Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens not only compliment your fireplace, they keep hot embers, sparks, and logs in the firebox where they belong. We have an array of different fireplace screen options to suit your specific needs. 

Mesh doors with elegant frames surround heavy duty screens for added beauty and protection. Fireplace mesh curtains for corner fireplaces and outdoor applications are made from heavy duty stainless steel and custom fabricated for your unique fireplace. Decorative recessed mesh curtains are exclusively for masonry fireplaces that do not have doors or screens. Rod and curtain kits, replacement mesh, and curtain hardware are available to replace or repair your spark screen.



Can I take the screen out of my fireplace?

You can take the screen out, however, does not recommend altering your fireplace or fireplace door for safety reasons. The mesh curtain or mesh door is there to help protect you from sparks.