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Fireplace Doors Online makes it easy to get a quick custom quote for a fireplace door! Take up to 3 pictures of your fireplace with your phone, tablet, or digital camera. Then click on the picture above to fill out our Snapshot Quote form. Fill out your information, upload your photo(s), and our customer service team will get back to you within one business day with your custom quote! It's that easy!
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This is why FDO stands out

We love getting photos from our customers, whether it is a picture of their fireplace door installation or a snapshot of their concrete fire bowl in action! Browse through our galleries of fireplace doors and more, outdoor living, and check out our mantel of the month series that we conducted over the spring to shake off the winter blahs! CLICK HERE to explore our photo gallery!


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"From the Experts" has all the latest trends, safety tips, and more! We cover a number of topics and publish articles to our website on a regular basis.

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We have a growing library of interactive flipbooks! Each catalog is geared toward a specific genre, from fireplace doors to a collection of coordinates for the home and outdoors, or finish colors for doors and accessories. We update these catalogs frequently! CLICK HERE to see our FDO Flipbooks!

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FDO Mission Statement

FDO Mission Statement
Our commitment to our patrons goes beyond customer service. We offer quality products from trusted manufacturers at affordable prices. From the hearth to the great outdoors, we are Fireplace Doors Online, a CJ's Home Decor Site. Let us show you how easy it is to outfit your home (or business) in style!


What Makes Fireplace Doors Online Stand Out

This is why FDO stands outFireplace Doors Online (FDO) is a family owned company located in Warren County, Pennsylvania. We are the nation's largest fireplace glass door and outdoor living product distributor with one of the fastest lead times available.

We are proud to offer you 40 years of combined knowledge and experience in the fireplace and home decor industry. Fireplace Doors Online, a CJ's Home Decor site, is committed to the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. 

We offer an extensive collection of fireplace doors, concrete fire bowls, fire tables and patio furniture, scupper bowls for pools, fireplaces and stoves, indoor and outdoor lighting, home decor pieces, and so much more. We can even custom make a number of products to your specifications. Tell us what you want. We'll get you what you need.

Fireplace Doors Online partners with high end manufacturers who are known for their quality designs and products, many of which are created here in the USA. We also offer imports that are built to industry standards. They are tried, tested, and proven to offer the same excellence as our American manufactured lines. Scroll to the bottom of our homepage to read more about these trusted companies.

Our sales and customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help you outfit your home or business in style. Phones are answered in the USA by our own local employees! Contact us via live chat or at 1-877-373-6677, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. You can also email us at [email protected] We welcome your questions and feedback anytime.

About Team FDO

About Team Fireplace Doors Online
Team FDO is a smart group of local people from Northwestern Pennsylvania who have a combined 40 years of wisdom and experience in the fireplace industry. Our knowledge, teamwork, ideas, creativity, and dedication are just some of the things that makes Fireplace Doors Online a leader in customer service! Our company offers a full line of high end, quality products at affordable prices for the home and business, both inside and out! 
Take a moment to get to know our little kingdom of employees! We'll tell you a little bit of what we do, and who we are both at work and off the clock in our little medieval tale of The Kingdom of Fireplace. Click here to meet us!

What Our Customers Say

We love hearing what our customers have to say about their experience with Fireplace Doors Online and our products. Some may say we're tooting our own horn, and understandably so! Read what our fans have to say about us by scrolling through the comments above. Feel free to share your experience by submitting a testimonial to [email protected]

Our Trusted Manufacturers

Here at Fireplace Doors Online, we believe that superior quality is the key to a long lasting products. When you invest in a fireplace door, concrete fire bowl, fireplace mantel surround, or outdoor patio furniture, you expect these pieces to last for years of enjoyment. We clearly understand this matter, which is why we have carefully considered and partnered with the manufacturers below! Rest assured that when you choose Fireplace Doors Online to outfit your home or business in style, you are acquiring excellence in quality and value. Scroll through and click on any of the brand logos below to read more about our trusted partners and the merchandise they create for us!