Recessed Mesh Curtains

For open hearth style applications that do not have glass doors, you can still protect your home and loved ones from errant sparks and embers with a fireplace spark screen! We have a collection of beautiful decorative fireplace mesh curtains that can be easily mounted to your masonry fireplace. Simply install the fenders (or valances) with the included lintel clamps, screws, and hardware. The fireplace mesh curtains are installed in a recessed fashion and hang from the top fender. Each panel has a curtain pull for easy opening and closing. Choose from many decorative fireplace curtain valances and opt for the bottom fender to mimic a fireplace door concept! In addition, please measure the depth of your lintel bar so that we can create a high quality product that will fit like a glove in your masonry fireplace! These elegant recessed screens can also use used on an arched fireplace. 


Why can't I use a recessed mesh curtain with my prefabricated fireplace?

  • The lintel clamp that holds the lintel support bar in place is long, allowing the clamp to fit across the thick edge of the masonry stone or brick. The lintel support bar is what the curtain rod and top fender attach to.
  • Prefabricated fireplaces don't have a deep edge, and the lintel clamp would not have enough surface area to attach properly.