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Largest Online Selection Off Zero Clearance Fireplace Doors

Why do I need a zero-clearance fireplace door for my factory built fireplace? Because they are specifically made for factory built fireplaces. You can't go to any home improvement store and get one there, they only sell masonry fireplace doors and they are not allowed on any type of factory built fireplaces. All our prefab doors are after market doors made to fit most of the factory built fireboxes on the market. They are designed with enough air space to cool out your zero clearance fire box and will be safe to use. Closing off these gaps can cause overheating of the firebox and essentially lead to a smoldering fire of the wood framing, that can then turn into a house fire.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to have the correct fireplace doors on any type of fireplace. So ask the experts at fireplace doors online for help if you are unsure.

There are several reasons why it is highly recommended to use a fire place door at home.

  • Just so you know, every fireplace is like an open window in your house.
  • And that is one main reason why it is advisable to get a fireplace door.
  • Aside from that. It is both beneficial during summer or winter season.
  • Because it keeps the cold air in the house during summer the same thing as it keeps the warm air inside your home during the winter.
  • Not only that, using a fireplace door is indeed energy efficient.
  • By simply closing the door on your fireplace, this will actually prevent the warm air from escaping out of your chimney.
  • Never close your fireplace door when there is a roaring fire burning, This will lead to damage to the glass and glass will shatter in thousand little pieces.

We have high quality, aftermarket replacement fireplace doors that fit models on the following manufacturer doors:

Also, you may find our easy measuring guide helpful to correctly size the prefabricated fireplace doors that you will need. 

In addition to that, we give you direct control of creating or putting your own personal touch to your very own fireplace door.

Many of our fireplaces with zero clearance refacing showcase an elegant and visually appealing scrollwork that is built-in into the overall design and framework. A refacing will create a complete new look for your old, tired looking factory built fireplace.

Most importantly, we guarantee that all our fireplace doors pass strict quality standards from the factory.

We assure that our outdoor zero clearance fireplace doors are highly durable and weather resistant to endure extreme climate conditions.

Our superior prefab fireplace doors will surely last for years.

Not only that, most of our fireplace doors includes a lifetime warranty on the glass.

And when it comes to fireplace doors replacements, no worries! Because fireplace doors online offers and aftermarket service, if it is a door from the current fireplace door manufacturers. Yes we can get parts for the following doors made by;

  • Custom Firescreen Inc.
  • Stoll Fireplace Doors = Custom Metal Company
  • Design Specialties
  • Fireplace Doors Online
  • Hearthcraft
  • Portland Willamette
  • Thermo-Rite

Why do you not offer a mesh curtain with your fireplace doors?
All factory built fireplaces come standard equipped with a mesh curtain. If you want to replace your worn out mesh curtain visit our screen category. There are some higher priced models that will give you the optin to add a mesh curtain or gate mesh door.

Why can't I use Ceramic glass doors on my factory built fireplace?
Main reason, overheating of the firebox by burning with the doors closed. If your thin still firebox does not get enough cooling air it can turn out to be disastrous. You don't want your house to burn down because you use the wrong doors. No insurance will pay for the claim if they find out.

Which fireplace door is right for my prefabricated fireplace?

  • First, double check that you do in fact have a prefabricated fireplace. Prefabricated (or “prefab”) fireplaces are produced in a factory. They are constructed with metal on the outside, as well as the inside of the firebox. These particular fireplaces use a metal chimney or flue liner versus brick or stone. A prefabricated fireplace will also contain a metal stamp, plate, or marking indicating the manufacturer's information (such as Heatilator, Majestic, Superior, Marco, Sears, etc.). These factory-built fireplaces are sometimes referred to as zero clearance fireplaces.
  • You should find the tag with the name of your unit either behind the screen, inside above the refractory panel, either on the left or right side. You will be looking for a black metal tag with stamped names and numbers on it.
  • If this is the type of fireplace that you have, you will need prefab or zero-clearance doors. These factory-built doors allow for adequate air exchange between the firebox and outer cabinet. They also comply with strict fire safety codes to ensure that your family stays warm and safe! 

What does OEM mean?

  • OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Any OEM part is associated only with a specific manufacturer and cannot be used interchangeably with another fabricator's products.

Where on the website can I find OEM fireplace doors?

  • We do carry some OEM fireplace doors (OEM Fireplace Glass Doors:
    • The majority of our customers, when shopping for new fireplace doors, are interested in the entire replacement door. This includes the glass panels, rails, tracks, main frame, and mounting hardware (if applicable). Often times their existing main frame and components may be damaged or outdated. In this case, it is more desirable for customers to outfit their fireplace with a complete glass door enclosure.
    • Due to the change in styles and trends, many manufacturers no longer use the same finishes that they did years ago. (In fact, some manufacturers change their finish colors annually!) This creates a problem when customers are looking to get OEM doors that will have the same door frame color as their existing main frame. Because of this reason, we offer complete fireplace enclosures with matching door and main frame finishes.
  • Click on any of the manufacturers below to see the list of complete aftermarket replacement fireplace door enclosures, that we offer:
    FMI  |  Heat-N-Glo  |  Heatilator  |  Majestic  |  Marco  |  Martin  |  Preway  |  Superior  |  Temco