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B-Vent Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces in the hope are perfect for family time and gatherings. A fireplace is known as the heart of a home. If you are looking for the perfect fireplace that is both unique and stylish you should look into these b-vent fireplaces!

B-vent fireplaces are also known by natural vent fireplaces as they use the air from inside your home to fuel the heat and the resilience of the hot gas to vent out the exhaust.

These fireplaces are super easy to install and maintain! Please keep in mind that these types of fireplaces do not have a high heat output. If you are looking for heating options to offset your current heating costs we suggest looking at our gas fireplaces!



What does b vent mean?

  • This means that it is a natural fireplace. The fireplace is heated using the air from inside your home and depends on the buoyancy of the gas to release the exhaust through the piping.

What is the difference between a b-vent and direct vent?

  • A direct vent is sealed to the room whereas a b-vent fireplace pulls the air from the room into the combustion and out through the chimney.

Are b-vent fireplaces safe?

  • These types of fireplaces are not made for all fuel types and should NOT be used with wood. They are safe to use within your home with proper ventilation and maintenance.