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8" HeatFab Tee 2816CR

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Saf-T Pipe Single Wall Stove Pipe

Discover Saf-T Pipe, the heavy-duty single wall connector pipe designed to ensure lasting performance and safety for your stove-to-chimney connection needs.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Saf-T Pipe is crafted from 22-gauge cold rolled steel, making it up to 60% thicker than most single wall stove pipes available.
  • Laser Welded Seams: Precision laser welding ensures roundness and durability, eliminating smoke and flue leakage for a reliable installation.
  • Matte Black Finish: Coated with a high-temperature matte black finish, Saf-T Pipe complements any stove or fireplace setup while withstanding high heat.
  • Smart Choice Warranty: Backed by a Smart Choice Warranty, Saf-T Pipe guarantees performance and durability, offering peace of mind for years to come.

Available Diameters:

  • Choose from 6" to 8" diameters to suit your specific stove and chimney system requirements.

Installation and Performance:

  • Simple Installation: Saf-T Pipe is designed for easy installation, thanks to its welded seams and beaded joints, reducing installation time and ensuring a secure fit.
  • Consistent Fit: Continuous-seam laser welding delivers a consistently round product, ensuring a perfect fit that retains its shape even after cutting.
  • Safe and Reliable: With joints that fit snugly, Saf-T Pipe provides tight, safe venting, minimizing the release of soot and flue gas into interior environments for a virtually smoke-free experience.
  • Decorative Options: Enhance your installation with decorative, laser-cut wall collars for added flair and style.


  • Ideal for residential or commercial coal and wood-burning appliances, Saf-T Pipe offers unmatched safety, durability, and ease of installation. Available at specialty Hearth Products shops, Saf-T Pipe is the smart choice for optimal system performance, ensuring reliable operation year after year.

Upgrade to Saf-T Pipe for the fastest installation, safest performance, and lasting durability, backed by years of proven reliability in thousands of installations. With its innovative technology and heavy-duty construction, Saf-T Pipe sets the standard for singlewall stove pipes, providing a secure, reliable, and virtually smoke-free solution for your stove or fireplace needs.