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Fireplace Mantels And Surrounds | Mantel Shelves

(Mantel Clearances explained below)


Denali Steel Mantel ShelfEmpty space around your fireplace can sometimes work very well with the feel of the room, but a fireplace mantel is often a nice addition to any fireplace! It can really enhance the style of the room regardless of your décor, has an ultra-modern feel to it (this steel shelf looks great), or if you want something a little more traditional like this gorgeous wood fireplace mantel. Having a fireplace mantel allows you to put some of your favorite things on display. Family photos, knickknacks, or even a cute kitten incense burner can adorn your mantel and add a personalized, warmer touch to your fireplace. They also happen to be perfect for hanging Christmas stockings, just be sure to take them down when it comes time to roast chestnuts! Some of our customers prefer a full entertainment wall featuring not only their fireplace, but also television, books, and a 'booming' sound system.

We have some really beautiful fireplace media walls for those of you who are looking for the full package. Or, you can go with a precast fireplace mantel. And for those who favor something more modern, the floating fireplace mantels really compliment contemporary fireplace decor. Consider investing in a fireplace hood as well to protect your new mantel and make cleaning your fireplace easier! When it comes time to add fireplace accessories to your home, we’re happy to help you make the best choices and get the best high-quality fireplace accessories on the market. So let us take a closer look at each of these products.


Belcourt Fireplace MantelFireplace Mantels

Fireplace mantel surrounds can be anything from subtle to extravagant! Whether you are looking to update the look of your fireplace or have just started building the home of your dreams, our collection of fireplace mantels can truly enhance the look of your fireplace! If you are looking for an easy way to get a stunning quality fireplace mantel that can look like a custom fireplace mantel without paying the actual price of a custom fireplace mantel or having to build one , the fireplace mantel kits will be the answer to your prayers. The firebox is the main part of a fireplace where you build a fire. It is commonly created in a rectangular or square shape. A firebox is surrounded by fireproof materials like the firebricks. The firebox is another element that can make your fireplace amazing and beautiful.

We have a large selection of wood fireplace mantels available in birch, oak, maple, cherry, pine, and more. You can either stain the mantel yourself or let us do the hard work and choose from a variety of finishes. You can have your own custom fireplace mantel, how exciting is that? These traditional mantels never go out of style and will stand the test of time since the best materials are used to ensure durability. If a more contemporary look is desired, we also offer steel mantel surrounds that will be sure to make a statement.. This piece makes a statement and can be fully customized for any sized space. Are you looking for fireplace mantel ideas? Here at Fireplace Doors Online, we provide high-quality fireplace mantels that can give the best out of your fireplace creative designs. You can rely on us when it comes to fireplace renovation and improvement.


Cove Grey Concrete Mantel ShelfFireplace Mantel Shelves

Fireplace mantel or mantelpiece is commonly known as a chimneypiece. It started back in the medieval times as a hood project over the fire grate to contain the smoke. This term has developed over the years to include the decorative framework within the fireplace. It also involves designs that extend throughout the ceiling. These non-combustible concrete fireplace mantles are excellent additions to your gas, wood, or electric fireplace. They can be utilized in facilities where the ordinary wood mantles cannot fit. Moreover, this concrete fireplace mantle is easy to install and clean. Thus, it gives a relaxing feature in your space. A concrete Fireplace mantel shelf provides a new look at your fireplace. You can also place other things within your shelf and organize your stuff according to your preferences.

Concrete mantels are perfect for bringing out a more industrial side to your living space. They are also great for outside use as well as inside use! Our gorgeous collection of steel fireplace beam mantel shelves is the perfect way to compliment your fireplace doors! Whether your decor reflects contemporary design, an industrial flair, or a rustic theme, there is a steel mantel shelf style to suit your needs. These beautiful accents can be easily mounted to the wall above your fireplace, giving the appearance that they are "floating" above your hearth! A majority of our fireplace mantel shelves are made by our very own craftsman, while others are made by our manufacturing partners in the fireplace industry. All of these hard-working men and women dedicate their time and trade into creating the perfect steel mantel shelf - cut, shaped, and finished - according to your specifications. Since our shelves are handmade per request and not mass-produced, please know that your custom piece will take some time to complete. We are committed to providing you with an ideal custom product that was essentially made by you, for you!


