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Polished Chrome Fireview Masonry Fireplac...
Another door with an 
exceptional fast lead time and mesh 
curtain included it the polished 
chrome fi... 
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Free shipping|In Stock
Odyssey Masonry Fireplace Door
The Odyssey replacement 
fireplace door creates a modern and 
stylish look with it's all glass 
front ... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
All Glass Masonry Fireplace Door Overlay ...
The Appalachian replacement 
fireplace door is made from 14 gauge 
steel and offers a large viewing 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Cascade All Glass Masonry Fireplace Door
The Cascade All Glass 
replacement fireplace door is made from 
durable 7 gauge steel. Frameless 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Original Moderne Masonry Fireplace Door
The 3 inch wide door frame 
and hidden handles of the 
Original Moderne glass fireplace 
doors make a ... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Slim Moderne Masonry Fireplace Door
The Slim Moderne glass 
fireplace door has a sleek design with 
no hinges or bulky handles 
shown. Cho... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Saratoga Masonry Fireplace Door
The Saratoga wood burning 
fireplace glass door offers a simple, 
clean and sophisticated look. 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Saratoga Hidden Frame Masonry Fireplace Door
Consider the Saratoga Hidden 
Frame replacement fireplace door 
for a cleaner look with no 
visible hi... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Broadway Reveal Masonry Fireplace Door
The Broadway Reveal is a 
Portland Willamette fireplace door 
with contemporary glass cabinet 
doors. ... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Broadway No Reveal Masonry Fireplace Door
The Broadway masonry door by 
Portland Willamette offers a hidden 
main frame and a stylish 2 1/2 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
All Glass Legend Masonry Fireplace Door
The All Glass Legend wood 
burning fireplace glass door 
features a minimalist style with full 
glass ... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Biscayne Masonry Fireplace Door
The Biscayne wood burning 
fireplace glass door is a modern 
contemporary model with a large glass 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Pinnacle Masonry Fireplace Door
The Pinnacle wood burning 
fireplace glass door has a steel frame 
and extruded aluminum doors. 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Pinnacle Hidden Frame Masonry Fireplace Door
The Pinnacle hidden frame 
fireplace glass door has a steel frame 
and extruded aluminum doors. 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Biscayne Hidden Frame Masonry Fireplace Door
The Biscayne Hidden Frame 
wood burning fireplace glass door 
is a contemporary model with a 
large gl... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Etched All Glass Masonry Fireplace Door
Etched glass fireplace 
doors. Glass has no frame for an 
illusion of a wider opening. 
Fireplace door... 
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Free shipping|Custom Made
Classic Stainless Steel Masonry Fireplace...
The Classic masonry glass 
fireplace door has a sleek 1 inch 
frame with a stainless steel 
overlay fi... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Beauregard Masonry Fireplace Door
The Beauregard wood burning 
fireplace glass door by Thermo Rite is 
a hybrid between the masonry 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Modern Sliding Masonry Fireplace Door Ove...
Get a chic look while 
indulging in the trendy barn door 
style with the Moderne Sliding 
glass firepl... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Vanguard Thinline Masonry Fireplace Door ...
Let the Vanguard wood 
burning fireplace glass door offer 
your home a modern look! All 
glass cabinet... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Sidelights And Transom Arch Conversion Ma...
The Arch Conversion wood 
burning fireplace glass door is 
simply elegant with sidelights and 
an over... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Contour Masonry Fireplace Door
The Contour replacement 
fireplace door is sleek with it's 
smooth and curved frame, hidden 
hinges, a... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Brushed Stainless Steel Masonry Fireplace...
This brushed stainless steel 
masonry fireplace door is rust proof 
and suitable for indoor and 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
304 Stainless Steel Outdoor Masonry Firep...
The stainless steel 
fireplace door by Design Specialties 
is designed for masonry 
fireplaces. Stainl... 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made
Rectangle Stainless Steel Outdoor Masonry...
The stainless steel 
fireplace door by Design Specialties 
is designed for outdoor masonry 
Starting at:
Free shipping|Custom Made

Modern Doors

Our selection of Modern Masonry Fireplace Doors features wide frames, hidden handles, and shiny finish options. Some of these custom fireplace doors even feature all-glass doors. A couple of models really stand out with their design, like the Vanguard with its slim frame and wide view. Or the Odyssey with its mirror-like, reflective Solar Cool Bronze glass. Select modern fireplace doors include mesh screens or curtains, and have options for door dampers, glass tint added spark protection, and handles.

