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Wood Fireplace Inserts

Increase the efficiency of your wood burning fireplace by using a overlapping fireplace door with a grate heater.  These grates circulate cold air from the room into the grate's metal tubing and blow warm air back out.  Fireplace inserts deliver even more zone heating and the air-tight doors allow your wood to burn a whooping 6-8 hours.  Both of these inserts are easy to install, and once they're in, you'll never have to worry about relining your chimney again.  The doors on these wood fireplace inserts are customizable as well, with a variety of options for frame finishes.  And if you enjoy cooking over your fire for that yummy wood smoked flavor, our full inserts come with an add-on option of a stainless steel cooking grill and/ or a swinging crane-styled pot holder. 

If you're unsure of how to measure your fireplace unit for an insert, call our customer service professionals.  We will help you get the perfect fit for these American made products. 

Please Note:

For masonry fireplaces only.  Actual heat production is dependent on the type and quality of fire wood.


What is a fireplace insert heat exchanger?

  • Fireplace inserts are another way to incorporate a heat exchanger into your application. Basically, an insert is a metal box that fits into an existing masonry fireplace. Inserts have built-in heating chambers that produce warm air from the cool temperatures that enter the firebox. This option is certainly effective, but not quite as affordable as a mounted heat exchanger or a grate heater.