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Aspect Masonry Fireplace Door Overlap
A new sleek masonry 
fireplace door is the aspect sold at a 
very attractive price point. 
Fullfold bi... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Thin Line Inside Fit Masonry Fireplace Do...
The Thin Line masonry glass 
fireplace door features a slim, sleek 
frame. Lifetime warranty on 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Foundation Masonry Fireplace Door
The Foundation replacement 
fireplace door is an economical 
upgrade for masonry applications. 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Ventana Masonry Fireplace Door
The Ventana fireplace glass 
door utilizes the classic radius 
aluminum extrusion frame for that sim... 
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Pendleton Masonry Fireplace Door
The Pendleton masonry 
fireplace glass door has flat extruded 
aluminum frame that is sure to 
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Breckinridge Masonry Fireplace Door
Enjoy classy sophistication 
with the Breckinridge glass 
fireplace door for masonry fireplaces 
by Po... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
McKenzie Masonry Fireplace Door
The McKenzie masonry 
fireplace glass door has a picture 
frame like extruded aluminium 
frame that is... 
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Free shipping|Made To Order
Envision Masonry Fireplace Door
The Envison masonry 
fireplace glass door has the hinges 
built into the main frame. This 
gives the f... 
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Creekside Masonry Fireplace Door
The Creekside masonry 
fireplace glass door comes with a flat 
extruded aluminum profile. A not muss 
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Free shipping|Made To Order
Crown Masonry Fireplace Door
The crown fireplace door 
comes with a twist, a rope inlay. 
The extruded aluminum frame will 
trim ou... 
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Free shipping|Made To Order
1" Frame Highlander Masonry Fireplace Door
The Highlander custom 
fireplace door offers either a thin 
sleek 1" wide frame.Great for a 
marble or... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Normandy Masonry Fireplace Door With Cabi...
The Normandy replacement 
fireplace door is an impressive 
enclosure with straight lines and 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Brookside Masonry Fireplace Door
With a slim 2" frame, the 
Brookside fireplace glass door is 
perfect for any smooth faced masonry 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Savannah Masonry Fireplace Door
Enjoy the decorative look of 
the Savannah glass fireplace 
door on your masonry fireplace! 
Features ... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Stiletto Masonry Fireplace Door
A slim frame design with a 
big viewing area! The Stiletto 
glass fireplace door is made of 
sturdy al... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Brookfield Masonry Fireplace Door
The Brookfield glass 
fireplace door by Design Specialties 
offers a clean look and comes with 
a vari... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Phoenix Masonry Fireplace Door
The Phoenix replacement 
fireplace door has a 2 inch rounded 
aluminum frame with a contemporary 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Silhouette Masonry Fireplace Door
The high quality aluminum 
Silhouette replacement fireplace door 
has a wide range of options for 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Bungalow Custom Masonry Fireplace Door
The Bungalow custom glass 
fireplace door for masonry fireplaces 
is budget friendly with many 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Apex Masonry Fireplace Door
Clean angular shapes make 
the Apex wood burning fireplace 
glass doors stand out from the 
crowd. Cus... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Kingsman Masonry Fireplace Door
The Kingsman wood burning 
fireplace glass door is an affordable 
and modern choice with a classic 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Cabinet Elegant Masonry Fireplace Door
The Cabinet glass fireplace 
door is a versatile option that 
comes in many beautiful finishes. 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Cabinet Fullview Elegant Masonry Fireplac...
The Cabinet glass masonry 
fireplace door is a versatile option 
that comes in many beautiful 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Avaleria Masonry Fireplace Door
The Avaleria fireplace door 
has a wide bulky frame and is 
prefect for larger fireplace 
openings. Ma... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Stockburn Masonry Fireplace Door
Stockburn fireplace door has 
a 1 inch radius frame and is 
made of extruded aluminum. 30% 
thicker ma... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Huntress Masonry Fireplace Door
With a slim rectangular 
frame, the huntress fireplace glass 
door is perfect for any smooth 
faced ma... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Arcade Masonry Fireplace Door
With a slim 1/2" round 
frame, the arcade fireplace glass 
door is picture perfect enclosure 
to frame... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Lancer Masonry Fireplace Door
The lancer fireplace glass 
door has an beveled extruded 
aluminum frame for a sturdy, bulk 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
1 3/4" Frame Highlander Masonry Fireplace...
The Highlander custom 
fireplace door offers either a thin 
sleek 1-3/4" wide frame.Great for 
a marbl... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Tempered Glass Fullview Air Sealed Masonr...
This custom fireplace door 
features tempered glass panels and no 
center bar for those who don't 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Normandy Masonry Fireplace Door With Bi-f...
The Normandy offers 
fullswing bifold doors that open 180 
degrees for a clear view of the 
fire. Seve... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Newport Masonry Fireplace Door
The Newport comes with a 
welded steel frame construction 
that is 3/16" thick. Choice of 
glass tint,... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
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Custom Masonry Doors

