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Masonry Fireplace Doors

If you are looking for the best masonry fireplace doors, our large selection of fireplace glass doors will be a wonderful addition to your fireplace. We offer doors for any budget and for any skill level of DIYers! We know that it’s rewarding to do your own home improvements and with these affordable fireplace doors and our helpful staff, you can take on that weekend project and be proud of the work you do. Regardless if you plan to spend the next 50 years in the home you’re in or just the next few months, it’s always a great idea to make your living space as inviting and comfortable as you can.

To help you with that, our value fireplace doors are not only a budget-friendly choice when it comes to upgrading your fireplace, but they are also customizable! We offer styles and designs from classic, traditional, modern, contemporary and with a variety of finishes and glass colors, you are sure to find a masonry fireplace door just for you. For those with multi-sided fireplaces, we have a selection of a corner fireplace doors that will complement your L-Shape or peninsula fireplace.

In addition to beautifying your indoors, we can help you make your outdoors spectacular too! We have fireplace doors for outside, specially made with materials that’ll resist the wear and tear of nature. With our outdoor fireplace doors, if you want to burn a small fire with the doors closed, the wood-burning fireplace glass doors are just the right fit for you! Check out the Outdoor Masonry Glass Fireplace Enclosure by Thermo Rite- this door is gorgeous and made of high-quality materials that’ll hold up for years to come!

Regardless of if your fireplace is inside or outside, your masonry fireplace door doesn’t have to be plain.

We have doors with designs and a variety of finishes such as;

  • choice of handles
  • glass - cabinet or bi-fold
  • glass tints
  • high-quality metals like steel and aluminum
This prefab glass fireplace door is a beautiful addition to any fireplace!

With non-standard fireplace doors, you can choose from several finishes for the glass and frames. Nonstandard size masonry fireplace doors also can be made as overlap fit and are also available as inside fit, depending on your fireplace. These glass fireplace doors also don’t need a hearth to sit on, unlike the standard-fit ones.

Check out the difference! The image on top is the Outdoor Masonry Glass Fireplace Enclosure by Thermo Rite and the one on the bottom is Residental Retreat's Carson Masonry Fireplace Door in Vintage Iron.

All fireplace doors have a non-adjustable fixed frame either from steel or aluminum. Almost like a picture frame, to frame your fireplace openings.

You’re not a square? Whether you are or not, your fireplace isn’t! We also have arched fireplace doors. Because arched fireplace doors are unique, they usually need a template to be sure that the door fits properly. We can send you a template and instructions on how to trace the arched opening so that your doors fit perfectly. In the meantime, why not take a look at the Denali Arched Masonry Fireplace Glass Door with Door Rails by Custom Metal Company? Or if gothic isn’t your speed how about this ultra-modern Masonry Brushed Stainless Steel Arched Fireplace Door?

You will find in our selection doors from these leading glass door enclosure manufacturers;

  • Custom Firescreen Inc
  • Custom Metal Company
  • Design Specialties
  • Fireplace Doors Online
  • Hearthcraft
  • Portland Willamette
  • Residential Retreat
  • Thermo-Rite
  • Wilkening
  • Ironhaus
  • FDM

Regardless of if your style airs more on the contemporary side or if you’re looking for something that looks like it came straight out of Game of Thrones, we can help!

Here's a helpful video on how to measure your masonry fireplace!

Custom Options

Our masonry custom fireplace glass doors allow you the freedom of selecting an enclosure that is tailored to your specifications! This collection is very different from our non-customizable doors. Here, you have the ability to choose the size you need, as well as the luxury of choosing from more options for style, color, design, door type, glass tint, and more. You can essentially create a door that is a unique masterpiece. Think of it as masonry fireplace doors custom made by you, for you!

Masonry fireplaces are built simultaneously with the construction of a home. They are considered a work of art, as the professional mason who creates the fireplace must design it in such a way that it becomes part of the home's structure. The interior of a masonry fireplace is crafted from mortar and brick, while the exterior portion you enjoy in your living space may be made of matching material, stone, marble, granite, or even tile. Built to last a lifetime, they are meant to be a focal point in your home. You can enhance the beauty and appeal of your fireplace with one of our custom masonry doors. 

