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Zero Clearance Fireplace

Thinline ZC Fireplace DoorHaving a zero clearance fireplace is one of the most desirable and attractive elements of any home. You can enhance the usefulness and beauty of your fireplace while also improving its efficiency and safety features with the installation of a high-quality zero clearance or prefab fireplace door. At Fireplace Doors Online, we offer a large variety of easy-to-install and affordable zero clearance fireplace doors that can be custom manufactured in a wide range of styles. 

So if you have a factory-built fireplace at your home, you should definitely get a prefab fireplace door. These fireplace doors are specifically designed to fit fireplaces made in a factory and will simply not work on traditional masonry fireplaces. This is because the venting, mounting, and safety systems used in these doors are particularly created for use in zero clearance wood burning fireplaces. Installing them in traditional fireplaces can damage their functionality and can result in a safety hazard as well.

It is important to note that some of the fireplace doors that we offer are compatible with both masonry and zero clearance fireplaces. However, it is always best to know what kind of fireplace you have, rather than directly looking at and purchasing universal fireplace doors. The difference between wood burning zero clearance fireplaces and zero clearance gas fireplaces is just the fuel source, they both utilize the same types of prefab fireplace doors. 

What is a Zero Clearance Fireplace?

Zero clearance fireplaces are self-constrained and factory built fireplaces that do not require any clearance or buffer zone between combustible materials like wood framing and the firebox. These fireplaces are highly efficient and are among the most affordable options due to low installation and maintenance costs. All in all, zero-clearance fireplaces are low maintenance and easy-to-operate appliances. 

If you have these cozy and warm fireplaces installed at your home, you can upgrade it with one of our custom-designed prefab doors. All our prefab doors are after-market fireplace doors. They fit almost every factory-built fireplace on the market, so you can be sure that our glass fireplace doors will even work on your fireplace. Additionally, they are designed with enough air space, making your zero clearance firebox safe to use — closing off these gaps may cause overheating of the firebox and potentially start a fire. 

It is VERY IMPORTANT to have the correct fireplace doors on any type of fireplace so that your home is not just up to code but, most importantly, safe! As we mentioned above, the wrong fireplace door can cause a fire hazard and may allow dangerous fumes to enter your home. You can check out our Learning Center article on correctly measuring a prefab fireplace door!

Not sure about your fireplace? Take a look at our handy guide, and feel free to ask the experts so that you can learn more about your fireplace and fireplace door! Remember, when it comes to buying a fireplace door, the proverb “measure twice, cut once” applies. So always double-check all measurements and details before finalizing your purchase to ensure that you are ordering the right product. And, if it seems like a little too much of a hassle or if you just are not sure which one to buy, you will surely love our Snapshot Quote feature!

Zero Clearance Fireplace Design

Prefab Firebox DisplayA zero clearance or prefab fireplace is one of the most trendy fireplaces anyone can have for heating their home.  Sometimes they are also referred to as factory built fireplaces. These are specially designed for houses without chimneys and do not require a hearth to operate effectively. These prefab fireplaces need very little maintenance. Furthermore, they can be easily mounted with instructions to install the units and manuals for framework specifications. They look fantastic when a masonry framework surrounds the metal unit. 

These types of fireplaces usually have an air ventilation pipe at the back and are enclosed with a wooden frame. Typically, they are made of cast iron or sheet metal and are fuelled with gas, wood, or electricity. If you use them, you can clean them once a year. Prefab fireplaces can be safely mounted against or near combustible materials, such as walls or woods. The room they need is also relatively smaller than that of traditional fireplaces. 

You can install prefabricated fireplaces in any room of your house to give it a modern yet traditional look. You do not have to cover them with complex or difficult brick work, as you can just get a glass door to give them a striking look. This also helps in reducing the overall cost. There are a variety of attractive designs for these types of fireplaces, and you can also pair them with an attractive mantle that complements your home color schemes. 

Zero Clearance fireplaces are gaining a great deal of popularity because they are cheaper to install and faster and easier to operate than the conventional masonry ones. If you plan to buy one of these, make sure you take proper measurements of the place where you want to get it mounted.  

