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Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace accessories not only make your fireplace attractive, but they also contain important tools for maintenance and for keeping your family safe as you gather near the hearth.

Fireplace accessories are an essential part of having a fireplace. They make your work easy and safe whether you’re burning firewood, cooking food over a wood stove, or just performing general cleanup of your fireplace area. But, just because your fireplace accessory collection is functional doesn’t mean it can’t beautify your living area. Our beautiful fireplace accessories not only make life easier with a more efficient clean up, but they help enhance your hearth!

Remember, Safety First

When you’re selecting the perfect fireplace accessory for your fireplace, it’s important that you pick the right one for your needs. Something that looks good and enhances the beauty of your home is a great idea, but if it isn’t the right tool for the job, it could potentially cause a fire or damage to your fireplace. Plus, if you choose a poorly made product, it won’t last. Our affordable fireplace tool sets keep you within your budget and last for years because of their high-quality material. And, many of our toolsets and log holders can be matched with your fireplace doors!

Buying Guide for Your Fireplace Accessory Collection:

Newspaper Log Roller


Fireplace tool sets differ in price. Item prices may range from low-cost to high depending on the brand, material, craftsmanship, and size. It might be tempting to look somewhere else, but we make sure to have the best prices on any fireplace accessories to match your needs and budget.


Determine the tools you need. You will have to consider the type and size of your fireplace; not all fireplaces need a fireplace tool set (but if you want an authentic look, it’s a good idea to buy a set just for show).


Fireplace tool sets generally include:

  • a poker to stir the fire
  • a brush and shovel for the ashes
  • and a stand to keep your tools in one place.

Be sure to check our wide selection of unique fireplace accessories that will surely meet your personal style and preference.


It is important to select the materials of your fireplace accessories and tools. The quality of materials used to manufacture them will determine how well they perform, how long and the value for money it brings you.

Another essential detail to consider is the design.

Not only should it fit your budget and needs, but your fireplace accessory collection should also match the overall style of your home and your personality.

Explore our vast assortment of hearth accessories including beautiful fireplace decor such as:

  • hearth rugs
  • tool sets
  • log holders
  • fireplace grates, and so much more!


Keep your furnishings and loved ones protected from sparks and embers! Check out our extensive line of screen styles and click on the picture that matches what you're looking for - we'll get you to the right place!


Our zero clearance and masonry fireplace grates are made of steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. Promote a hotter, more efficient burn in your firebox as grates allow the air to circulate under the logs.

Eastly Midnight Hearth Rug
A beautiful hearth rug can really accent your fireplace, not to mention help keep it safe!


Keep your wood fireplace clean and tend the fire while decorating your hearth with our fireplace toolsets. You'll be sure to find something to match your current living decor with a nice selection of styles and finishes available. We also have stainless steel fireplace tool sets for your outdoor fireplace.


Keep a small stock of wood handy next to the fireplace with any one of our decorative and functional log holders. You'll also find log carts and log carriers in this section as well.


Accessorize your fireplace with a hearth rug and protect the floor directly in front of the firebox from straying sparks and rolling logs. They're washable too!


For traditional yet functional decor, how about adding a wood bellow to your hearth decor and stoke up the flames of your fire? And have you seen our company cricket, Sir Jazz, around in our blogs and monthly mantels? Get your own charming hearth cricket here!


Shield your hands and arms from splinters and burns when feeding the fire with these heat resistant gloves.


Protect your mantel from the heat of the firebox with a fireplace hood.


Remove soot and creosote, polish up your stove, and clean dirty wood stove glass with the array of high-quality products available here at Fireplace Doors Online You'll find the best cleaning products, gaskets, mortar, and catalytic combustors for your minor fire feature maintenance needs in our fireplace hardware collection.


Add a mantel shelf to bring out your designer's side. Mantels are great for bringing out a little style and life to your fireplace. These are a great addition to your fireplace and can provide some storage in any room!


What is a fireplace grate?

  • A fireplace grate is made out of metal and used to bring in better air circulation. Grates can be used for more efficient heating and airflow. They are also a snazzy addition to any fireplace!

What do you need for a fireplace?

  • Taking care of your fireplace and having the right accessories is super important! You want to make sure you have a toolset in order to maintain your fire safely and efficiently. We also highly recommend having a pair of heat resistant glove handy in order to protect your skin from the heat of your fire. Lastly, you for sure want to keep your fireplace clean. Cleaning your fireplace is very important for your safety. Maintaining your fireplace will protect the fireplace from damage over time as well as avoid a fire.

How do I choose tools?

  • Choosing tools for a fireplace can be confusing. There are many tools out there that can provide you with an easy way to maintain your fireplace. You also have tools or decor that are useful when being a fireplace owner. Some suggestions to consider would be a fireplace toolset. Your toolset is going to consist of the tools you need to maintain an ongoing fire as well as clean up. You will need to make sure that the tools you choose are the correct size for your fireplace. Another would be cleaning products as cleaning your fireplace will avoid safety hazards. Last but not least, decoration. Of course, you want your fireplace to look amazing! Well, did you know that adding a hearth rug is not only visually pleasing but helps with protecting your floor from any damage? Also, a mantle can help with avoiding heat damage above your fireplace. Take a look at our accessories we have to offer!

How long should a fire poker be?

  • You want to make sure you know the size of your fireplace prior to choosing the correct tools needed. Once you know this information you will be better equipped with knowing what size you will need. Generally, you will want a fire poker length to be around 24-60 inches.

Should you clean the fireplace after each use?

  • Maintaining your fireplace is a chore and we can understand that you may not want to clean after each use. We do highly recommend cleaning and sweeping/vacuuming after each use. This will keep the area free from unwanted mess as well as avoid any damages. Cleaning your fireplace will also boost the burn of your fireplace the next time you use it! This will make your fireplace more heat efficient.

What do you call fireplace tools?

  • The majority of toolsets will include the following tools needed to maintain your fire.
  1. Ash Shovel
  2. Grapple
  3. Fireplace Broom
  4. Log Poker

Each set will also come with a tool stand to keep the tools out of the way but accessible.

Does a fireplace screen block heat?

  • The purpose of a fireplace screen is to protect you from sparks or embers from escaping your fireplace. They can also help with controlling the heat coming from your fireplace. Fireplaces can get super hot and that can lead to damage. If you do not want to utilize a fireplace hood, a fireplace screen is a great alternative. Fireplace screens help with keeping too much heat from radiating around the fireplace and the surrounding area.