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Double Sided Fireplace Doors

These doors are designed specifically for us with double-sided, or see-through, woodburning masonry fireplaces. The idea for double sided fireplace glass doors was inspired by customers who were looking for an enclosure without operable doors for one side of their see-through fireplace.

While completely sealing off one side of a see-through fireplace is not safe or recommended, our fixed pane doors feature a built-in air gap between the main frame and the glass door, that way your fireplace still gets the appropriate amount of airflow. Our glass doors for double sided fireplaces allows you to abide by fire safety codes and operate your fireplace safely while still being able to enjoy the closed-off look that you want. 

Most of these doors allow you to pull the pins from the corner hinges to open it, that way you have access to your firebox and the glass for cleaning. Please remember to let your fireplace cool down before cleaning!

We have one very stylish door called the Saratoga that features a hidden-frame design and a single hinge built onto your choice of either the left or right side. If you want to have a clean, closed-off look but still maintain full access to your firebox, you might be interested in that door.