If you want to give your home a classic traditional look, you should go for a zero clearance wood burning fireplace. These have a metal rim and are fuelled by wood. They not only heat up your place but also reduce energy costs compared to electricity or gas-fueled ones. You will appreciate the comfort of a wooden fireplace in a commercially made zero-clearance fireplace with your family over a hot cup of coffee.

Prefab Fireplace Doors

This beautiful modern fireplace door is an inside fit and ideal for anyone who wants an understated fireplace door.Our prefab fireplace doors add decorative flair to every room. The several styling and finishing options available complement every home setting, whether it’s modern, classic, rustic, or trendy. However, these fireplace doors are not solely for aesthetics. They improve your home’s energy efficiency and bring an additional degree of safety to the raging fire. This means you will get a more comfortable home climate, more peace of mind, and lower fuel costs all year round. 

It is easy to install, and a win-win, as long as you choose and place an order for the right fireplace door. The most important aspect of our ZC fireplace doors is that they pass the strict quality standards required by the factory, making them safe for your home for years to come. That level of attention and quality does not stop indoors.

All of our outdoor ZC fireplace doors are highly durable and weather resistant. Thanks to the robust building materials used, these outdoor glass fireplace doors are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Many of our outdoor fireplace doors (including outdoor accessories) are made of stainless steel or other metals, which are known to outlast other metals of poorer quality.

We stand behind our fireplace doors and are confident that they will last for several years. In fact, we even offer a lifetime warranty on the glass that comes with your prefab fireplace door!

What are the Benefits of a Fireplace Door?

Many homeowners may question why they even need a fireplace door. After all, you know not to get too close to the fire when it is crackling in the fireplace. The same cannot be said for pets or kids though, so it is essential to consider the safety of your loved ones when you have a fireplace! There are a lot of benefits to customizing the look of your fireplace with a quality fireplace door, and we have listed just a few of them below:

  • Energy Efficient: Your fireplace door will help regulate the temperature in your home by preventing cooler air in the summer (or warmer air in the winter) from escaping through the fireplace.
  • Odor Control: Get rid of that fireplace smell! Even with a chimney cap, smells can develop from built-up soot and moisture.
  • Fit into Small Spaces: Since no buffer zone is needed or required to place one of these prefab fireplaces, they can easily fit into smaller spaces. 
  • Reduced Installation Costs: As there is no masonry work required to protect combustible materials from heat generated by the fireplace's roaring fires, the cost of installation can be significantly reduced.
  • Appearance: Without a zero-clearance fireplace door, your fireplace is just a hole in the wall, which takes away from the ambiance of the room instead of adding to it.

Benefits of a Fireplace Door



Custom Options

Your home is as unique as you are, so we know how important it is that you have complete control over your home improvements.

With us, you have direct control over the customizations that are applied to your manufactured fireplace door so that you can make the best choices for your fireplace home décor. Many of our fireplaces with zero clearance refacing showcase elegant and visually appealing scrollwork that builds-in into the overall design and framework. A refacing will create an entirely new look for your old, tired-looking factory-built fireplace.

Our prefab fireplace doors have the same level of attention to detail and quality as the fireplace refacing we have for sale. Although installation is not the same, it is still easy for a DIYer to tackle in an afternoon! Getting your fireplace looking spectacular again is as easy as one-two-done!

Custom Colors

Every custom fireplace door has a variety of different finish options. Each manufacturer has their own line of finishes so if you notice different glass fireplace doors offering different finishes, that is likely the reason. Finish options are also dependent on the fireplace door material. There are typically standard and premium finish options although some of the more budget-friendly prefab doors only offer standard powder coat finishes. It is important to understand that the same exact finish color will appear slightly different depending on what the base material is. For example, finishes applied to aluminum frame fireplace doors are considerably lighter than if that same finish was applied to a steel frame fireplace door.

Prefab Fireplace Door Color Samples


The large majority of prefab fireplace doors are made from extruded aluminum, but it is still important to double check before ordering finish samples. When you purchase a sample pack you get to pick 3 different finish colors, this will allow you to compare them in real life to see how they contrast with your current decor. Some premium doors offer hand-applied finishes which are also available online. Fireplace Doors Online offers a $25 discount code on your next order if you send your samples back to us!

