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Brookfield Masonry Fireplace Door 4 Sided...
The 4 sided overlap fit 
Brookfield glass fireplace door by 
Design Specialties offers a clean 
look a... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Phoenix Masonry Fireplace Door 4 Sided Ov...
The Phoenix 4 sided overlap 
fit replacement fireplace door 
features a 2 inch rounded aluminum 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Apex Masonry Fireplace Door 4 Sided Overl...
The 4 sided overlap fit Apex 
replacement fireplace door is crafted 
from sturdy extruded aluminum 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Breckinridge Masonry Fireplace Door 4 Sid...
The Breckinridge glass 
fireplace door for masonry fireplaces 
by Portland Willamette is a 4 
sided ov... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Arcade Masonry Fireplace Door 4 Sided Ove...
The 4 sided overlap fit 
Arcade fireplace glass door 
features an ultra-thin frame with a 
convex prof... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Brookside Masonry Fireplace Door 4 Sided ...
The 4 sided overlap 
Brookside glass fireplace door for 
masonry fireplaces is our version of 
Stoll B... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Huntress Masonry Fireplace Door 4 Sided O...
This Huntress fireplace 
glass door is a 4 sided overlap 
fit for masonry fireplaces 
without a hearth... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Avaleria Masonry Fireplace Door 4 Sided O...
This Avaleria fireplace door 
is a 4 sided overlap fit 
enclosure designed for masonry 
fireplaces wit... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Saratoga Masonry Fireplace Door 4 Sided O...
The 4 sided overlap fit 
Saratoga wood burning fireplace glass 
door is for masonry applications 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Broadway Masonry Fireplace Door 4 Sided O...
The 4 sided overlap fit 
Broadway masonry enclosure features a 
hidden frame for a modern look! 
This ... 
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Grand Forge II Masonry Fireplace Door 4 S...
The Grand Forge is an 
attractive, laser cut steel masonry 
Portland Willamette fireplace door. 
Hand ... 
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4-Sided Overlap Doors

No hearth? No problem!

A graphic showing how an overlap fit fireplace door fits on a firebox

The perfect fireplace and your “picture perfect” fireplace door is just waiting! These overlap fit doors feature a perfectly symmetrical design that goes over the opening of your firebox. Ideal for fireplaces without a hearth, these are wonderful choices for keeping your home safer and looking nicer!

We have a huge selection of overlap masonry doors that will perfectly accent a crackling fire, regardless if you have a wood-burning fireplace or gas. Moreover, when the fireplace isn’t in use, glass doors can hide your fire box from sight!

In the graphic to the right, you can clearly see the blue outline, which indicates how a 4 sided overlap fit fireplace door will sit over the metal of the firebox. Four-sided fireplace doors are a great choice for your hole in the wall fireplace, but for those with a hearth you need an inside fit door, which looks like this.

Many masonry fireplace doors need a hearth for the frame of your fireplace door to sit on, but a four-sided fireplace door doesn’t! As a matter of fact, a four-sided overlap fireplace door cannot be installed on fireplaces that have a flush or raised hearth. But, if your fireplace doesn’t have a hearth and is ‘a hole in the wall’, an overlap fireplace door is fine! Click on any of the images below for a larger view of different hearths, or you could check out our article on how important it is to know your hearth position! 



Most overlap fit fireplace doors are only three-sided and need to sit on a hearth. But, if you don’t have a hearth and have instead a ‘hole in the wall’ fireplace, you need all four sides! Proper installation of your new fireplace door is essential to the longevity of the door. All of the products we sell are designed to last for years—if they are installed correctly.

Remember that even though these four-sided fireplace doors work great with uneven surfaces, it is still imperative to measure your fireplace correctly. You can learn more about how to measure your fireplace here, or use our handy Snapshot Quote feature so that we can help you!

Though we’re happy to handle refunds and returns, unfortunately, improper use or measurements don’t qualify. Don’t leave it up to chance, ask us for some help!

This is much different from an inside fit door. Inside fit doors are installed within the firebox and are ideal for fireplaces with a surface that is level or almost level with the floor of the firebox. Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger view of the image and the details of an overlap fit fireplace door:


Here are more examples of masonry fireplaces without a hearth or with a raised firebox, both of which can accommodate a 4 sided overlap fit door. Click on the images for a larger view!



Most of the masonry fireplace doors are fully customizable—you can really make it your own. With options like finish color, glass tint, and even door type, you’ll be able to design the perfect door for your needs. Whether you’re looking for something that’ll blend in with old-world charm or ultra-modern fireplace décor, we’ve got what you need!


What if I have a raised hearth or a flush hearth style fireplace?

Click here to browse through our collection of 3 sided overlap or inside fit custom masonry fireplace doors.

For standard size and stock masonry fireplace doors, click here.

Can I burn a fire with my tempered glass fireplace doors closed?

When there is a fire burning in your firebox, the doors need to be open. Otherwise, the tempered glass could shatter.

Should a fireplace have a hearth?

A gas fireplace is not required to have a hearth. If you have a wood-burning fireplace then a hearth is required. There are some fireplaces that are made with a raised firebox that will not have a hearth or have a small amount of brick.

What is a hearth?

A hearth is an area extending from the fireplace floor. The hearth is usually in front of the fireplace and can be made up of different materials. 

What is the purpose of a hearth?

Although a hearth can be decorative and beautiful they do serve an important purpose! A hearth is made to reduce the risk of your fireplace. They can prevent fire hazards if you do not have a mesh or doors on your fireplace.