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4-Sided Overlap Doors

No hearth? No problem!

We can help make your fireplace picture perfect with our no hearth masonry fireplace doors! Some of our customer favorites and most attractive enclosures are now available as 4 sided overlap fit doors that have a symmetrical look to them. The “picture frame” design is a perfect choice for when you need an overlap fit fireplace door to enhance the beauty of your living space. And, these hearth-free fireplace doors will look great on a fireplace without a hearth!

Many masonry fireplace doors need a hearth for the frame of your fireplace door to sit on, but a four sided fireplace door doesn’t! As a matter of fact, a four sided overlap fireplace door cannot be installed on fireplaces that have a flush or raised hearth. But, if your fireplace doesn’t have a hearth and is ‘a hole in the wall’, an overlap fireplace door is fine! Click on any of the images below for a larger view of different hearths, or you could check out our article on how important it is to know your hearth position! 



Here are more examples of masonry fireplaces without a hearth or with a raised firebox, both of which can accommodate a 4 sided overlap fit door. Click on the images for a larger view!



Our 4 sided overlap fit enclosures can be customized to your size specifications and tailored to a specific style or design in regards to finish color, door type, glass tint, and mesh protection. Browse through our collection at the top of this page to find the perfect fireplace door to outfit your home in style!



What if I have a raised hearth or a flush hearth style fireplace?

Can I burn a fire with my tempered glass fireplace doors closed?

  • When there is a fire burning in your firebox, the doors need to be open. Otherwise, the tempered glass could shatter.