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CJ’s Fireplace Online offers peace of mind by helping you find the right door, whether it is a glass door or mesh door, for your fireplace and décor. We can help you find the perfect custom door or a standard door in many sizes and styles. Custom fireplace doors are our specialty. There are many styles of fireplace doors that can be used for stone faced fireplaces as well as for fireplaces with marble, granite and brick facings. The fireplace glass door can be mounted inside the opening for a clean look or overlap the facing material. The amount of overlap depends on the type and style of fireplace door that you choose. As for colors for your fireplace doors, every year manufactures come out with new colors to temp you. But still popular colors are polished brass, antique brass, satin nickel and black. Most doors give you a choice of glass colors. Three of the most popular glass colors are clear, bronze and smoke or gray.

 We also have custom mesh fireplace doors available for those customers that do not want or need the look and feel of the glass doors. Mesh fireplace doors have become very popular for vent free or vent-less fireplaces. It not only gives the allusion of a vented fireplace but adds beauty and safety to your fireplace. While the mesh is usually black, the frames can be any color, width or design offered by the particular manufacture.

But mesh fireplace doors are not just for pre-fab or zero clearance vent free fireplaces. Many people with masonry fireplaces choose not to have glass doors on their fireplace. Some people prefer the rustic feel of the mesh as opposed to glass. This is particularly true for those outdoor fireplaces. They want the safety that the mesh door provides but they don’t want the glass.

 When we speak of custom fireplace doors, you are only limited by your imagination. If a drawing can be submitted, then we can get a quote for a truly custom, one of a kind fireplace glass door. . Picture an outline of your favorite pet or tree or plants or even a picture of your backyard. But please keep in mind that space is limited and all designs are laser cut. You will be the envy of all your friends and family.

 And if you need multiple glass doors for your multi-sided fireplace, we can do that also. The corner or “L” shaped fireplace has been very popular. These can be either masonry or pre-fab fireplaces. Sometimes people with see through fireplaces have a smoke or draft problem. One of the ways to fix that is to have a single pane fireplace door made for the side that doesn’t need to be accessed on a regular basis. While it may not be air tight, it will significantly reduce the amount of air getting into or out of the fireplace. It is also a way to keep children out of the fireplace since they can’t open the glass door.

 Many builders buy our fireplace doors to install in their new homes for occupancy, as demanded by local building codes. The builders will usually have their clients work with us on the final ordering of their fireplace door(s).

Let’s not forget accessories. Some fireplace door manufactures offer tool sets and other pieces that match or compliment your fireplace glass or mesh door. Another great product is the glass single pane free standing screen. These can certainly make a statement. The feet and handles come in several colors.

You can shop with confidence knowing that we offer the lowest prices and best quality of fireplace doors and accessories made in the USA. Some fireplace doors are also available for rush production and/or shipping for an additional fee. There is always free shipping on doors to the lower forty eight states. You may call, email or chat to get personal service from our home town in Warren, PA.

Small town customer service – big city selection is our motto.

Fireplace Glass Doors - that fit your fireplace

No two fireplaces are exactly alike. Your firepalace opening may differ is size, shape and material. 
An outdoor fireplace has different glass door needs than an inside one.
Plus your fireplace style and look reflects your home.

CJ's carries fireplace doors to fit almost every manufacturer, size and design.

CJ’s Fireplace Doors Online gives you:

  • Peace of mind, helping you find the right Fireplace Glass Door.
  • Custom Fireplace Doors
  • Lowest prices - Best quality fireplace doors
  • Free Shipping on Fireplace Doors in the USA
  • Glass Fireplace Doors made in USA
  • Personal Service from Warren, PA
  • Small Town Customer Service – Big City Selection


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