It’s important that your modern home has the perfect modern fireplace door! And with our huge variety and so many customizations, you’ll be able to create a unique masonry fireplace door for your beautiful home. Check out the Odyssey for a barely-there modern fireplace door that really blends in with your darker surround. 

With our contemporary fireplace doors, you get options like:

  • Finish colors
  • Glass tints
  • Solar glass
  • Handle styles
  • Plus so many more!

Modernizing your fireplace can restore your living space with a new and improved look and feel. A modern fireplace can be a strong conversation starter for your remodel. Even if you are looking to just give your living space a little liveliness a modern fireplace can bring the bounce back to your design. The great thing about a modern look is you can pair it with a vintage design and make the rest of the room come back to life!

Your modern fireplace opens up the ability to accessorize your new and improved fireplace! Adding a steel mantle shelf or a brand new hearth rug can really bring out your enhanced fireplace. If you have a few moments after easily designing your modern fireplace, take a look at our fireplace decor!

Some of our modern fireplace doors have mesh screen options or options for door dampers. Door dampers are a great option for your fireplace door as they can help keep your home more comfortable when the fireplace isn’t in use! And, mesh protection is pretty much essential when you want to keep your home and loved ones safe from sparks and embers that try to escape the firebox. Want a glass fireplace door that’s so pretty even its hinges have style? This minimalist fireplace door fits in very well with ultra-modern fireplace décor!             


Check out our video to help you modernize your existing fireplace!


For the Paterson Sliding Masonry Fireplace Door, how wide does the front of my fireplace need to be to fit the roller track for the door?

-The roller track on this door will be twice the size of your fireplace opening. For example, if your fireplace opening is 18 inches wide, then the roller track will be 36 inches wide.

How do you modernize a fireplace?

-Updating and modernizing your fireplace is definitely a process. From deciding what you want to where you will get it can be exhausting! With our modern masonry doors, we make this process super easy for you! We have designs available that are able to be customized with your room. All you have to do is choose the one you like then select your finish and glass and we will take care of the rest!

What should I put above my modern fireplace?

-Accessories! You can add a lot of decor to your fireplace depending on the look you are going for. We have oodles of options when it comes to your fireplace decor! We would like to suggest a stainless steel mantle that we have available here online! The stainless steel mantle will add a pop to your newly updated modern fireplace. Check it out here

What is a fireplace door damper?

-The damper on your fireplace door has an important purpose! The damper is used as a breadth of entry for oxygen to reach your fire. Without oxygen feeding your fire, your fire will go out!

Does a fireplace need a damper?

-Most types of fireplaces have a damper installed either on the doors or within the firebox. As the damper is a vital part of your fireplace there are some key components to remember. You can shut your damper on your fireplace ONLY if the fire is completely out and cool. If you use gas logs in your fireplace, you are required to have a damper. The damper is imperative for your fireplace to work properly. There are other ways of getting your fireplace oxygen, but using a damper is most efficient. 

Should my fireplace damper be open or closed?

-Great question! When you do not have a fire going you should close your damper. This can help avoid any drafts coming from your chimney. Also, if your fire is completely out and cool, you can close your damper. You MUST keep your damper open while a fire is burning.

What is mesh protection?

-Mesh protection are curtains of mesh that are installed to your fireplace to keep the sparks, embers, and ash inside your fireplace. The mesh curtains help protect your loved ones, pets, as well as, the surrounding area of your fireplace from damage.

Should the mesh curtain cover the entire opening?

-Yes! If you have a mesh curtain installed on your fireplace, the curtain should cover the entire opening of your fireplace in order to make sure all sparks and kept inside the fireplace. 

Does my mesh curtain block heat?

-Your mesh curtain can block some radiating heat coming from your fireplace. Although, this can be used for temperature control of the room your fireplace is in. We have a really informative video that will teach you all about mesh curtains. Take a look here!



Click here if you have more questions about Masonry Fireplace Doors.