4-sided Stainless Steel Fireplace SurroundFireplace Surrounds

A fireplace surround panel can be used for all kinds of different fireplace applications, including inserts! You'll love the way a custom metal fireplace surround enhances your living space. In addition to stainless steel, each sturdy and durable set of panels can be made from 3/16-inch bar stock or 14 gauge formed steel. These panels come in 3 or 4-sided designs to suit your needs. The Fireplace surround kits include everything that will make the installation process a piece of cake. Choose from pressure screws, lintel clamps, return flanges, or rare-earth magnets to mount your panel around your fireplace doors. You'll also get to select from a variety of scratch-resistant, powder-coated finishes to complete your design! This DIY metal fireplace surround will make for an easy remodeling project! Colder seasons give us more time to stay indoors and give us the chance to relax and bond with our family and friends. A nice warm fireplace is a wonderful place to start. But you should not settle for the boring old fireplaces out there. You can always upgrade it to a more contemporary version or keep it traditional with an upgrade.

The most obvious part of a fireplace that distinguishes it from others is the materials used. A fireplace is the heart of your home or the centerpiece to any space. Here at Fireplace Doors Online, we have various designs and styles for fireplace surround panels. You can also choose a custom steel fireplace surround. There are lots of options that you can choose from in our store that give you the freedom to make it your own and unique. Our fireplace surround panels can transform your fireplace door into a more creative and unique feature. If you are interested in upgrading your fireplace, contact us at 888-986-1535, or take a look into our fresh deals that give you the opportunity to become your own designer!


Horizontal Wall Panel DisplayFireplace Steel Wall Panel Systems

Are you looking to update the look of an existing wall? Or do you want to add an extra dimension to a room? Then please take a look at the metal wall panels Fireplace Doors Online is offering. The steel panels are noncombustible and a perfect addition to your space. Combine the wall panels with a new set of fireplace doors for a complete overhaul, go traditional, or go all modern with the stainless-steel upgrade. The possibilities are endless! Metal architecture can be seen everywhere today and is the new age of modern taste. A fireplace refacing is visually appealing and unique.

Fireplace steel wall panel systems are the perfect presentation for both interior and exterior parts of your home. They are also durable and can withstand a long time under normal wear and tear. They also need minimal maintenance and upkeep after installation. The wall panel systems are cost-friendly and will fit into any budget. In addition, you don’t have to worry about external factors such as fire and water. They are highly fireproof and serve as a rain screen from the outdoor weather. The panels maintain the integrity of the materials used. Steel wall panel systems absolutely upgrade your fireplace wall to impress anyone. You can create a fireplace makeover to fit your design taste and give you a space to die for.


Log Style Mantel ShelvesLog Style Mantels

Hand cut and kiln-dried log mantels are all made from American grown hardwoods. The six wood species we use were chosen for their popularity, beautiful coloration, and striking wood grain patterns: Basswood, Butternut, Cherry, Eastern Red Cedar, Elm, and Walnut. They also hold up to the drying process very well, showing less twisting, cracking, and shrinking compared to sappy softwoods like pine. We developed 5 different "face" styles for our rustic log mantels to suit our customers' many different tastes: carved, bark, square, draw knife, and natural. "Face" refers to the side of the mantel that will 'face' out into your living space.


Clearance Requirements for Mantels & Mantel Shelves


Fireplace mantel clearance

Did you know that installing fireplace mantel shelves or surrounds without adequate clearance from the fireplace opening can be a dangerous fire hazard? It can lead to damage and injury, or worse. Most applications (wood-burning, gas-fueled, or electric) radiate heat from the front of the firebox, along the sides, up above the fireplace opening, and even down toward the hearth and floor area. Because of this, your mantel surround or shelf must be placed a safe distance away from the firebox. A non-combustible material (tile, marble, stone, concrete, etc.) is also required to be installed between the fireplace opening and your mantel.

Many fireplace mantel shelves and surrounds are built from wood. As you can imagine, this material is combustible, so it is very important that the appropriate clearance is enforced and maintained. Since fire and building codes vary from state to state and town to town, it is the homeowner's responsibility to check on these ordinances prior to installation. These regulations are in place to protect life and property and to avoid creating unsafe situations that result in a fire. In the absence of codes, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) highly recommends following the guidelines set by the National Fire Code and/or the National/Standard Building Codes. Fireplace Doors Online puts the safety of our customers first, and we're here to give you a heads up on the fireplace mantel clearance to combustibles issue so that you can enjoy your fireplace risk-free!


National Fire Code

  • This ordinance states that any combustible material (such as a wood mantel surround or shelf) must be at least 6 inches from the fireplace opening.