Because these fireplace doors are tailor-made to your preferences, please be aware that shipping may be extended by a few weeks versus our stock non-customizable doors. Perfection takes time, and our manufacturers put their heart and soul into every intricate detail that is involved in the creation of your one of a kind custom fireplace door. Choose a style that accentuates your home's decor theme, and we'll design a door that will be treasured in your home for years of enjoyment.


Why are fireplace doors necessary?

    • They keep your loved ones safe!
      • It goes without saying that the flames from a roaring fire are intriguing to look at, and on particularly cold days, you can't help but cozy up to the hearth. This sounds wonderful and alluring, but stop and think for one moment about the curious little creatures and small, often precarious children in your home. The inviting warmth and ambiance of the flames in an open fireplace can be a little too enticing for them, and the last thing you want is an injury. 
      • For an added safety measure: keep little hands away from the hot glass by placing a decorative fireplace screen in front of the doors. There are several protective folding varieties available that will add even more beauty and character to your already attractive hearth!
    • They are more reliable than mesh screens!
      • While hanging mesh fireplace screens do provide a small measure of safety, they are not as secure as a fireplace door. Glass barriers significantly reduce the risk of damage by keeping sparks and embers within the fireplace, and children and pets out! Without them, the likelihood of hot cinders flying around and damaging carpet and furnishing, or logs rolling out and causing harm is a lot higher. Adding a door to your fireplace is a secure and inexpensive way to keep dangerous hazards contained, and your home and loved ones safe!
    • They keep dangerous downdrafts from entering your living space!
      • Installing glass doors for your fireplace has been proven to reduce downdrafts from the chimney. This incident of aggressive air paths from winter storms pulls dangerous smoke into your home and can cause a multitude of problems. In the event of a downdraft, it is also possible that embers will escape the hearth and cause damage, or even worse, a fire. Closing your glass doors eliminates the hazards that accompany downdrafts.
    • Fireplace doors are actually more efficient than chimney dampers!
      • Dampers are metal plates that regulate airflow in your chimney. Newly installed units fit like a glove, but after a year or two, they tend to warp and allow extra air to pass into the chimney. Instead of relying solely on the damper, you could simply add fireplace doors and greatly reduce the cost of your home’s heating and cooling bills. Prevent warm air from escaping your home during the winter, and keep cool air inside during the summer. 
    • Closing your glass doors will act as a barrier that encases the heat source!
    • This results in more heat being generated from the firewood. Heat is absorbed and radiated through the glass, and the output is more substantial than that of an open fireplace. This means you'll need less wood to generate warmth!

Do glass doors help a fireplace?

-Yes! Glass doors are great for helping your fire burn more efficiently. The glass doors will produce more heat and radiate the heat into your room better. They are a great way to control the heat and fire within your fireplace. 

What is a masonry fireplace?

-A masonry fireplace is built at the time of your home being built by a mason. They are usually made of brick or stone and mortar and part of your home structure.  

How do I know if my fireplace is masonry?

-There are a few ways you can verify if your fireplace is masonry. Taking the time to play detective and look at a few different aspects of your fireplace is the least time consuming and efficient way to tell. You will want to look at the following things: 

  • The firebox within the fireplace and if the firebox is built of individual firebrick
  • If you have a brick chimney
  • Built with brick or stone and mortar


How Do I Install A Fireplace Door?


A customer installs her brand new Normandy custom masonry fireplace door - without the help of a contractor!Every fireplace door comes complete with an installation guide. That being said, the method of fireplace door installation will be different for each model, depending on the manufacturer, the measurements of your application, and the type of fireplace that you have (pre-fab or masonry).

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We've attempted to put together a basic tutorial to show you how simple it is to complete this task on your own without the help of a professional. As you can see here in the customer submitted photo to the right, this young lady is positioning her brand new Normandy custom door on her masonry fireplace without the help of a contractor. Properly outfitted with safety googles and the look of dedication and self-confidence, this install was a total breeze for our customer!

In the following examples, we'll navigate the installation of steel and aluminum fireplace doors on masonry fireplaces. (Please remember: always consult your particular fireplace door owner's manual before installing! Your model may have different and more specific instructions listed!)