Our masonry custom fireplace glass doors allow you the freedom of selecting an enclosure that is tailored to your specifications! This collection is very different from our non-customizable doors. Here, you have the ability to choose the size you need, as well as the luxury of choosing from more options for style, color, design, door type, glass tint, and more. You can essentially create a door that is a unique masterpiece. Think of it as masonry fireplace doors custom made by you, for you!

Masonry fireplaces are built simultaneously with the construction of a home. They are considered a work of art, as the professional mason who creates the fireplace must design it in such a way that it becomes part of the home's structure. The interior of a masonry fireplace is crafted from mortar and brick, while the exterior portion you enjoy in your living space may be made of matching material, stone, marble, granite or even tile. Built to last a lifetime, they are meant to be a focal point in your home. You can enhance the beauty and appeal of your fireplace with one of our custom masonry doors. 

Because these fireplace doors are tailor-made to your preferences, please be aware that shipping may be extended by a few weeks versus our stock non-customizable doors. Perfection takes time, and our manufacturers put their heart and soul into every intricate detail that is involved in the creation of your one of a kind custom fireplace door. Choose a style that accentuates your home's decor theme, and we'll design a door that will be treasured in your home for years of enjoyment.

Why you should get a fireplace door:

Fireplace doors offer a layer of protection from any potential hazards. When ordered with mesh safety screens, hot embers and burning logs stay in the firebox where they belong. Many of our doors come with mesh, while others offer this safety measure as an upgrade. Remember to include spark screens and shield your loved ones and furnishings.

Masonry fireplaces are draw air from the room in order to vent smoke through the chimney. Even when you do not have a fire burning, however, your fireplace is still drawing air up the chimney. A fireplace door will reduce unnecessary airflow to the outside by up to 99%, saving money on your energy bills and keeping temperate air inside your home where it belongs.

Fireplace Doors Online offers many designs from traditional to modern, as well as several color combinations, handles styles, and glass tints to truly match your home's decor!

Doors are made from two different types of materials:

Aluminum Fireplace Doors
Aluminum doors allow for creative freedom with their extruded frame design. Available in several styles that will allow you to frame your fireplace like a picture, exuding attractiveness in both classic and modern settings.

Steel Fireplace Doors
Steel doors come in a sturdy, flat frame design that is available in three different styles:

  • Welded Steel: Flat pieces of rolled steel that are welded together.
  • Bar Stock: A single sheet of flat steel from where a laser-guided CNC machine cuts out the door. 
  • Channel Steel: Steel is pressed through a die to form a U-channel. Channels are welded together.

All steel doors receive an electrically charged finish that will adhere to the frame.

Types of Doors:

Custom Fireplace Doors: Completely tailored to your preferences, from the door fit to hinge style! We have an upscale, designer series to add flair and detail to your fireplace. We also have rustic and elegant models that really highlight the intricacies of fine craftsmanship. You choose the color, size, type of glass, type of handle and more on your fireplace door. We want you to make this 100% custom made door to your exact specifications.

Modern Fireplace Doors: An assortment of sleek, thinner framed doors with a larger viewing area. Modern doors have clean lines, contemporary designs, and many affordable options! Combine a contemporary fireplace door with a modern gas log set and you will have a stunning new look!



Can a fireplace door with tempered glass be closed when the fire is burning?

  • No. When there is a fire burning in your firebox, the doors need to be open.
  • However, as the fire starts to die, you can slowly close the door, allowing the glass time to heat up. If you do it too quickly, the glass can shatter.

Can you have a gas log fire going in a vented fireplace with the doors closed?

  • No. You should never close the doors because the gas logs need air for combustion. 

Do glass doors help a fireplace?

  • Yes! They can help with the efficiency of your fireplace.
  • Glass doors also can keep debris from getting in and out of your fireplace.
  • Doors will help your fireplace burn better and radiate more heat.

Why should I get custom doors?

  • Custom doors are made to the specifications of your fireplace. This way your doors will fit perfectly into your fireplace.
  • You get to choose everything about your custom masonry doors. You get to be the designer and we will make the doors how you want them!
  • Custom masonry doors are a way to show your creativity as you have the option to change finish, glass, and doors!