireplace or gas logs on and off. The wall mount receiver is easy to install but does require wire at least 18 gauge and be no longer than 20'. It mounts in a plastic switch box on the wall. Follow the instructions and in no time at all, you have a wall switch on/off remote. We have remotes that are only the on/off remote and will show the room temperature. Another popular model is the remotes with backlit touch screens. Some remotes will also have a timer feature and a child lock.

We also have On/Off Remotes that use 110V AC to work. Most fireplaces will have a wired electrical box under the floor of the fireplace. If the electric is out, just switch the receiver to "on" if you want the fire on or "off" if not.