Replacement Doors by Manufacturer

While we do create our own high-quality fireplace doors, we are also connected with other suppliers. By collaborating with some well-known companies, we offer box-to-bracket installation - we have everything you need! The whole setup comes with your purchase so no additional purchases are necessary. With these products, you are good to go as soon as you receive your purchase. We carry the complete fireplace door set up for the following suppliers:

In addition to carrying replacement doors for the major manufacturers mentioned above, we also work with fireplace door manufacturers that specialize in custom made fireplace doors and accessories. We are proud to say that all of our manufacturing partners are based in the United States and none of our fireplace doors or fabrication is outsourced! See the list below:

Learn how to measure your fireplace with this informational video!


Types, Styles, and Categories of Zero Clearance Fireplace Doors

Zero Clearance Fireplace Doors

Nightwell Replacement Prefab Fireplace Door Matte BlackDo you have a factory-built fireplace at your home? You will love our prefab fireplace doors. They are easy to install and an affordable option. Also, you get to choose from a wide selection of stunning designs and styles available! Our American-made doors are manufactured in compliance with fire safety standards. If properly installed and maintained, the Zero clearance fireplace doors will always keep you and your family safe and warm during every winter season. Here are some common names for zero clearance fireplace doors - factory built fireplace doors, ZC fireplace doors, prefab fireplace doors - these are all referring to fireplace doors that are compatible with prefabricated fireplaces.

A prefab or zero clearance fireplace glass door is designed to fit fireplaces that were made in a factory. This means that the fireplace will be built with metal on the outside as well as the inside all around the firebox. These types of factory fireplaces will also use a metal chimney or flue liner instead of traditional brick or stone. So it is important to note that prefabricated fireplace doors cannot fit into the traditional masonry fireplaces. This is because the mounting, venting, and safety systems used in these doors are specifically designed to be used only in zero clearance fireplaces. Installing prefab fireplace doors in conventional fireplaces will not just operate poorly but could also pose a safety threat.

So if you want to make sure whether your fireplace is factory-built or not, just look for the serial number, manufacturer sticker, or other markings in the fireplace. If you see brands like Preway, FMI, Majestic, Marco, Heatilator, Superior, Heat-N-Glow, Temco, or others on the fireplace, you will instantly know it has been manufactured in a factory and requires a prefab fireplace door replacement.

At Fireplace Doors Online, we custom design factory-built fireplace doors for almost every fireplace manufacturer in the industry. If you are not sure what size doors you need? We can help you find Prefab doors as per the model number by your fireplace manufacturer. We provide prefabricated doors for the following fireplace manufacturers:

FMI  |  Heat-N-Glo  |  Heatilator  |  Majestic  |  Marco  |  Martin  |  Preway  |  Superior  |  Temco

The dimensions of the doors stated for the above manufacturers are approximate and may not be accurate. So it is recommended that you always submit your measurements for a correct fit, especially if your replacement doors were custom-made or the manufacturer did not update the model number. We ask that you always submit your measurements for a correct fit!

Unlike traditional masonry fireplace doors, zero clearance fireplace manufacturers do not share any standard mounting system. This suggests that every prefab door is installed a little differently in each zero clearance firebox. However, the good news is that we have perfected the fireplace door mounting systems needed for zero clearance fireplaces. So whether an inside fit or an outside mount, these mounting systems will secure the door to any factory fireplace, with just a bit of drilling required in certain cases.

In most cases, you do not need to be a contractor to install a zero clearance fireplace door onto an existing factory fireplace. The door mounting systems we have are extremely easy to use, with minimal drilling or cutting. You may just need to make some frame adjustments as per the installation manual to "square up" the fireplace door. Furthermore, some heavy or large fireplace doors may also require another person's help during installation or when adjusting the frame to be square.

