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Fireplace Accessories and Log Lighters

Our collection of hearth accessories includes beautiful fireplace decor such as hearth rugs, fireplace tool sets, log holders, fireplace grates, and so much more!

  • Fireplace Spark Screens: Keep your furnishings and loved ones protected from sparks and embers! Check out our extensive line of screen styles and click on the picture that matches what you're looking for - we'll get you to the right place! 
  • Fireplace Grates: Our zero clearance and masonry fireplace grates are made of steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. Promote a hotter, more efficient burn in your firebox as grates allow the air to circulate under the logs.
  • Fireplace Tool Sets: Keep your wood fireplace clean and tend the fire while decorating your hearth with a fireplace tool sets. You'll be sure to find something to match your current living decor with a nice selection of styles and finishes available.
  • Log Holders: Keep a small stock of wood handy next to the fireplace with any one of our decorative and functional log holders. You'll also find log carts and log carriers in this section as well.
  • Hearth Rugs: Accessorize your fireplace with a hearth rug and protect the floor directly in front of the firebox from straying sparks and rolling logs. They're washable too!
  • Bellows and Fireplace Decor: For traditional yet functional decor, how about adding a wood bellow to your hearth decor and stoke up the flames of your fire? 
  • Fireplace Gloves: Shield your hands and arms from splinters and burns when feeding the fire with these heat resistant gloves. 
  • Fireplace Hoods: Protect your mantel from the heat of the firebox with a fireplace hood. 

You'll find the best cleaning products, gaskets, mortar, and catalytic combustor for your minor fire feature maintenance needs in our fireplace hardware collection.

  • Cleaning Products:  Remove soot and creosote, polish up your stove, and clean dirty wood stove glass with the array of high-quality products available here at Fireplace Doors Online.
  • Mortar and Adhesives: If the mortar of your fireplace is cracking and crumbling, it's a good sign that some maintenance is required. From small patch jobs to full on brick and mortar replacement, we have a wide range of sizes to fit your needs.
  • Stove and Fireplace Paint: If your fireplace or wood stove needs to be spruced up, we have high-temperature stove paint available in both spray and brush on applications. Choose from satin, metallic, or flat black and repair nicks, scratches, and rusty patches with our quick drying, fireplace paint. 
  • Gaskets: Replace the gasket on your wood stove or air-tight fireplace doors with our collection of stove gaskets available in flat, rope, and tadpole shapes.