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DIY Gas Fire Pits

Our unfinished fire pit kits make the perfect DIY project for the outdoor enthusiast. These ready to finish gas fire pits can be finished with stone, stucco, or veneer. They come with a fully assembled burner insert that is compatible with either natural gas or propane. Match lit kits come with the valve assembly. Upgrade to an electronic ignition system for even more convenience. These sturdy outdoor fire pit enclosures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and BTU ratings, and ship for free. 


5 Steps to Building a Gas Fire Pit

  1. Figure out what you want for your outside material. You can purchase a pre-made fire pit, individual pavers and design blueprints to build your own or a fire pit kit with all of the DIY components necessary.

  2. Decide which type of burner you want. There are many options, including circle, square, spur, linear, and "H" styles.

  3. Decide what fuel type you plan on using. You will need an air mixer component if you choose propane.

  4. Select the type of ignition system you'll be using: match-lit, manual spark, or AWEIS (All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems). There are even remote options that can be controlled with your smartphone!

  5. Choose your media (the amount you will need depends greatly on the size of your fire pit and your fuel type):

  • fire glass (natural gas only)
  • lava rock (propane and natural gas)
  • river rock (natural gas only)
  • luxury stones and mixed media (natural gas only)
  • outdoor vented gas logs (propane and natural gas) 

PLEASE NOTE:  Fire glass can be used with natural gas burning features ONLY. Fireside Expressions is adamant about this for the safety of our valued customers.

Because propane is heavier than natural gas, it will sink to the bottom of your feature. Small pieces of fire glass will not allow propane to circulate, and this could lead to an explosion of this particular media. Even with larger fire glass pieces, there is still not enough room for the gas to dissipate from wind and other factors. Lava rock allows propane to dissipate and is the safest choice for propane features. (In addition, it is always a good idea to incorporate lava rock into the bottom portion of natural gas burning features.)

We have a great tool for figuring out how much fire glass you will need! Check out our calculator to determine how much you'll need for your fire pit!


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