You must get the right doors for your fireplace. We cannot emphasize enough on the fact that installing non-approved equipment on your heating appliance may cause damage to your home and can injure you or your loved ones. Not all doors are designed for prefabricated fireplaces that usually require an air exchange between the inner firebox and outer cabinet. However, here at Fireplace Doors Online, the models we offer are designed with adequate ventilation for your complete protection and enjoyment.

Browse through our vast collection of stunning zero clearance fireplace doors and choose the best one according to your requirements.

Fireplace Door Replacement by Category

Fast Ship Doors

Norwegian Z Prefab Fireplace DoorWe offer a special line of prefab fireplace doors that come in varying fixed widths. This allows them to be shipped from the manufacturer quicker because the entire door is not custom made. You can select from a range of different opening heights to suit your needs. If your firebox opening is 36", 38", or 42" wide and no more than 24" high these prefab doors will work for your application. These are all inside fit prefab doors. All you have to do is follow the link and select the door that meets your specifications.


Inside Fit Doors

Moonlyte Zero Clearance Inside Fit Prefab DoorThe Moonlyte Zero Clearance is one of our most popular prefab fireplace doors. Inside fit means that it fits inside of the firebox frame and does not overlap it. This provides a nice clean look and make's your prefab fireplace look brand new again. Many of the inside fit prefabricated fireplace doors we offer are completely customizable to fit your exact firebox opening. The Moonlyte model comes with bi-fold fireplace doors but some have the option to select cabinet doors if that is more your style. To order an inside fit door you need to know the height and width measurements, along with your firebox return space. The return space basically indicates the depth of your opening and will determine if you will be able to have mesh curtains installed or not. Some models of inside fit zero clearance fireplace doors are almost totally customizable while others have fixed finishes and glass tints. 



Brookfield Zero Clearance RefacingPrefab fireplace door replacement doesn't get much easier than refacings. They attach to the outer metal shell of your prefab fireplace, but for this to work all four corners of the metal firebox face must be showing. Refacings typically sit flush on the hearth or fascia. You have to align the refacing with the bottom of the firebox and check to make sure the magnets are in the right position to make contact with the firebox facing. Make sure to be extra careful when applying the refacing because the rare earth magnets are very strong and will cause an injury if your hands are in the way. A refacing has bifold fireplace doors or cabinet fireplace doors but also has the added benefit of a large frame with louvers that covers the entire face of your fireplace, allowing for a complete remodel!


4-Sided Overlap Doors

Phoenix 4-sided Overlap Prefab Fireplace DoorSome prefab fireplaces are able to accommodate doors that overlap the firebox opening. Before looking for an overlap door there are a few things you need to find out. If there is any fascia material sticking out from the fireplace it could interfere with the mounting of an overlap door. You also need to check for your damper handle and any other obstructions that could cause problems and interfere with mounting the door flush to the front of your firebox. After that has been established you just need to make sure there is enough clearance around the opening of your firebox to allow for the overlap of your new 4-sided overlap prefab fireplace door.



Important Codes and Regulations for Prefabricated Fireplaces

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) plays a pivotal role in establishing safety standards and certifications for prefabricated fireplaces. Rigorous testing of prefab fireplaces and their components is conducted to ensure they meet the required safety codes and standards.

One key standard to be aware of is UL127, which outlines the minimum safety standards governing the operation of prefab fireplaces. This standard not only addresses safety requirements but also specifies the warning language that fireplace manufacturers must include in relation to doors and other components.

It's worth noting that not all fireplace manufacturers produce doors for every type of fireplace they offer. In cases where a manufacturer does not manufacture doors, they might still authorize the use of universal doors.

While such instances are uncommon, they may occur if the manufacturer conducted fireplace testing with universal doors. Alternatively, the manufacturer may have foregone UL testing with doors altogether. If your fireplace does not come with the option of UL-certified doors, adding them might compromise safety. It is crucial to carefully review the manufacturer's instructions and, when in doubt, consult with a fireplace professional to ensure a secure choice.

According to the UL127 code, prefabricated fireplaces must be operated with the doors either fully open or fully closed. If your preference is to have the doors closed during operation, it is recommended to allow the glass doors to warm up first. This entails keeping the doors open when initially starting a fire and closing them after 10-15 minutes for a safer and more efficient operation.