  • In addition, for every 1/8 inch that a trim or molding piece on your mantel juts out, another 1 inch of clearance is needed.

  • For example: If a 3/8” of trim protrudes over the bulk of the mantel – you would need 9 inches of clearance from the firebox, minimum.

  • When installing a mantel shelf, don't forget to account for any brackets or corbels when measuring for the appropriate clearance!


National Standard Building Code


Masonry-Built Fireplaces

  • All combustible mantel surrounds, and shelves must be kept at least 12 inches from the opening of your fireplace (top and sides).

  • In addition, if the side panels of your mantel project more than 1-1/2 inches from the fireplace facing, you will need additional clearance equal to this projection.
  • For example: If your side panels jut out 2 inches from the facing, an additional 2 inches of clearance will be needed from the fireplace opening to the sides of the mantel assembly.

  • When installing a mantel shelf, don't forget to account for any brackets or corbels when measuring for the appropriate clearance!


Factory-Built Fireplaces

  • All factory-built/prefab/zero-clearance applications must be testing-agency listed and installed in accordance with the agency's requirements. What this means for you is that you need to read and follow the manufacturer's guidelines in your owner's manual regarding fireplace mantel installation, safety and fire-hazard clearances, warnings, and usage. (If you do not have a manual, contact the manufacturer.)

  • Typically, “zero-clearance” means that the fireplace is recessed into the wall. Wood or framing can be installed tight against the insulated firebox. However, some of these prefab applications have instructions or labels that strictly require a ½ inch clearance to certain materials.

  • Make sure you are following the installation requirements found in your fireplace owner's manual, paying special attention to clearances and warnings!

  • Improper installation of a mantel surround or shelf can lead to personal injury or property damage. Play it safe by reading and adhering to all safety and fire clearance codes and/or manufacturer's instructions.


Mantel Installation Guide


The method of installation will vary with the individual situation and your personal preference. Instructions follow for several of the approaches that have succeeded for our customers. Mounting hardware depends on the installation method you use and is commonly available at local home centers.


Option 1: Mount mantel shelf to a piece of plywood and secure plywood into studs.

Figure AFigure B

If you install the mantel before the brick or stone face is put on the fireplace, the mantel can often be mounted to the stud wall first, and the brick or stone can then be put on around the mantel. The easiest way to do this is to first lag a piece of ½” plywood, measuring about 12” high and the length of the mantel, to the backside of the mantel as shown in Figure A at right. Click the image to enlarge. Next, take the mantel and plywood assembly and lag through the plywood into the wall studs at the location you desire as shown in Figure B at the left. Click the image to enlarge.


Option 2: Mount mantel shelf with anchors overtop of existing wall / brick.

Figure C

One of the most common installation techniques for an existing masonry fireplace is to fasten the mantel with metal rods or pipes directly onto the facing. Start by drilling holes 12” to 18” apart into the mortar joints. Then install metal pipes or rods about 1” in diameter into these holes with anchors or pressure cement. These rods should go at least 4” to 6” into the mortar joint and allow another 4” to 8” to stick out depending on the depth of your mantel.

Next drill the back of the mantel to line up with the pipes and slide the mantel on as shown in the top view diagram Figure C. Click the image to enlarge. Construction cement or small corner brackets can be used to prevent the mantel from vibrating off if necessary. 

Please note: If the stone face of your fireplace is irregular, the back edge of the mantel can be scribed to fit the stone as shown in the diagram. The dotted line on the mantel shows the square back of the mantel as shipped, and the solid line shows the scribing to match the stone shape. The fit does not need to be perfect to look good, but it may take a few tries to match the mantel to the stone.


Option 3: Mount mantel shelf with bracket supports.

Figure DFigure E 

There are two types of mounting brackets available: Triangle and Square. They are often used to enhance the appearance of a mantel, and they can also provide extra support. Triangle brackets can be installed in new fireplace installations before the facing is put up according to the method explained in the instructions For New Fireplaces and as shown in Figure D at right. Click on the image to enlarge.

If you have an existing fireplace and the facing is relatively smooth, triangle brackets can be installed on top of the facing with anchors into either brick or mortar joints. The mantel can then be set on top of the brackets. Square brackets need to be installed before the stone or brick facing is put up. The bracket recesses into the stud wall and is normally screwed or lagged to the side of a stud as shown in Figure E at left. Click on the image to enlarge. The mantel can be set on top of the brackets either before or after the facing is installed.


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