UL Listed Prefab Doors

Direct Vent - Vent-free - Outdoor


Direct Vent Screen w/ LouversDirect Vent Glass Guard

Direct vent fireplace refacings come in a few different styles and setups. Some have louvers and powder coat finishes like the one displayed above. On these models you can choose from a wide range of powder coat finishes and they offer many different types of louver designs. Other direct vent refacings just consist of the outer metal frame and a protective screen like you see in the picture above (right). Both of these styles mount by using rare earth magnets that are inlayed into the frame of the refacing.

Please use our easy More Information measuring guide to determine the correct size prefabricated fireplace doors that you will need. Or you can watch our video below!



The Carolina arch conversion fireplace door is perfect if you want an arched fireplace, but you don’t want to spend $5,000+ for a contractor!

Q: Why do you not offer a mesh curtain with your fireplace doors?

Q: Why can't I use ceramic glass doors on my factory-built fireplace?

  • A: Using your fireplace with the fireplace doors closed causes overheating. Pre-fab fireboxes tend to be thinner steel and without the airflow that open fireplace doors allow, it can become a fire hazard. Using your fireplace doors improperly can create a dangerous and costly situation for your home.

Q: Which fireplace door is right for my prefabricated fireplace?

  • A: Let us answer this question with a question: are you sure that you have a manufactured fireplace? An easy way to tell is history; if your fireplace was produced in a factory, it’s a pre-fab fireplace, sometimes referred to as a zero clearance fireplace. If not, you should check out our masonry fireplace doors!

  • A: Once you know that your fireplace is a manufactured unit, look for the metal stamp, plate, or marking indicating the manufacturer's information (such as Heatilator, Majestic, Superior, Marco, Sears, etc.). You should find the tag with the name of your unit either behind the screen or inside above the refractory panel, either on the left or right side. You will be looking for a black metal tag with stamped names and numbers on it.

Q: Can you replace the glass doors on a fireplace?

  • A: You most certainly can replace your glass doors! Once you determine what type of fireplace you have either masonry or prefab, take your measurements, and shop for the door that fits your design. Then you can purchase your doors and install them!

Q: What is a zero clearance fireplace door?

  • A: Zero clearance is another word for a pre-manufactured (prefab) door. If you have a prefab fireplace, you will need this type of door if you are looking to replace the provided doors. The prefab doors are made to be more efficient with heating and can assist with lessening your heat waste. Therefore, you will need to always make sure you are getting the correct type of glass door.

Q: What does OEM mean?

  • A: OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Any OEM part is associated only with a specific manufacturer and cannot be used interchangeably with another fabricator's products. Keep scrolling to read more about OEM fireplace doors!

Q: Where on the website can I find OEM fireplace doors?

  • A: Unfortunately, we don’t sell OEM fireplace doors for a few reasons.

    • First, we cannot offer you the same great free shipping with OEM fireplace doors as we can with the rest of our products. The special packaging that OEM doors require doesn’t qualify.

    • Customers generally want the entire replacement fireplace door and with OEM doors, you don’t really get that. Most of our customers are interested in the entire door because theirs has been damaged or is outdated. So, everything from the glass to the mounting hardware needs to be included.

    • Companies change designs and finishes over the years—sometimes even annually! When customers want to replace the original fireplace door, this can be a problem because the company may no longer carry that product as it was originally. Because of that, we offer complete fireplace enclosures with matching door and mainframe finishes.

Interested in browsing by company rather than fireplace door style?

Click on any of the manufacturers below to see the list of complete aftermarket replacement fireplace door enclosures that we offer:

FMI  |  Heat-N-Glo  |  Heatilator  |  Majestic  |  Marco  |  Martin  |  Preway  |  Superior  |  Temco

For More Information And How To Measure For Your Zero Clearance Fireplace Door - Follow This Link

*Please note that while tempered glass is very durable, it isn’t designed to withstand temperatures over 400°F. Using your fireplace door improperly will lead to busted glass and void our warranty.